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In a far away Kingdom, in a far away land people were very tired throughout the day and did not know how to use Feather and Down discount codes on the website. In fact, until a little young lady called Madalina happened upon their little old village, no one knew much about anything. You see, a wicked witch had visited 100 years ago and cast a mysterious spell upon all the dwellings and those that lived within. The result being no matter if they had only been awake an hour or five, they were always feeling extremely exhausted.

Now Madalina had travelled a long way, almost the entire length of the United Kingdom and she too felt very very tired. But not nearly as tired as the folk who lived at the village she had happened upon, so tired was the village that no one had even had time to give it a name. Unbeknownst to the locals, this fair young lady, with a cheery smile and wide awake eyes, was a scientist, salesperson, marketing guru and secret goo maker for a company called Feather and Down.

Which is where our fairy tale, boys and girls, is going to take a little twist for the good. Madalina was approached by the village elders over a seven day period, as it took them this long to walk down the high street to the hotel where she was staying. They were all very interested in this long distance traveller and really keen to understand how she stayed awake for so long. Madalina produced a Feather and Down voucher code and exclaimed “this is how!”

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The village was buzzing but not for long, as the entire area fell quiet at precisely 2pm. Madalina thought this strange as this was far far away from being Spain. When the people arose some 63 hours later, they had recalled the strange bit of paper with writing on and enquired further. It turned out that a good witch, a poor entrepreneur that is now a self made billionaire, had created potions that helped people sleep.

The village elders laughed ironically, for the last thing these people needed was to sleep more. Madalina thought for a moment, recalling all the labels on her bottles, how to use instructions and the ingredients held within and studied the people sat before her. She delved into her rucksack and started pulling out a variety of Sweet Dreams bath oils, Sweet Dreams Bedtime Rituals, Perfect Sleep and an assortment of other navy blue starry night packaged products and passed them around the room. Each package containing a Feather and Down voucher.

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Madalina paused for a second and then set out her plan. Fully understanding that a wicked witch would have immensely powerful and bad dark magic she considered that a Good Witch may well have equally powerful white magic that could combat the ills that befall this village 100 years ago. The entire population of this sleepy village now congregated in the main hall, half built as they were too tired to finish it, were now trying hard to stay awake listening with Feather and Down bath and body gift bags in hand.

Now the young lady visitor did not know if any of the 3 Step Sleep Routine bottles would work, if Bathtime Bliss would indeed bring any or if the Feather and Down Gift Of Sleep would ever arrive. Madalina gave three simple instructions to the sleepy crowd. Take these magical concoctions home with you which have a signature blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils, use them as advised; have a bath, use a spray, feel calm, relax and lastly go to sleep.

Feather And Down Voucher Codes For BathThe villagers looked far from impressed, which considering their tiresome plight their families had experienced for the past 100 years, could be quite understandable. One last thing, Madalina yelled, “if this works” yelling a little louder “when this works” …. “don’t forget to use the Feather and Down discount codes in the navy blue starry night envelope.” The people hummed and walked aimlessly back to the homes, hoping they could do the task set for them before they fell asleep.

The next morning, an hour after sunrise, the village began to stir. Madalina was sat on the side of the village fountain anticipating the effects of the Feather and Down magical potion provided to these very tired people, thinking to herself how absurd it is to give very tired people, something that would make them sleep better and longer than ever before.

There was laughter emanating from one house, a yawn from another and a smiley face peered out of a window. People started coming out of their homes looking fresher than ever before. Did the Sleep Melting Shower Cream work? Did the Straight to Sleep Sweet Dreams lotion do its job? Madalina clasped her hands together and danced and the village joined her in a merry waltz around the village. A burst of energy that didn’t even leave them feeling the slightest bit tired.

Does your village have a 100 year curse by a wicked witch of the dark arts? Do you need the magical well being essence of a white witch’s spell to remedy the affliction cast upon your family? Would you like Madalina to travel right across the UK once again to cure your village of its sleep laden ills? Don’t despair, use the Feather And Down discount codes February 2020 here and you will soon have Sweet Dreams gift sets delivered to your humble abodes.

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