Most Expensive Dorset Coastal Cottages

Welcome to the Most Expensive Dorset Coastal Cottages top ten where we will tempt your imagination into creating the holiday of a decade in one of the most beautiful areas of the UK situated on the step of Durdle Door. Why go all the way to the Caribbean for a Jumby Bay villa when you can escape for a weekend or week on the coast of England?

Of course the two distinct holiday destinations cannot be compared but when it comes to short breaks and affordability even at the higher end of the cottage renting spectrum, you will not find better than these if holidaying as a family or large party. After all we’re British we can holiday in our own country surely?

While you may not specifically be seeking out the most expensive cottages in the UK, you may be looking for an adequate holiday home for a Wedding Party, an anniversary or simply a family reunion. These Cottages in Dorset can sleep up to twenty people and these prices are per booking period so across a dozen people the cost does come down a lot.

In the top ten Dorset cottages we’re going to be visiting some magnificent locations, with sea views, vistas over the rolling Dorset country side and even right next to a castle. From Worth Matravers, Studland, Chalross, Kimmeridge, Waytown, the area of Corfe Castle and Lulworth Cove. Locations that ensure you derive the maximum value from a fortnight stay or just a short break at the weekend.

The Most Expensive Cottage Rental In Dorset

Greensands Cottage Most Expensive Corfe Castle Dorset England

10. £1220 / £2563 a week at Greensands
Corfe Castle, Dorset, England

Who lives in an house like this? Well you could and so can nine others, as with five glorious bedrooms to speak of ten people can surround themselves in a Dorset short break and enjoy all the fresh smelling air in amongst expansive gardens.

While I could tell you about the view and the gardens which are spectacular at two thirds of an acre with patios and seated areas, paths to discover and outdoor entertainment for the children – swings, Wendy house and trampoline, I’d like to suggest a game for the adults with a good old fashioned British round of musical chairs and beds.

While not the most expensive Dorset cottage it does have five bedrooms, a breakfast room in the kitchen, two living rooms, a dining room overlooking the rear with sofa and an area for simple relaxation with another table and chair set. With yet more seating in the garden. While all are in close proximity, separate families sharing a cottage can certainly spend quality time together, apart.

At £2563 you need not have all ten people present. All of these properties are available at full price no matter if the entire cottage is in use. It’s perfect for a family of four if you don’t mind shelling out for the missing six. The musical chairs and beds would be a lot more fun with them though! It’s also pet friendly.

View The Greensands Cottage At Corfe Castle

Heath Lodge Most Expensive Dorset Cottage England

9. £1220 / £2563 a week at Heath Lodge
Studland, Dorset, England

When you book a villa in Spain or Greece you don’t often find a landscaped garden such as this being hidden to the rear of the property. They usually fit in an adequately sized swimming pool and that’s your lot. Yes there’s a Poole nearby and it’s in Dorset but what a glorious place to enjoy. As if the owners lived here themselves once – perhaps now they’re in Spain – missing their beautiful garden.

Health Lodge has four bedrooms and can sleep up to seven people. You might suggest that on a per person basis that this Studland holiday home could be the most expensive Dorset coastal Cottage but we’re taking a different angle. With summer house, hanging basket seating, sunbeds, large patio area and table tennis is there reason to see the rest of the county?

This place rocks with a Sonos sound system which tends to indicate bluetooth music and sent to all speakers around the house. The dining room table is quite unique as after ushering guests into the lounge for an alcoholic digestive, an unnamed wizard can transform it into a pool table. This is what you’re paying for Ladies and Gentleman a magic house with the Master Bedroom having a 6ft double bed with en suite shower / bathroom – imagine the tricks you could perform in that for a little over £640 per couple.

View Heath Lodge At Studland

Most Expensive Cottage In Dorset The Spinning Lodge

8. £1220 / £2563 a week at The Spinning Lodge
Waytown, Dorset, England

If you enjoy exclusivity you’ll love this turn on village life. You’ve heard about lording landowners of estates selling their manor home and acres wholes, where for generations their family oversaw the upkeep of an entire community. This is one such place.

The Spinning Lodge is a six bedroom property within Slape Mill, a private 12 acre settlement with twelve properties. It’s on the periphery of the village of Waytown in Bridport and is just five miles from the Dorset coast. At number eight in the most expensive Dorset cottages when taking into account the ten people staying, at £250 odd for seven days you’re laughing all the way to the…

…local pub which is only 400 yards away. Of course a self catering holiday at this Dorset cottage, with a huge kitchen and range cooker, breakfast room, dining room, conservatory and garden seating should keep the entertainment ongoing for quite a while. Still there’s nothing like forking out all the lolly for one of the top ten expensive Dorset coastal cottages and leaving the missus behind to get a quiet pint. You’d have deserved it.

View The Spinning Lodge in all its glory.

