Most Expensive Diamond Jewellery At CW Sellors

Welcome readers to another amazing edition of the fanatical Top Ten most expensive list. An almost religious observance by anyone obsessed by the stuff that they can only dream of buying. Marrying a rich woman and suggesting “I really love you, I wish to buy you the most expensive diamond jewellery at C.W. Sellors, lend us £45,000 and I’ll make us both happy” is the only realistic way you’re ever going to amass the desirable and expensive diamond rings and necklaces below.

Well, perhaps not, as if you put down a £5,000 deposit ‘Du Management’ here let you walk out of the door with the product in hand if you sign a bit of paper to state you will pay them over £250 a month to make up the difference. What a touch, so now you can peruse the top ten most expensive diamond rings, necklaces and bracelets at CW Sellors and actually be in with a chance of owning one outright when you’re about 73 years old. I jest.

Nah, seriously, there are some pretty monied up people in this world of ours, Lords, Ladies, Bill Gates, bank robbers, Members of Parliament – same thing. And even as a couple you can pool resources and buy this diamond jewellery with a little careful planning. Jewellery pieces are always popular, the glitz, the glamour, sparkling from afar. You know a decent diamond when it is a faultless faceted marvel, it’s like the North Star shining on the horizon but only a few metres away.

The Most Expensive Diamond Jewellery At C.W. Sellors

C.W. Sellors is no ordinary jewellers. They have a reputation built up over four decades of trading with two generations at the helm, overseeing their growth as one of the leading retailers of luxury watches and designer diamond jewellery online. A family business with a turnover of millions presented to you by Mr Christopher William Sellors himself and a one Dianne Sellors with perhaps their son James furthering the business’ success too.

I always seem to find myself writing about expensive jewellery with diamonds and costly gemstones around the time of Valentine’s Day. I don’t know why, are the two connected in some way? In the top ten most expensive diamond jewellery list we have selected the highest priced diamond jewellery items on offer at C.W. Sellors, a mix so that you can enjoy the different styles of each piece.

Not all are diamond rings, a White Gold Marquise Cluster Necklace with a 4.42ct spread of Diamonds features alongside yellow diamond pearl drop earrings and a diamond tennis bracelet. No love you don’t play tennis while you’re wearing it. Although funnily enough someone actually did. And especially at £22,000 you’re probably not going to wish to either. It’s a tad on the expensive side, hence the article.

18ct Yellow Gold 0 47ct Quadrillion CWSellors Expensive Diamond Ring Jewellery

10th Most Expensive: 18ct Yellow Gold 0.47ct Quadrillion Diamond Ring

Price: £11,995.00 | Buy The Quadrillion Ring Here

You’ve probably come to know over the years that Guy Ritchie is pretty well off, coupled with his entanglement with Madonna then enough said. Guy is the Director behind such greats as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and when you purchase this little beauty of a Quadrillion diamond ring you are most definitely in it lock and stock.

You might recall from the film that there are varying degrees of weaponry used. From adult paraphernalia to archaic rifles… is it just me or does this, the most expensive diamond ring with a Quadrillion design at C.W. Sellors look a bit like a knuckle duster? I believe a couple with a great sense of humour could have a laugh and create a memorable moment in their relationship. A story if you will. Imagine this being imprinted on your husband’s body every 10th year anniversary. “I love you too darling, oh no, I love you more, oh no I really love you MORE!!”

Expensive Quadrillion diamond rings are not rare but they are very unique, the rare diamond rings were made by Quadrillion themselves. The actual design was invented by Bez Ambar and is named after the ATW Quadrillion ring and patent. In 1981 the Princess Cut was envisioned and this is an amalgamation of several such cut diamonds. It is presumed to be cut almost identically to the 49 facet square cut Bez Ambar designed that enforces a light performance (Brilliance) without cutting corners – literally.

This particular Quadrillion ring has 0.47cts of princess cut diamonds presented in a Quadrillion manner. Housed within a 18ct yellow gold ring that is sure to catch the attention of any who see it. This is dress wear, evening attire, the most expensive diamond jewellery for your most special of annual evening occasions. Finger bling bling that is gonna sing sing. The Oscars, a film premier or a teacher parent evening for your children. Seriously, stand out why don’t you!

