Expat Adventures Without Baneasa Bucharest Airport Transfers

Now before you read about my tales surrounding adventures without Baneasa Bucharest airport transfers, you should understand one thing, every word is the absolute truth with a little colour thrown in – as the events themselves are several years old. This story may well resonate with many a traveller and indeed many expats or possibly not but the latter I most certainly am, expatriated.

Back in 2007 I decided rather abruptly that I wished to escape the UK and start a new life. I didn’t settle upon the normal expatriate destinations of Spain, America or Australia nor did I consider going Oriental – although the express certainly is an enticing idea. For me, the decision was to be based on several factors.

  • Where is the best place to get away from fellow Brits? I love you all, don’t get me wrong but the last thing you wish to do when moving out of your country, is to land right in the middle of a town full of the British – it kind of defeats the object of leaving.
  • Secondly, as much as I love to rave and party, dancing the night away and enjoying a beer. Moving to a clubbing town would equally see a lot of British, bringing our culture with them. The whole point of becoming a British expat experiencing an adventure without Baneasa Bucharest airport transfers, is experiencing a new culture.
  • Having successfully managed to narrow down my options to an area that would most likely understand English, even if not entirely. The idea is I learn the lingo, correct!?! I opted for Eastern Europe.

Did I Choose A Country Without A Bucharest Airport Transfer?

Quite, there are a great many Eastern European countries that are individual states now. I did consider Russia for a short period but property rights and easy access to air travel so I could get back home for the football on a regular basis, didn’t offer many cheap routes. So again, Baneasa Bucharest airport transfers would happily oblige in the future, if, as silly old me would find out, not on my inaugural visit.

Latvia, Hungary, I’d been to Budapest before, Slovakia, even the Ukraine had to be whittled out, although Sevastopol was high on the agenda with the Crimea looking quite an attractive destination to remain in for sometime, it was still inaccessible to regular flights home on the cheap. Imagine, I might be living in Russia now had I chosen that beautiful untouched part of the world. I had cancelled out the idea of land locking myself, after all, escaping the British weather and climate is enough justification for seeking out sunnier climes and a seaside to boot.

Northern Europe didn’t offer nearly as much suntan sun as the South and I’d already ruled out completely developed countries like Italy or Greece as I was also after a cheaper lifestyle. Although Croatia and Macedonia were not to be pre-judged without careful research. Further East the Bulgarian capital of Sofia is land locked although great access to regular flights and cheap too, then the Black Sea really hit me as I navigated Google Maps seeking out my new home.

What is this strange sea I pondered? Of course I know of it, but how many British think of taking a week long clubbing holiday in Constanta and Mamaia or heading to the wilds of Vama Veche? No one I knew that’s for sure! Which is where the idea of Romania really started to grow on me, like Ebola only with a cure. Very few British had arrived aside from our cousins at the American air base. It was to be cheap, a very sunny climate, easy access to Otopeni Bucharest airport transfers and the seaside too.Baneasa

Now Romania has had its British visitors in the past, Transylvania made famous not only by Vlad The Impaler but British author Bram Stoker with Dracula, not to forget the Queen Consort of Romania, Princess Marie of Edinburgh. Perhaps I too would play a part in the British story within this majestical country that is just as green and mountainous with sea scapes to die for.

When I decided to emigrate it was for many reasons, political, wanting more freedom, fancying a cheaper lifestyle in an ever increasingly expensive country and for the sun to shine more heat more than an hour at a time. All while benefiting from cheaper travel. At the time of leaving, a return flight from Bucharest to London including Bucharest Baneasa airport transfers was cheaper than an on the day return train ticket from the second city to London – I kid you not.

I am sure most people take more time and research deep into the night before emigrating, not me. I decided that Bucharest is where I wished to end up, after all, how difficult could it be? One week, once I raised the money for the flight and to rent an apartment, I packed the computer, the clothes and other essentials and began my journey to my new home. Travelling on National Express coach with a 3am departure to get to London Luton, I flew Wizz Air to Bucharest on a three hour flight. The computer had to go through a special scanner and the additional weight cost a small fortune but I was off.

The euphoria alone could have got me to Bucharest before the actual plane, but I couldn’t get UK CAA approval. I can laugh but here on in, the joke is on me. While feeling enthusiastic and all so very adventurous I’d forgotten to use an online airport transfer website like Hoppa.com to ensure peace of mind after landing with a Henri Coanda Bucharest airport transfer. I’m the kind of person who likes to do things off their own back, rely on my own navigation and carry on through any predicament. This was the ultimate challenge, drive right through Tony Blair and recreate the Great Escape.