Most Expensive Dorset Coastal Cottage Grafton House

7. £1220 / £2563 a week at Grafton House
Lulworth Cove, Dorset, England

Forget that this isn’t the most  expensive Dorset cottage because from the photos we’ve seen it really should be based on the interior. It has a kitchen island with a pizza oven which is fun for all the family to get involved in. Added to which a magnificent living room with enormously comfortable sofas which could seat eight adults for a chinwag in front of the furnished fireplace.

The property is situated on steeped land which provides fabulous views of the countryside from the bedrooms. The exterior features should also be marvelled at, with a outside dining area and stone BBQ, and an equally resplendent dining hall in case you’re visiting in the cooler months.

There’s Five bedrooms at Grafton House, some with bunk beds so ideal for children or adults that never wish to grow up. For over two and a half grand this is a spectacular cottage in Dorset just half a mile from Lulworth Cove. Realistically for a seven day holiday in Dorset with friends and by car to enjoy the seaside also, it’s quite cheap for being one of the most expensive, don’t you think?

View Lulworth Cove’s Grafton House

Seaforth Worth Matravers Expensive Cottage Dorset

6. £1335 / £2803 a week at Seaforth Worth
Worth Matravers, Dorset, England

I have never known an holiday rental property to come with a Juliette on a Balcony, blonde or brunette I am not sure but I’m sure she’s very lovely and won’t get in the way too much. This is the first in the top ten that provides a sea view, being only one mile from the coast.  The word spacious gets used a lot but with open plan kitchen and living room waltzing between garden and  the inside is very acceptable.

If you were in a youth group as a child, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts you’ll love the option on a fire pit in the gardens of Seaforth Worth. It’s not huge but it’s adequate like those Spanish villa swimming pools, to provide a roaring centre piece to good old sea shanties and camp fire songs. Found a peanut? Well eat it then! Just don’t mention Lloyd George  is your father.

An elephant and two giraffes could feel very at home here. Therefore a party of ten sleeping within five bedrooms across three floors (ground to loft) amongst a very tidy garden with room for outdoor games, BBQ, patio dining area and a very well kept kitchen with island, if you don’t book this Worth Matravers cottage in Dorset, I will.

View this Worth Matravers Cottage

Expensive Cottage Chalross Studland Dorset UK

5. £1454 / £3055 a week at Chalross
Studland, Dorset, England

Half way through the Squillions most expensive Dorset coastal cottages and we’re back in Studland where we found Heath Lodge. Chalross cottage, well it’s more an house to be precise. Has five magnificent bedrooms when looking from the front you’d be hard pushed to figure out where they hid them.

The roomy five beds are all situated on the upper floor, some aspects have eaves. Four double bedroom with two that can be turned into twins, with one full of bunk beds for Snow White and her seven dwarves – sleeps two. That’s ten people plotting up for a nice week’s holiday in Dorset for £300 a piece.

Downstairs it is very open plan, the kitchen area overlook the loving room and the dining area, and the living room has the garden in its sights with a huge bay window and patio doors with would you believe underfloor heating on the ground floor. Which if you’ve never experienced is stupendous! Did I forget the sandy beach which half a mile away, yes you bet it’s worth being 5th in the most expensive cottages in Dorset top ten list!

View Chalross Cottage In Studland

Most Expensive Cottage In Kimmeridge The Stone Barn

4. £1454/ £3055 a week at The Stone Barn
Kimmeridge, Dorset, England

Kimmeridge, Kimmeridge, where for art thou Kimmeridge? “Why me lovely it’ll be in Dorset of course!” Don’t you just love the accent? Don’t tell me I got South West mixed up with South East! Only Geologists can stay at The Stone Barn, yes we’re kidding but it really is only half a mile away from the UK’s Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site at Kimmeridge Bay.

Study the brick work and foundations of this restored barn by all means but walking along such an important geological feature will turn your sons and daughters into scientists and engineers, this could be the making of them! Let face it, you are never going to be able to stay in converted luxury like this again even if you want to. Not even the horse can who used to reside here.

It’s a place where other creatures used to sleep too but now houses five bedrooms with open views to the land beyond. “They call it Dorset me lovely.” Four bathrooms, huge living room, dining room and kitchen and there’s even an old Joanna (no Juliette) which you can knock out some tunes on. This is proper country, given the choice between The Stone Barn and Chalross, same price but this one, what an adventure! Actually it costs less per person as can sleep twelve.

View The Stone Barn In Kimmeridge

Weston Farm Cottage Expensive Dorset Coastal Cottage

3. £1454 / £3055 at Weston Farm Cottage
Worth Matravers, Dorset, England

Do you know why they call the village Worth Matravers? No, nor do I! I hope you wasn’t expecting to find too much knowledge here but we’ve provided you historic and ancient geological focal points and thrown in an elephant and two giraffes, what more do you want? A cottage holiday discount?