18ct White Gold 4.42ct Expensive Diamond Marquise Cluster Necklace

9. 18ct White Gold 4.42ct Diamond Marquise Cluster Necklace

Price: £13,050.00 | Buy The Most Expensive Diamond Choker Here

Deck the halls with boughs of diamonds, Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la, ‘Tis the season to spend money, Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la… I know it is Valentine’s month but hey, doesn’t this Marquise cluster neckless, 9th in the Squillions top ten most expensive diamond jewellery at C.W. Sellors look like it should hang from one ceiling corner to another? With several cross sections. Cost? £355,000, I don’t care, it’s Christmas!!!

In the diamond industry, marquise denotes a diamond that is oval cut with tapered pointed ends, this is what is envisioned in this C.W. Sellors exemplary classic styled expensive diamond necklace. In this cluster there are seventeen separate marquise settings, each housing fourteen diamonds with one on each clasp linking the chain. The style is incorporated above the shoulders, behind the neck with further statement fish eyes to carry through the design trend to completion.

White gold has been used around the most expensive diamond choker to offset the brilliance from the whopping 4.42 carat diamond chain. It is perfect symmetry with the gradients reducing as the train runs around the neck. Do not wear this to a Police Man’s Ball where Batman and Joker are expected to attend. Or at least get yourself a serious insurance policy. £13k is only a snip in the most expensive diamond jewellery at CW Sellors but purchase matching jewels and we’re certainly getting into Squillions territory.

Platinum 1 07ct Yellow Most Expensive Diamond Jewellery Cushion Cut Half Eternity Ring

8. Platinum 1.07ct Yellow Diamond Cushion Cut Half Eternity Ring

Price: £13,200.00 | Buy The Expensive Diamond Eternity Ring Here

Did I hear someone say 1.07 carats? Surely some mistake. What a person doesn’t know about the most expensive diamond jewellery at C.W. Sellors is a fascinating learning curve into an known specialist universe. Within no time at all you can educate yourself and be amazed by the wonders of diamond creation, usage and the ability of jewellers to set these stones so precisely that you will be in awe of the items in your possession for decades to come.

Did you know yellow diamonds are actually real? Of course you did and of course they are. What you may not know is that these yellow diamonds are comparative to colourless diamonds and have similar ratings, so some yellow diamonds, which are oxidised by nitrogen while mother nature compresses materials to make them are worth more. Only a very small number of diamonds fall into this fancy colour category, about 0.0001%.

There is a yellow diamond grading scale and these beauties beholden in the 18ct yellow gold clasp and set upon a platinum ring are 0.56 carat and 0.51 ct. Though the combined value of the colourless diamonds is 0.61 carats. These diamonds are cushion cut, so called as they represent a cushion shape and the five diamonds dazzle and deliver a wondrous and visionary ensemble.

This is a pretty expensive diamond jewellery half eternity ring, not only will the platinum ring be high grade but the cushion set diamonds will be at the least Very Slightly Included (VS) and a minimum colour of G-H. At this price and you can find out by emailing, they will be at the higher end of the colourless chart and almost certainly be GIA certified. Eternity rings, both half and full, are usually given for anniversaries and other occasions to showcase commitment and eternal love.

18ct White Gold 1 74ct Pear Cut Expensive Diamond Dress Ring

7. 18ct White Gold 1.74ct Pear Cut Diamond Dress Ring

Price: £15,600.00 | Buy The Most Expensive Diamond Jewellery Here

Are you a big softy? I cannot explain the desire felt at times when I wish to furnish the woman I love with everything she needs and stuff she probably just wants but doesn’t actually need. It’s a strange feeling, fulfilling someone’s desires with a monetary exchange and gift but I am often impressed at how really expensive diamond jewellery, such as this white gold pear cut diamond dress ring would be most suitable to do the job of supplicating that satiating need for diamond satisfaction.

I used to buy a significant other Rado watches, the diamond studded face, the watch strap material being manufactured especially for space missions, there was a certain allure. Now these pave set brilliant cut diamonds do little other than to exemplify the need for diamond nourishment, I mean come on, let’s eat. Pear cut diamonds are a fantastic shape to work with, if this was Swarovski then you can imagine these being a two headed cobra, it’s just missing the fancy coloured diamonds as eyes.