The week before I left, I needed to find somewhere to stay. I contacted a residential letting agent, an agent imobiliare and confirmed I wanted to rent an apartment. I had booked the flight tickets with no problems, ensured connected journeys and thought it would be a breeze upon landing. Never for one moment thinking an expat being all hardy and adventurous would need the security of a Bucharest airport transfer. How wrong was I!

I stepped outside the airport, with currency in hand. Withdrawn from the cash machine in hard local currency and was suddenly heckled and bombarded by a muddle of agitated smiling and talkative taxi drivers all wanting to assist me with my four bags and two computer boxes. Getting those off the conveyor belt on my own was a hassle in itself.

For some unknown reason, I was swept willingly into a taxi and was on my way to the city centre. I was happy until the meter wasn’t running and we were discussing how much the journey should cost. Oh, that’s how he got me in his yellow Dacia – it will be cheaper not on the meter. Oh yes, now you all go “uh oh” but you didn’t at that precise moment in 2007 did you!

It still didn’t dawn on me that having not made the mistake some people make of going to Budapest, Hungary instead of Bucharest, Romania, that I was in a little bit of trouble. Having never ever been to Romania before, not knowing the exact roads and route and not having previously booked an hotel room because I was moving straight into the apartment I’d had held with the property agent, I thought everything was going swimmingly…

I Wished I’d Booked A Baneasa Airport Transfer To Bucharest

Yet I didn’t quite have an handle on the currency. The taxi driver took me to the letting agent’s address upon arrival, I was a surprise visitor. Having had the situation explained to me. There was no apartment held for me to view – it had gone. I had to ask the taxi driver to wait, he was a friendly fella and I needed time to search for a new apartment. It was decided that I needed to come back the next day. Off I trotted with four bags, two computer boxes, a happy and jovial taxi driver who spoke broken English and his reliable yellow Dacia taxi.

The discussion which followed, that I wouldn’t have been having had I pre booked an hotel room and ensured the reliance of a Baneasa Bucharest airport transfer, was to arrive at an amount of money so the taxi driver could be discharged and he could go home for tea. The amount he wanted was probably in excess of what I was willing to pay. You can imagine, it was a long day. I was no doubt experiencing some jet leg and the currency was unfamiliar, being an expat mid move, I also had a pocket full of money.

250 lei, or thereabouts was the amount I paid. Which that year came to approximately £50. Seven years later, I can get to the airport from the city centre for less than 25 lei by local taxi, a fiver, the same amount as seven years ago. Though not all was as bad you might think. While I would have been better off with Hoppa and a Baneasa Bucharest airport transfer or shuttle service, the taxi driver made good by dropping me off at a hotel he knew. It has since been torn down, to make way for a widened Strada Berzei but I paid the grand total of 25 lei to stay in the kind of hotel most people wouldn’t consider as the only star to have stayed there recently was Roland Rat – on his own.

It dawned on me that night, as I left my bags and computer in the hotel room and started walking around in circles in the March evening air, that I hadn’t done too bad after all. OK, I wasn’t sleeping in my new apartment but who was I kidding? British man phones up a letting agent expecting to view a property for rent when he is calling from 1200 miles away? I was taken for ride on the taxi fee but I made my money back by not staying at your average three or four star hotel for £50. What’s more, I had an adventure. The Taxi driver was cheerful and very happy – money does that to people and I was safe and sound.

Though it is a lesson in travel I think. There are certain countries and situations where you are better off booking a shuttle service, and while it was safe to go my own way, and not pre-book any cheap Bucharest airport transfers from the airport to the hotel, I can consider myself lucky. I have since returned to the UK for visits and walked out of the same airport, stepped into a taxi, knowing their practices pretty well and still ended up getting a quarter of a mile down the road having jumped into a 3.50 lei a KM taxi or worse, paid and jumped out, waiting for the normal 1.25 lei taxi to drive past.

I had an adventure. I’m still here and I’m still having an adventure, though when I head off to Barcelona or Paris or Bulgaria and Austria, there’s two things I do before leaving. Especially when the girlfriend is in two. I book a service, something akin to what most people visiting Romania do, and a Baneasa Bucharest Airport Transfers, only for the destination I am visiting. This story is true and I could go further and add that I ended up paying twice the going rate for an apartment for six months but I won’t as you’d go “oh no” and laugh again.

Visit Hoppa for your peace of mind and possibly a safer journey and please stop laughing!! Incidentally, you can find Baneasa under the search of Aurel Vlaicu Airport transfers too. Just make sure when you get out of the airport, you check the side of the taxi for the per kilometre fee before you get in. Alternatively stick with the private Bucharest shuttle services and check for Hoppa voucher codes.