Most Expensive Floor Lamp At Holloways Of Ludlow

If it’s one thing we all like, it’s stuff not all of us can afford or rather home lighting products that will take a while to save for. Ensuring that luxury lamp is well coveted by all who visit. We’re about to count down the top ten or eleven, most expensive floor lamps at Holloways of Ludlow. They’re not cheap, in fact they are quite costly due to the named artists involved and the uniqueness of style. A list which could turn quite quickly into some of the weirdest and quirkiest also.

There’s an horse from Moooi, a really large version of a table lamp and is as tall as an horse… as if the real life horse floor lamp wasn’t enough already. We have found a turn on a Meccano lamp construction set site, a totem floor lamp and some really cool spherical objects that have light bulbs galore. One looks a bit like a satellite dish. Buying expensive lamps should be exciting, especially when it comes to throwing dinner parties and entertaining others.

Like when Nan comes round for tea “Oh deary, shouldn’t you keep that horse lamp outside?” For a design that has been around since about 2006, I wonder how many more people remain to be amazed at a full size horse with a lampshade on its head. It only costs £4000, everyone should have one! Enough of the horsing around, let’s get straight to it. The most expensive floor lights for living rooms and bedrooms begins. No it’s not a donkey, it’s definitely a horse.

Superarchimoon Floor Light By Flos In Silver Aluminium

Is it alive? Well you had better hope it’s not. From Flos Lighting and at over two metres tall it towers over most humans and is as high as it is wide. This is currently the most expensive floor light at Holloways of Ludlow. You are quite correct, this is a very oversized table lamp, in fact this its larger brother and even though inception was in the year 2000, it’s fantastical size never tires. And at approximately £5700.00 it is possibly worth more than your table and chair and all of your office furniture combined.

Superarchimoon is as big as its name makes it sound. Designed by Philippe Starck, this isn’t Iron Man, it’s a Steel and Aluminium Arm with a whopping head of hand blown borosilicate glass acting as a diffuser, with a silk pleated shade delivering light around the room. Fully dimmable and can be arched towards the moon in super fashion or extended inwards or further outwards thanks to its six counter weights. The only thing missing from this really expensive floor lamp is a remote control. Get the Super expensive floor light here.

Moooi Statistocrat Floor Lamp Sidetable Drum Set Light

What I love about art, structures, sculptures and expensive floor lights like these, is it doesn’t matter what the artist intended, I can think what I think and shout it out loud. Here we have the perfect example of assemblage, a collection of different sized drums from the band of Metallica. Signed no? Nor is it really a drum set but hey, I’m the critic here. When spending over five thousand pounds I think you can believe it is whatever you believe it is, what do you think Tinkerbell?

Three of the four Moooi Statistocrat floor lamp shades (Tom drums) will emit light at different angles and powers of concentration for reading or plain straight illumination. The fourth and bottom, the bass drum acts as a side table, which is music to my ears, as after a long session, I like nothing more than to kick back with the ladies and sling back a shot of Drambuie. At two metres it’s time to rock and roll whatever the room is used for. Become a Statisotocrat here.

Moooi Front Life Size Horse Floor Light Lamp Shade

This really big cow is huge, it’s the first cow floor lamp of its kind. The Sheep lamp measures 240cm in height and 230cm in length. The pig lamp has a lampshade on its head and loves to eat LED bulbs. Of course it’s an horse, not only that but it’s an electric horse with a lamp on its head. An electric horse floor lamp?

Not only that, it’s a very expensive floor light with an horse attached that has four legs which makes it really easy to vacuum underneath – if it was a Shetland Pony you’d be in big trouble, if it was a real Shetland Pony you’d be in even more trouble, not only the mess but I don’t think they like being plugged into the National Grid. The good news is that as it is only life like, this pet is allowed in your flat. Yes it’s an horse lamp, no it doesn’t talk, that’s the Ed Horse Lamp. Buy it here.

Expensive Serge Mouille Lighting Column Totem Floor Light

A Serge Mouille lamp, now this is a piece of history. These are not original originals as Serge has since passed away. They are not fifty years old but they are fashioned from the same moulds the originals were. So in a way, these are kind of original. These are all designs from the fifties and sixties.

The one featured is a totem floor light. Known as a Serge Mouile lighting column. The light should come with a certificate of authenticity, hence the £4000 (117 cm) and £5000 (173 cm) price tag for a totem column from the French lighting designer. See more here.

Expensive Hoek Floor Light White Dark Lighting

I’m a  bit of a Tom Rossau fan so when it comes to something as rigid as that offered by the Hoek floor lamp I have to use my imagination a little or turn to architecture to find delight. Luckily Jos Devriendt allows me to do exactly that with this latest Dark At Night development.

Designed as contemporary office lighting, you can have visibility at low level across a wider area without lowering the ceiling or hanging impossibly high pendants. Simply place next to a desk and it will reach over two or three. Yes it’s another expensive floor light lamp in the region of £3300 but it does the job no beer can. It’s Hoek here.

Chubby Floor Lamp Upholstered Shade Pendant

The image doesn’t really do this costly floor light justice, as it looks like football stadium floodlights, in reality, much more similar to a really luxury pair of hanging dice without the spots. Sitting atop a 180 cm upright, you’ll find Davy Grosemans Dark At Night upholstered lamp shade being lit up by 2 x 32 watt compact fluorescent light bulbs (GX24q-3 TC-TEL) surrounded by the finest high quality fabric that you would probably much rather have on your sofa instead.

