Fairtrade Fortnight Fairtrade Clothing Products

Squillions is about to tell you something very important about Fairtrade Fortnight 2013, Fairtrade clothing and Fairtrade products and how all this effects you! OK, so having just got home from a busy day at work you’re probably not too bothered about people; farmers and workers on the other side of the planet.

And we also realise that in the midst of a recession you’re probably trying to save Squillions and looking to buy the cheapest non horsemeat beef on the market. But Fairtrade isn’t always about expense. When it comes to big name brands often Fairtrade clothing and products work out cheaper but here’s a little info about Fairtrade Fortnight and how you can play a part.

What Is Fairtrade Fortnight 2013?

Fairtrade Fortnight 2013 is an opportunity for all involved with Fairtrade already to grow awareness, hold events and make even more people aware of the efforts of Fairtrade and how it helps normal people that are just like you and me! People who wish to work but at the same time care for their families also.

Humanity is used to being too busy to be human but during the Fairtrade Fortnight dates of Monday 25th February to Sunday 10th March 2013 you can be seen to make a difference and help more understand the goals of Fairtrade. Fairtrade in 2013 are asking you to ‘Take A Step in 2013’ and back the Fairtrade clothing and Fairtrade products that help bring a better life to many who are underpaid and worry about fluctuating market prices for materials and crops.

What Is Fairtrade?

At the beginning of this Fairtrade Fortnight article we presumed you’d been hard at work and noted that it’s a recession. Many people in the western world are currently doing their best in an economic downturn wishing their employers would pay at least a living wage or above. Much like UK workers and businesses are affected by inflation, so too are farmers and workers by market prices.

Fairtrade works along similar lines of a living wage and ensures producers, manufacturers and suppliers of materials are also provided with a representative income or payment for the service, product or materials they sell. Not only ensuring the businesses themselves are viable but that the workers are also paid correctly and work in good conditions under fair terms.

Fairtrade is about ensuring normal people don’t get ripped off by unscrupulous corporations and wishes the public to back efforts to reward all around the world with that living wage and economic security. Hence Fairtrade Fortnight being held annually to bring awareness to more people.

What Does Fairtrade Mean?

Not so many years ago, the British government brought in the minimum wage. If that’s of any use is yet to be seen. More and more people are asking for a maximum wage to be put in place so a company’s worth lays in the hands of its workers. And why not!?! Fairtrade is slightly similar.

Fairtrade acts as a global brand to promote protection for farmers and workers in a global market which sees market prices fluctuate providing uncertainty all round. Fairtrade ensures businesses and buyers keep to certain practices, pay a fair price which sustains a farmer and worker’s livelihood, as well as ensuring when there is the possibility of heightened market prices that the farmer or workers gets to see the benefits and isn’t held to ransom.

I’m sure many who read this article wished Fairtrade worked in their Office or local shop, which is the reason for Fairtrade Fortnight. Poverty and unruly bosses aren’t just in the third world and in an economic downturn in the western world, wages and indeed business practices tend to take a downturn too.

Fairtrade simply means, fair trade. In other words, are you comfortable sitting down to dinner with the man who packed your sugar, who can’t afford to eat for the next few days? No, well buy Fairtrade then. That way you know the worker is at least eating tonight and the business is receiving the correct market price for it’s offering and that the workers are getting paid too.

Buy Fairtrade Products In Fairtrade Fortnight

Today there are a great many Fairtrade products on the market which carry the Fairtrade logo. They range from coffee and sugar, fruit and cotton, vegetables and a variety of materials and resources used in retail products and beauty products, often born from plantation farming.

During Fairtrade Fortnight you can ‘do your bit’ and ‘Take A Step in 2013’ by taking that little longer while doing your weekly shop and find Fairtrade products to eat, drink and consume. You could buy Fairtrade tea and stir in Fairtrade sugar and even dip a Fairtrade biscuit into your cuppa.

A biscuit not enough? If you have a sweet tooth or wish to educate your children, consider Fairtrade sweets or Fairtrade chocolate or Fairtrade fruit for that mid meal snack. For a night in with the other half there’s also fairtrade wine, fairtrade beer and for Valentine’s Day, Fairtrade flowers.

Buy fairtrade products during Fairtrade Fortnight and show your support for a living wage. You never know, it may catch on in your UK factory and warehouse and see you paid a living wage one day too!

Buy Fairtrade Clothing In Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade clothing is all about ethical Fair Trade products. Ethical meaning you won’t hear about bad stories on save labour after buying the product,workers having doing twenty hour shifts or being unable to feed their children. For the simple reason all fairtrade clothing carries the Fairtrade brand logo meaning all the research into the business background has been done.

When buying Fairtrade clothing you’re buying into an industry standing up for workers and their living conditions but at the same time some truly unique, quirky, fashionable items of fairtrade clothing and fairtrade jewellery from some truly exotic places.

Many items are made from sources that are fairtrade and are part of fairtrade schemes. Fairtrade clothing and products are anything from handbags to dresses, necklaces and ear rings to shoes, scarves and bikinis. Fairtrade clothing comes from a wide range of countries such as India, Kenya and Ghana to name a few, by Fairtrade manufacturers and are often handmade.

If you’ve not considered Fairtrade clothing or Fairtrade products as handbags or clothing before then Fairtrade Fortnight is the perfect time to find out more.

Example: A Fairtrade Clothing Business

There are many hundreds of Fairtrade business, Fairtrade retailers and Fairtrade manufacturers that are all running special Fairtrade schemes in far flung countries ensuring workers are in safe conditions and being paid a working wage for their efforts. The responsibility to sustainable environments is also key.

One such fairtrade retailer online is Fashion Conscience – aptly named and they are champions of fairtrade clothing and products in the UK and Europe and are looking forward to supporting Fairtrade Fortnight now and in future years.

Fashion Conscience are a unique online clothes retailer in that they do more than most to ensure ALL of their products have an ethical and sustainable approach to both workers and the environment. As well as fairtrade clothes, they offer sustainable clothing, organic clothes, vegan clothes, upcycled clothes and recycled clothing. Fairtrade clothing is one of their many ethical clothing offerings.

With over seven hundred different clothes and products on offer for you to wear, there’s a great choice of designs and unique outfits to choose from. Belts, cardigans, skirts, shirts, bags, purses and dresses and all are fairtrade clothes approved by the Fairtrade global organisation.

Fashion Conscience is about eco fashion and was started by a fashion and celebrity journalist to offer clothing and products. In essence to supply those with a conscience and wish to know that the clothes and products they buy are from manufacturers and farmers who are treated humanely and paid correctly.

This isn’t to say that big name brands don’t treat their staff correctly, just to reveal that ethical doesn’t always start with the manufacturer but from the resourced materials also. Whether they’re from India or Ghana, Fashion Conscience is a part of the Fairtrade scheme from farmer to online shop floor.

Visit Fashion Conscience and view their Fairtrade clothing and Fairtrade products and Fairtrade jewellery and their wide range in sustainable, ethical, eco and upcycled, recycled, vegan and organic clothing range. Click here.

So the Fairtrade Fortnight dates to look out for are Monday 25th February to Sunday 10th March 2013. During this time you can partake in events that spread awareness about Fairtrade Fortnight and the Fairtrade clothing and products that are available. You may even wish to take extra care and use or buy some fairtrade products in the local supermarket.