This is Weston Farm Cottage and it is situated one mile from the coast line. I’m not going to tell you it was a real life Dairy Farm for two centuries and that it was built in 1827 as you may just book it without reading the rest. This is the kind of holiday  property  that is kind of unreal.

It has that nice tidy feeling on the outside but the historic stature goose pimple sensation upon entering the house. Three floors of magnificence. Five awesome bedrooms, four bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, an old fashioned snug, and the main master bedroom is on the ground floor with patio doors to the garden. I’m coming, you’re paying and that’s my bed!

And Oh my Lord of days, have you seen the garden? Firepit, extensive garden acreage, with pavilion with seating and outdoors stone BBQ and a fire pit with yet more seating. Weston Farm Cottage has underfloor heating, great view, 1 mile from the coast and yours for £3000 in peak season. It sleeps ten so we’re not talking a lot of money are we peeps? However still third in the top ten most expensive cottages in Dorset. Don’t mind me, I’m off to milk a cow. Back in a moooooo.

View Dorset’s Weston Farm Cottage

Lowgill Cottage Dorset Expensive Worth Matravers Dorset

2. £1570 / £3298 a week at Lowgill
Worth Matravers, Dorset, England

£300 quid more, sleeps ten people across five bedrooms. What a touch! Look at this wow factor cottage in Worth Matravers which must be the Beverly Hills of Dorset or something. 90210 for sure. Named Lowgill it’s high up, I think the owners wanted to be ironic. Being one mile from the coast and so elevated residents here can see Winspit Cove and view the sea.That’s a great thing so do please applaud.

Even better there’s a pub 100 yards away, even I can manage that on a good night. The way these country pubs work though, as long as you’re gone by 5am when the cleaner comes in, you can drink and plot up next to the fireplace until the morning. Lowgill is extraordinary. how they build the place is a wonder but the rolling ground are made even thanks to a raised terrace on three sides of the property.

Five bedrooms, some with balconies, sleeping ten people with two bathrooms, if this isn’t location, location, location I don’t know what is! There’s a quarry tiled floor, French doors to the expansive terrace which has seating for all. The coast and cliffs are in view, as is the sea. Mum are we there yet? BBQ outside, stone fireplace inside with games room, play room and just look at the view.

Almost the most expensive Dorset coastal cottage but drum roll as it’s coming. £3300 at peak holiday time a a family reunion, anniversary, wedding stopover or just two really close families whose children grew up together. Perfect for rambling and getting into country life while enjoying the fresh sea air.

View Lowgill In Worth Matravers

Well Court Cottage Corfe Castle Most Expensive In Dorset

1. £2612/ £4534 a week at Well Court & Cottage
Corfe Castle, Dorset, England

Here we go and here we go and here we go, Rocking all over Dorset. Do you think the locals sing that? Perhaps not but Well Court we have most definitely arrived. For most of these Dorset Coastal Cottages we haven’t visited a property that hosted more than twelve guests, this is actually two separate cottages but in very close proximity which can put up 19 people at the same time.

Well Court and Cottage is situated four miles from luscious (for England) sandy beaches but this manor was built in the 1500s, the land owners didn’t realise that one day pirates and enemy navies would stop attacking and that beach side properties would increase in value. That doesn’t matter however as this Dorset cottage, while expensive rocks the socks off all the rest.

Although this is number one and the most expensive Dorset coastal cottage at a peak rate of £4500 odd, once broken down into full occupancy it’s actually more cheap than others at around £240 per person. Nine bedrooms sleeping up to 19 people with five bathrooms across two properties this is the kind of place you want to have a wedding reception.

Or a family reunion. Not mine as we’d need 50 rooms but we could perhaps find adjacent cottages for rent in the vicinity, that could work too. Well Court and Cottage near Corfe Castle will take your breath away upon arrival, you won’t believe you can actually stay in such a historic building. If only the walls could talk…

The central courtyard is beautified with a marvellous fountain and there are extensive grounds which intertwine with public paths at the periphery with Alice in Wonderland outdoor dining and seating that just adds to the magic of the place. To go into more detail would only spoil the fun and you should read the specific Well Court and Cottage in Dorset review.

View Well Court And Cottage At Corfe Castle

Holidays are  meant to be enjoyed, often with a loved one though occasions arise where many more rooms are required. For friends and families. This has been the top ten most expensive Dorset cottages. From Corfe Castle to Swanage, Worth Matravers to Kimmerdige and Studland.

Magnificent, roomy, welcoming retreats perfect for short breaks or long Summer holidays whether that’s at a refurbished Stone Barn in Kimmeridge, Grafton House at Lulworth Cove or a cottage at Seaforth Worth at Worth Matravers. Evidently you don’t need to spend Squillions to enjoy a week at these Dorset cottages, however they certainly are worth the effort to book in advance for Weddings, reunions or joint family holidays.