Like Kim Bassinger, you’d rather her on your sofa, than up a pole, oh hang on… Could you sit on the lamp perhaps? No, might get a bit hot from those two pair 1800 lumens shining up your jacksy. This is yet another expensive floor lamp that costs in the region of three thousand pounds. If you get a large model of Tina Turner, say about three metres, this could look like a microphone lamp too. Get the Chubby floor lamp here. It’s as comfortable as a sofa.

Brave New World Floor Lamp akin Meccano Construction

I bet you think this is a table lamp, only if you’re a giant. It measures a staggering two metres in the small and three metres tall in the large. A Brave New World? Yes it certainly is.  Perhaps more like Fraggle Rock World. It is claimed, that this, one of the most expensive floor lamps was designed by Wales’ very own Freshwest for design house Moooi. But we don’t think so. It is very clear to us that only one species could have made this Meccano lamp and that’s the Doozers.

Released to the public in 2008, it hasn’t lost its appeal making use of cast iron weights to justify its crane appeal and solid oak wood beams throughout the frame. Now if you look a little closer at the folding mechanism you will see that it resembles an AT ST Walker’s legs from Star Wars. You might have needed to own one as a child in the eighties to understand. Get the very expensive floor light for your Brave New World lamp.

Round Prop Light Expensive Floor Lamp By Bertjan Pot

Lloyd, who lives in a house like this? What!?! Well who has a lamp like this? At the cost of three grand, you can expect someone quite well off, that’s for sure. This is another Moooi light lamp that has been called the Prop light floor lamp, an expensive floor light that uses multiple bulbs across many different shapes. This one is round from the front, but from the sides looks a lot like a satellite dish.

Are you receiving me, over? Oh, you’re out. Termed the prop light because it can apparently be propped up against the wall, or any object and be hung from the ceiling or plonked on a wall. Sorry, Back to the Future mode, Plonk lamp is their next installation. It has a dim function which is fortunate due to the 2 million LED bulbs it has installed which you can see from a similar round shape, the Moooi moon. It’s under a metre wide in diameter and will easily rival any expensive horse floor lamp. It’s designed by Bertjan Pot who says “you can buy it here.”

Moooi Expensive Raimond Tensegrity Floor Lamp Sphere Light

Imagine the scene, it’s raining outside, cold and the fireplace is burning. Your bird is popping around your gaff for din dins and for afters it’s a bottle of Muscat of Samos and Marshmallows to a back ground of Starry Starry Night sung by resident singer Don McLean. How can you make this night any better? Get Raimond Puts on drums? No, you hire him to build you a magnificent and yes expensive floor lamp from a bunch of wires and LED lights, pay him £3000 and replicate the night sky proper.

Someone did exactly that – yes this is the correct back story – and this is how the Raimond Tensegrity floor lamp came to exist. That and the fact he wanted to build a structure that applied the tensional integrity of floating compression. In laymen’s terms, the ability to hold form by itself. So this expensive floor light is not just a lamp, nor is it simply art, it is science too. Get your geek on with a Raimond Tesengrity floor lamp. What no horse lamp pun? Erm, naa-aay.

Tuareg Floor Light From Foscarini By Ferruccio Laviani

You have probably realised by now that this isn’t an horse lamp. But someone else has clearly been horsing around and it’s Ferruccio Laviani and he’s lavi’ng a laugh with this incredible Tuareg floor light. What is it? Concocted from differently sized varnished aluminium tubes with polycarbonate. It has a teepee structural base and extensions befuddling the skyline at the top.

Its intention is to be both a mish-mash geometrical shape as well as offering symmetry to the crazy person looking into it. At the end of three of the arms an LED light is fixed, but the tubing twists 350 degrees so you can have more control over the effect of the lighting angle. It is an expensive floor lamp, coming in at around £2500, but it is also from the Foscarini stable and for that reason you pay for Mr Ferruccio Laviani’s excellence in art. Get the Tuareg floor lamp here.

StudioJob’s Very Expensive Bucket Mop & Stool Floor Light

Some rather clever Dutch fella has only gone and borrowed a trick from Only Fools and Horses’ Trigger. He kept the same broom for twenty five years and now this artist, Studio Job from the Netherlands, has created a £2500+ work of art from your Mum’s mop and bucket, all sat on top of a stool. I know, separately that would be £12 down Asda but you try rustling something up for the same price and it definitely won’t look as supremely studious as this piece of art.

The Bucket Floor Lamp is quite extraordinary and is worth every penny that this expensive floor light lamp entails. The stool is made from solid oak, the upright mop handle impersonation supports a paper shade bucket with real to life bucket handle made from gold plated steel, with a porcelain grip. Which can also be suspended from the ceiling as a stand (hang) alone shade feature. You can milk this design to visitors until the cows come home, or horse lamp, whichever is the first over the hurdles. Get your bucket and lamp light here. Maid not included.

Now you’ve seen the most expensive floor lights, you’ve dreamt of the most expensive floor lamps, now you get to buy them. Personally, I love the tomfoolery of the bucket and mop lamp, but Don McLean’s Starry Tensegrity floor lamp would certainly get a look in. If you fancy spending a little less, there is of course more floor lamps to peruse.