Esbelt Waist Cincher Slimming Corsets And Vest Shapewear

Cincher Definition: In respect to the Esbelt Waist Cincher. It’s not quite in the English dictionary set yet but they like to claim ownership of words while the rest of the population just use them! One word that is in the book however is ‘Waspie’ The 1950’s terminology for this female corset. Essentially a Cincher is a Waspie which offers a wasp waist, a corset for the ladies.

Esbelt Definition: Unless you’re after a conveyor belt instead of a rubber slimming belt, you had better choose Esbelt Europe over straight Esbelt. Brazilian bodywear is their th’ang and boy do they deliver the z’il in the Bra’zil. Figuring out functional lingerie has been their business model for the past fifty years, originating in Brazil, they’re now based in Portugal offering the ‘Girl from Ipanema to the girl next door’ style.

Esbelt Waist Cincher Definition: The Esbelt Cincher can be best described as the tool to squeeze a cupcake through a gap under a sash window. Corsets are not new. Ageing gentry of the Elizabethan era used to squeeze their bellies into them but modernity, functionality and comfort is what makes the difference in 400 years of design and material usage.

Now I know what you’re thinking when you see the image below of the woman wearing an Esbelt waist cincher. Under all that make up is a woman who has a problem with pimples and a double chin hidden by contouring. She is also having cream cakes at lunch time and is hiding a rather large belly under the Esbelt slimming corset…

No, she really is perfect from head to toe and is a professional model. If you release the Esbelt corset, her trim stomach and waist may move a little but I doubt it very much. So the question is, do these slimming corsets and Esbelt shapeware work? Well Gok Wan seems to think so. Infamous for his ‘How To Look Good Naked’ series, he vaunts these any chance he gets.

The reviews are good but ultimately you the individual consumer will have the overall deciding factor. We suggest you try it out and see if it does the job you need it to. Whether you’re a plus size female or a post natal woman there’s an Esbelt waist cincher available to you.

They range from an extra small and an 8 and small 10 right through to Xl, 2XL, 3Xl and 4XL – 16, 18, 20 and 22, coming in a natural and a black colour. The corset itself fits just under the breast line and provides comfort. Yes it is made of rubber but it has an inner of soft cotton. the days of wearing a Goldstone around your waist are over and you won’t smell like an F1 race track after a few hours.

The Esbelt slimming corsets range are fantastic for four key areas. The tummy, midriff and waist, not forgetting those love handles and ladies, there is only so much love you should give away in that department! It’s not a body condom either. Tired of those corsets moving up and down in past years? The buck stops here!

The Esbelt waist cincher is a body clincher and has a technical term of ‘flexibly boned’ – that’s not a euphemism, it fits around your contours in a natural manner with the rubber clinging to your body, making your more svelte than ever! Esbelt slimming corsets are perfect for creating that hourglass shape and offering distinct posture.

This waist cincher is a cinch to wear, it has a hook and eye front closure with 2 settings. Squeeze me one and squeeze me two. It firms up all areas and you can wear it for up to ten hours before you need to have a pit stop. It’s claimed the Esbelt waist cincher also assists with postnatal and post surgery recovery.

There are many varieties of shapeware from this brand. The Esbelt Bela slimming vest, the Esbelt spandex high compression vest and the Esbelt slimming corset. All of which you can try but there are some alternatives with a 35 day returns guarantee at Marks and Spencer.

For any forty year old, twenty stone males reading, you could try the Esbelt waist cincher slimming corsets and vest Shapewear to give a more slimming feel. Or visit a factory were an Esbelt conveyor is in place and go for a jog on that instead. Sorry lads, natural may be your colour but these aren’t for you! Instead check for other cheap suspender belts for the ladies in your life, you’re guaranteed to lose weight if they like them!