Spend A Year’s Salary On The Most Expensive Diamond Jewellery?

The two pear shaped diamonds are most likely 0.87cts each and the trail of smaller diamonds, what are termed as pave, amount to 0.93 carats. At D colour you are beginning to find out where the £15,600.00 price tag comes from. Even in the 2020’s that is still a salary for some people believe it or not. Would you spend your wages, a year’s worth on this most expensive diamond jewellery dress ring? Absolutely you would, as it can be paid for in installments. That’s what credit is for, right? Keeping the love alive!!! Muahaha.

CWSellors 18ct White Gold 0 66ct Expensive Yellow Diamond Pear Drop Earrings

6. 18ct White Gold 0.66ct Yellow Diamond Pear Drop Earrings

Price: £17,700.00 | Buy The Most Expensive Diamond Earrings Here

In spectacular Squillions fashion we have been able to bring you the most expensive diamond jewellery from C.W. Sellors in a mesmerising way. Diamond bracelets, necklaces, excellent designs with excellent grade diamonds and here we are half way through the top ten list and yellow diamond pear drop earring are offered up to tease us a little more.

Being male I can quite confidently admit that I don’t wear earrings, I know some men wear ear studs and pirates get fully jewelled up too but I find it all a bit too girly. That written, I love earrings on a woman’s ears, nibble nibble. An open neck line, hair up, ears on show with gleaming pear drop earrings flashing the night away. How jaw droppingly daunting, heaven sent angels glistening in the limelight of an evening’s dance floor. There is no one in the room but her and those almost £18,000 diamond earrings.

If you have two ears you are in luck as you get two staggeringly beautiful figure of eight diamond earrings to dangle from both ear lobes. Which is handy as you can then balance 9,000 pounds above each shoulder which should make walking without a droop a lot easier. The cost of this assembly is driven by two sets of diamonds. The yellow pear drop diamonds that feature at the centre of each are 0.33 carats and the surrounding pave brilliant cut diamonds are 0.64ct with a further 0.63cts on the two stems all atop 18ct white gold.

Most Expensive 2 95ct Diamond Brilliant Cut Trilogy Ring CW Sellors

5. 18ct Yellow Gold 2.95ct Diamond Brilliant Cut Trilogy Ring

Price: £17,895.00 | Buy The Most Expensive Trilogy Ring Here

I would like to propose… a question. What came first, romance or the indicative aspirations of the diamond merchant marketeer? Oh you know what I mean, Valentine’s Day certainly didn’t invent itself, it was reinvented. Commercialism and globalism is making our hearts flutter the world over. Of course romance came first. Neanderthals used to paint their naked bottoms red and imprint them on cave walls, first symbolising the heart and affection for his equally hairy wife (is that true Ed? Nope).

Then came the Lord of the Rings trilogy, my precious and the Trilogy Ring was born. None of this is true but great stories always come in three parts don’t you find? That romantic film, The Godfather did too. This the most expensive diamond jewellery at CW Sellors in the form of an £18,000 diamond trilogy ring signifies the past, present and future thanks to its three centre piece stones.

Love is not cheap, in fact it is very hard work. One usually only appreciates these pitfalls after losing in love. Hello, that’s me. Which is why you will find it is more common that a man would spend a glorious amount of money on an expensive diamond trilogy ring than not. This diamond ring has a larger sized 1.11 carat diamond, with the past and future either side weighing in at an equitable 0.92 carats. Overall a very solid and expensive diamond jewellery piece accentuated with an 18ct yellow gold band. This is a diamond engagement ring that has yes written all over it whether you ask yesterday, today or tomorrow.

18ct Yellow Gold Most Expensive Diamond Floral Cluster Ring 2 18ct

4. 18ct Yellow Gold 2.18ct Diamond Floral Cluster Ring

Price: £18,995.00 | Buy The Expensive Floral Cluster Ring Here

Diamond jewellery designers are fantastic don’t you think? If it wasn’t for these people sitting in their office all day long, drawing templates for jewellery pieces, life would be very bland. Hard work and effort, a timeless appreciation for the materials they work with and what they aim to represent has seen C.W. Sellors create this fantastic white diamond rose. Well, a flower in any case.

