Most Expensive BillyOh Log Cabins For Sale

Expensive Log Cabins For Sale From Billy Oh

If an English man’s home is his castle, then an English man’s garden must be his country estate. Sheds, garden offices and the most expensive log cabins for sale from BillyOh really are a must have when it comes to extravagance. Eccentricity begins when your neighbour’s flowers bloom better than yours. If they weave a stream, you want a moat. If they build a Wendy House, you want a fort. If they build a miniature railway, you’ll sign a contract with Disney.

It’s this kind of neighbourly rivalry that makes Great Britain, grrrreat, it’s the stuff of war films, of the most romantic scenes and offers the best comedic value that could ever be played out over a garden fence. All is fair in love and war so how will you out do your wonderful friends over the  border at number 12 and 16 this Spring and Summer? By buying the most expensive BillyOh log cabin of course. And that’s just half of the fun.

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If they have just bought a shed to keep their lawnmower and tools in, you could do the same but instead furnish a luxury log cabin with whatever you wish. By all means have a shed but why not have a 5 metre by six metre lean-to on the side of the shed, how’s about a BillyOh garden office log cabin or a very appropriately named Village Hall cabin. They’re not cheap but they are affordable and customisation is the biggest part of buying log cabins for sale.

We’ve been browsing one of the most popular UK log cabin websites and have figured out that the £2000 log cabins can soon become the most expensive BillyOh log cabins in about thirty five seconds, to reach almost £7000. How is that even possible I hear you ask. We explain how to order a BillyOh log cabin here, but briefly, it comes down to wall thickness, anything from 19mm to 70mm at the high end and size of the cabin itself.

Imagine having a 70 mm log cabin at the bottom of your garden, with additions such as cladding, top of the range window glazing styles, the thickest flooring, specialist roofing materials and wood treatments with the best paints. You’ll soon take that ‘from £2000’ amount to £7000 having chosen a 28mm lean to shed for storage, and gone mental on 28mm premium flooring too. Then you’ll want to paint your trims,  your walls and throw on some premium varnish. That’s another £200. So which of these most expensive BillyOh log cabins for sale will you buy? Oh Oh Oh do tell us Billy!!

Expensive BillyOh Village Hall Log Cabin Traditional Expensive BillyOh Village Hall Log Cabin Traditional

“Neeee, You don’t want to buy that, you want to buy one of these” It’s as big as a princess’s Dolls House, it’s a conservatory that outgrew the house it was attached to. It’s an incredible home from home to be found in your garden and your neighbours are going to cry for many many months once it is installed. It is currently the most expensive Billy Oh log cabin for sale on their website. At four metres by 5.5 metres it’s more spacious than the International Space Station, welcome to the Village Hall log cabin.

It doesn’t just fit one sofa, but two, you can’t just fit a computer desk inside, you can fit three office desks and have room for peripherals and a reception area, complete with Secretary. If you’re 6ft 2inches tall, you’re in luck, as so is the doorway and the garden building itself is under 3.5 metres in height. Complete with tongue and groove roof, six to eight opening windows, traditional styled overhang, optional 44mm or 70mm cladding, and premium Georgian double glazed windows. For how much? List price is from £2600 to £7000 over five sizes. Build your expensive log cabin here.

Luxury BillyOh Log Cabins Clubhouse 35mm 45mm Luxury 35-45mm BillyOh Log Cabins Clubhouse

Like us, you’re probably wondering what the major difference is between the Clubhouse and the Village Hall, it has less width at 5 metres by 4 metres. The door and dorma is not central but to the left or to the right, and the maximum log thickness of the wall is 44mm as opposed to 70mm. There are also less windows to open and five or six. But still, six windows! Wow, Noah’s Arc only had one! With the very finest premium roof cover shingles you’ll probably fight off any approaching great flood storm too.

This is a luxury BillyOh log cabin for sale to fit most budgets and the smaller sized 4 metres by 4 metres is still big enough to swing a small child. It will fit a corner suite, television, table, chairs, more seating, book case and still be enough room for three couples dancing cheek to cheek. The 44mm log cabin walls offers the best insulation, strength and durability. List price on this expensive log cabin for sale is from £2500 to £5000 with three sizes available. Get the Clubhouse Log Cabin here.

