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Eyeko discount codes are for use with the soul moving, h-eye-ghly decorated, creative eye-nspirational, luvvie class website dedicated to your eyes only Ms Bond. There is not a part of the body that is so small yet that gets so much interest by a retailer, your partner, a prospective partner and well, basically everyone you will ever meet. Our eyes are our first point of contact, telling a million stories. With Eyeko you can now tell a billion more.

I am a man so please forgive me. The only thing I really put on my face to look good is nutella when the spoon misses my mouth and of course your lovely lips, darling. Seriously, I do look in your eyes but I find your whole package equally pleasing, for instance if inside your beautiful head you have memorised the full encyclopedia of Harry Potter, I am made up. But now, for you and only you, it is you who can be made up.

Made up to the eye balls with a plethora of invigorating, conceptual eye designing ‘stuff’ that will make your Sister, Mother, best friend forever, Instagram followers and frenzied Youtube groupies scream and go green with envy. Green mascara of course they have it. With Mascara, eye shadows, eyebrows (if you have mistakenly shaved off your own – I jest), eye care, eyeliners and eye kits (if Tom Cruise was present I’d be concerned). And if you’re really lucky an eye catching Eyeko voucher code for money off your purchase.

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One of my ex girlfriends once thought it would be hilarious if I wore make up, it was going to be a session thing but kick off never happened. Little did she know I used to wear make up on stage when I was a little actor darling, in my teenage years. So as an older man I know how difficult it is to choose make up for any part of the face that stays on in any situation and then can be removed with ease. Neither of which was easy back in the 80’s. How Adam Ant did it I do not know.

Nowadays however the industry specialists have come up with ways to decorate your eyes in the most wonderful of ways for au natural to incredible design embellishments that would make a Lion or Peacock do a double take. An example to begin with is eyelashes, did you know you can get bespoke mascara wands at Eyeko? They ask you some serious University Challenge type questions. Like, are your eyebrows; fine, straight, unruly (separately voted for Brexit), short, full, sparse, damaged, full, curly, medium, Hermione Granger lookalikey or seriously Bushy Cara Delvingne. Is there an Eyeko discount code for bushy mascara wands?

These wands are then tailored to give a certain finished look. If you are a man or a woman who has never gone into this additional face management, by the end of this paragraph you will be able to discern what a mascara wand and even posit what task it can achieve the next time you see it on your missus’ bathroom cabinet. Let’s do a test, grab it and gauge if it succeeds in delivering the natural look, a body boost, is fool proof, offers length and definition, a gravity defying curl or extra volume or longwear lashes.

Eyeko Discount Codes For Mascara Wands

If I was you were bruv, I’d give up, give her Eyeko vouchers as a Christmas present and let her choose whichever strangely shaped tool of affection for her own eyebrows. I get the feeling if you do something wrong, one wave of the mascara wand and you’ll be turned into a fancily brushed up, wavy lined, colourful browed poodle if you step out of line. The point is I think and I am realising it pretty quickly, that Eyeko is some serious business for eyebrows, does a dab hand in some serious eyebrow tools and I am wondering what else they do to lift your face into another dimension.

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You have to first understand that this is not a make up site perse, it is an eye make up site. Much like you wouldn’t go to a bakers to buy a television. Instead to buy the latest Galactic Lid Gloss colour. You will not find lipstick at Eyeko, they are eye make up specialists. Which if you’re a man looking to save some money with an Eyeko voucher code while buying a surprise gift for their partner you should know a few more things.

The key word in eyeliner is line, this goes directly below and atop the lashes respectively. Eyeshadow is the shadow coloud that usually goes on the eyelid, and women do like a Fat Eye stick for such a proposition. Others however enjoy a little eyeshadow underneath the eye, not unlike drawing and artwork, different shades and colours bring out other features and make some appearances larger or smaller. There are different perceptions and dare I say, illusions, being achieved with the application of eye make up.

Eyeko Voucher Codes For Eye Serum

A woman, well not to be sexist, most humans don’t want to look older than they actually are. While immortality is a bit much to consider, staving off thirty years of eye tiredness and natural change would certainly be a bestseller. And boy are the pharmaceuticals companies giving it their best attempt. It is no surpr-eyes then that Eyeko do a line in eye boost serum. It contains ingredients which aid the skin in looking more twenty something than fifty something. An extract of text suggests it “helps smooth the eye area. reduce puffiness and dark shadows, whilst visibly reducing the appearance of new lines and wrinkles.”

There are one or two football managers and Brexit politicians who could do with some of that I bet! The essence of the Eyeko website is to inform and be the first point of contact for your eyes. Information, dialogue, advice, tools and yes eye paint to capture the moment and put you at the centre of it. As a forty year old man, and only at this age, have I started to understand how hectic and tome consuming it must be tamper and adjust one’s own eyebrows, eyelashes and whatever else, as my brows start to escape and do their own thing.

Personally, if I was female and even if I wasn’t and wanted to portray a more feminine look, I would be using the Eyeko website every payday. If anyone knows about eye make up and eye care it has to be these guys and gals right? Use your Eyeko discount codes April 2020 here. Save a bundle each month and try out new stuff and invest in best sellers. I actually like a woman with less make up but when applied correctly, make up for the eyes can really do something immensely special, it’s like dating a different woman sometimes. Legally.

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