Otherwise termed a diamond floral cluster ring, this is one of the most expensive diamond jewellery items at this online retailer, yet is only almost half the price of the dearest in number one spot. I can assure you this, these diamonds can be swapped out with one email and replaced with diamonds worth thousands of pounds more. A jewellers offer design capability but can almost certainly upgrade the diamond clarity and size per individual order.

I believe a lot of jewellery can have symbolic meaning via the amount of diamonds used, shapes and representation. The trilogy ring I understand, as well the eternity ring. The floral cluster ring is again supposed to reflect the future, perhaps the single diamond surrounded by others signifies comfort and support? Or maybe someone had a lot to drink, didn’t want the design to go to waste so came up with a good old fashioned Jack Daniels answer.

Expensive 18ct White Gold 7 21ct CWSellors Diamond Tennis Bracelet

3. 18ct White Gold 7.21ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Price: £21,995.00 | Buy The Most Expensive Tennis Bracelet Here

Here we are, not quite game, set and match but we have finally arrived at the so called tennis bracelet in the most expensive jewellery top ten list for CW Sellors. Who incidentally from time to time may have a discount on diamond jewellery. This diamond tennis bracelet is a whopping twenty two smackeroonies. That is some serious wedge to wear when smashing Wilson’s balls around a tennis court all day long. It’s enough to give an umpire the hump.

For about half a century these flexible diamond jewellery pieces which can also feature a variety of other gemstones, were termed eternity bracelets or inline bracelets. They are connected diamonds or gems on a flexible and light weight strap. It was coined a tennis bracelet after a female tennis player, Chris Evert lost her diamond touch on court and the world watched on as everyone started looking for it. Did she find the bracelet? Who knows but perhaps you can buy her this one?

The most expensive diamond eternity bracelet has an incredible train of 7.21 carat brilliant cut diamonds along a strap of 18ct white gold. Now Ms Evert’s tennis bracelet apparently didn’t have a clasp but at over twenty grand, I believe CW Sellors have chucked in a little extra court security for free. If you wear this during an American Football match and lose it and are quite a bit famous… nah forget it.

18ct White Gold Most Expensive Diamond Trilogy Ring CW Sellors

2. 18ct White Gold 1.11ct Diamond Trilogy Ring

Price: £27,600.00 | Buy The Most Expensive Trilogy Ring Here

It’s true, we was trying to go for a trilogy of trilogy rings… this ring is ten grand dearer than the previous most expensive diamond jewellery listed at number five. The main difference being the quality of the diamonds and their size. The centre stone features a 1.11 carat diamond with D colour and a clarity of SI1 which is very slightly good. Coupled with two amazing pear cut diamonds straddled either side. The 18 carat white gold is definitely pushing up the price a bit more. For £27 thousand nicker forget the past and present just be in my future!

Most Expensive Diamond Jewellery 18ct White Gold 1.50ct Solitaire Ring

1. 18ct White Gold 1.50ct Diamond Brilliant Cut Solitaire Ring

The Most Expensive Diamond Jewellery Price: £36,750.00 | Buy The Most Expensive Solitaire Ring

Can you believe we get to number one spot in the top ten of the most expensive diamond jewellery at C.W. Sellors and there is only one lousy diamond… you’d have thought they’d have piled a pyramid of diamonds on top of a meteorite fashioned from some luxury metal that fell from a distant galaxy 3 billion years ago.

Lo and behold, people of the world, the rich and famous, the wannabes and entrepreneurs this ring is your future. You have worked every day of your life for this, the most expensive diamond solitaire ring at C.W. Sellors. It is a magnificent 1.50 carat brilliant cut diamond, slightly included grade one and with F colour, set upon an 18 carat white gold band. This is the 1.50 carat diamond solitaire ring that women say yes too, divorce you three years later and get another one and then run to their tower and ogle over them at midnight with a tub of cookies and cream Haagan Daz.

Take note of the curvature in the white gold band, the size of the diamond, its cut, you know the four c’s. Marvel at its Antman size and consider not even the Avengers could save your day once you deposit £5000 and take this on credit for the rest of your life. This ring symbolises all that is right in the world, Although it is about 1,000 times smaller than a Volvo XC60 and costs the same, it won’t depreciate by 60% overnight and you will be appreciated by the yes Lady for at least the next six months.

*Prices correct at the time of writing.