Most Expensive BillyOh Log Cabin Windsor Alpine Style 44mm Alpine Style 44mm Expensive BillyOh Log Cabin Windsor

I hereby pronounce you King and Queen of your street, and rather than move into Windsor castle, Windsor will come to you. Isn’t it fabulous. I know, it needs a dorma (that thing that points out above the doorway) but does it really? It’s a 4 metre by 4 metre space that if remains in its plain wooden colour does look a bit like a shed. An expensive shed but with 5 or 6 windows and a central doorway, or with an option to have a sliding door – ohhh fancy

If the trims and walls are painted this Alpine style log cabin will miraculously transform into a less expensive log cabin from BillyOh. It’s also perfect for styling with Georgian windows and creating a more evocative Kingdom on a raised platform above the garden. As pictured. Add 44mm cladding, 19mm floor boards, throw on a 28mm lean-to on the rear and colour your trims cream and the walls American Barn Red and you’re off to see the Wizard with furniture and fixings to complete the expensive BillyOh log cabin project in fine style. List price £2500 to £4100. View the Windsor log cabin for sale in detail.

BillyOh Garden Office Log Cabin 70mm Multi Room Kent BillyOh Garden Office Log Cabin 70mm Multi Room Kent

This is the cheapest entry log cabin for sale so far but also the second most expensive log cabin once all the mod cons have been added on at a cost of £5800. These included W5.5m x D5.0m 44mm, Lean To on Right 28mm – W1.5m x D2.0m, Premium Tongue and Groove 19mm, Premium Modern Double Glazed – All year round (Styrene), Premium Roof – 19mm T&G, Premium Roof Cover – Shingles – Green, Cream trim paint and Premium Varnish

It’s also different to the rest, a less steep roof and it’s a two room log cabin or more rooms if you wish. So you can have a reception area and a lounge or office. It is a huge spacious area that can be somewhere homely to work within to a place to chuck the in-laws when they visit. Or give them the spare bedroom and you move in! This is one of many expensive BillyOh log cabins for sale that come with 28mm double tongue and groove cladding, recessed double doors and 4 opening windows. List price from £2400 to £5800. Anyone for a two room log cabin for sale in Kent?

BillyOh Log Cabins Dorset Extra High Doors Modern BillyOh Log Cabins Dorset Extra High Doors Modern

This less expensive log cabin for sale can be narrow in depth at 4 metres by 2.5 metres or a more encompassing 5.5 metres by 4.5 metres, the difference in starting build will be £1600 and with side window. You can buy this style of Dorset log cabin in twelve different sizes. Which means no matter how wide or long your garden, there should be room for this uniquely shaped cabin. Unique in that is does offer width with less depth, which might suit those seeking a summerhouse feel.

It would explain why this ‘can be’ inexpensive BillyOh log cabin is their most popular model. Coming with 28mm, 35mm or 44mm thick walls, its two to five opening windows with optional Georgian double glazed windows and doors, your year round retreat is waiting at the bottom of your garden and no fairies or gnomes are allowed. Opt for heavy duty tongue and groove 19mm board with waterproof, UV protected shingles roofing and you’re as much ready for Winter as you are Summer. List price £2200 to £5000. BillyOh log cabin for sale here.

Expensive BillyOh Devon Log Cabin Tongue Groove 44mm Expensive BillyOh Devon Log Cabin Tongue Groove 44mm

With twelve different sizes of Devon log cabin to select from, 3.5m x 2.5m right up to 5m x 4.5m, this is another model you’ll be umming and arring about. Not that they say ‘arr’ a lot down in Devon. Forget clotted, it’s cladding you need and it comes in 28mm, 35mm and 44mm. Despite the cost there is not many holes for windows and doors. Even on the larger model there’s only the double doors, one side window and two front windows. This appears to be the major difference between this and the more expensive log cabins from BillyOh.

The Devon is however, one of the better small log cabins, featuring more vantage areas and with a less inclined roof that is not Alpine styled. It is also lower and only 2.5 metres tall at the highest ridge with eaves at 209cm. This is the kind of budget log cabin for sale that is both cheaper to buy two at one end of the scale and expensive to buy one at the other. List price from £1600 to £4900. Get your 44mm tongue and groove into this expensive log cabin.

Costly BillyOh Log Cabin Winchester 70mm 5m 5m Alpine Costly BillyOh Log Cabin Winchester 70mm 5m 5m Alpine

10 year anti rot warranty, free delivery, what more do you want? Someone to put it together. Ah ha, don’t be silly. You can afford that. Especially when shelling less out for this latest log cabin for sale. It’s built to fit your budget, but if you do have loadsa wonga and Squillions in the bank, you can still buy the luxury log cabin version with the 70mm walls and 5 metre spared of comfortable living space. With two opening windows and the double glazed double doors under an Alpine style roof, whether spending the minimum list price of £1600 or £5400, the Winchester BillyOh log cabin is for you.

LShape Expensive BillyOh LogCabins Seattle Home Office LShape Expensive BillyOh Log Cabins Seattle Home Office

What do you mean “have you got something a little different?” This company works their little socks off from the age of three years old to grannies at 117, just to bring you the best array of expensive log cabins in the world and you want something that’s a little different. How’s about an L Shape log cabin? Is that different enough? Yes, well erm good. It’s only slightly L shaped but it does provide for a porch style entry and that additional window feature. Of which there are two opening windows, one side and one front and of course a variety of double door options, from Georgian and modern and single or double.

When it comes to storage and bedroom options in the home, we do tend to run out of space in the garage and the loft as families get bigger but the house cant and doesn’t.  If you need extra space for the lawnmower and garden tools or an area to put Gran and Granddad when they come for Christmas, then there’s a fantastic 28mm lean-to shed option you can take advantage of, with the Seattle home office. For an extra £400 nicker the Grandparents can have a 1.5 x 2m space all to themselves. List price from £1500 to £4100. Get your spare bedroom lean to and home office log cabin here.

BillyOh Montana Log Cabin High Doors 28mm Wall BillyOh Montana 28mm Log Cabin High Doors

Here we go, prices are going through the floor Ladies and Gentlemen. If you don’t want walls, a roof, a floor or windows and doors that open or any wood at all. I can give you a non existing invisible Montana log cabin for nothing. However, starting from £1400 I can make one appear with all the above and for a little extra throw in 11mm tongue and groove roof materials, traditional styled overhang and choice of 4m x 3m, 4m x 4m or 4m x 5m. With 28mm cladding you can toughen up the exterior to provide more warmth and protection and thrown on some green shingle for all weather protection on the roof.

As expensive log cabins go, this one is quite cheap. If you have a small garden then depth restricted three metres is more than adequate to provide all year round seating and protection in your garden. It is still a premium 28mm garden cabin with list price starting from £1400 to £3500. Get a smaller and less expensive log cabin Montana styled here.

Traditional 19mm Expensive BillyOh Log Cabins Derwent Traditional 19mm Expensive BillyOh Log Cabins Derwent

This not very expensive BillyOh log cabin is cheaper than a Nintendo or Play Station with annual insurance cover. It racks up at little over £1200 is you just want the basics. It’s adequately sized too. I haven’t tired saying that to a woman yet, so let’s start again. It’s small enough to be cherished yet big enough to be loved.

At 3.5 metres by 3.5 metres you’re looking at some seriously cozy downtime in the garden. The price only starts to pick up with the extras, like the choice of double glazed windows (Georgian or Modern) and the 19mm boards. You can easily fit a double bed or corner sofa or office desk and sofa inside, even a gym. With a list price of £1200 to £2100, there should not be a garden in England without a cheap BillyOh log cabin. Should there!?! Get the Derwent before it’s Dergone.

Remember, while these are the most expensive BillyOh log cabins for sale, you need to figure out the difference between the base price and the highest price for each model. While you do get more room, more windows on the larger models, you have to ask yourself if they are required. You need to take into account usage too. Not everyone needs 70mm thick walls with 70mm cladding, nor premium floor or a premium roof with Buzz Lightyear rocket power and anti gravity landing gear. Also check for the latest BillyOh discounts before you buy. The greatest thing about these flat pack log cabins is they are customisable at every stage. Take your time and enjoy the buying process. View more expensive log cabins for sale here.