Sapphire Ruby Emerald Diamond Halo Clover Necklace Four Leaf

The most popular diamond jewellery items are those which have meaning to us before they are even bought. Can there be a more enticing design than that of a diamond halo clover necklace which incorporates Oxalis Acetosella. What!?! The common Four leaf clover. Or rather ‘uncommon’ as it is thought there are 10,000 three’s to a single four.

So varied a strain that for thousands of years the druids have seen the occasionally occurring shaped plant as a sign of good luck, which in a similar vein also saw Ireland take on the medicinal Shamrock and the three leaf clover as an emblem. Featured above is the cool coloured version of this trio of enterprising delightful pieces, the four leaf Blue Sapphire diamond halo clover necklace.

As everybody knows, blue sapphires come from coral trees that are found in the deepest oceans. Once the Sapphires are fully grown and shiny, a little leprechaun chucks on his diving suit, slides down a little rainbow and brings them back to our world so they can be fashioned into these incredible works of diamond clover necklace art. And art is most definitely what they are. View the necklace here.

As this is a blend of two common jewellery designs. The diamond halo necklace which is usually a pave set circle representing an Angel’s Halo, all sparkly and white. Also blending in the diamond clover necklace which as we have learned is based on the design of the quite rare, Oxalis Acetosella. Oh hark at me, I wrote Latin again!

Now wouldn’t it be just marvellous if the next time 17th March comes around that you or your missus could pop out to the local St. Patrick’s Day parade and pub event wearing this glorious Four Leaf Emerald Diamond Halo Clover Necklace. Why? Because not only is it green me darling, but it is also shaped like a four leaf clover. Heavens above, isn’t it just the perfect gift for St. Patrick’s Day? Well we think so.

Unlike blue sapphires which come from the blue seas, our little Leprechauns have an easier time as they leave the Aos Sí fairies to unearth the emeralds in this diamond and emerald halo clover necklace. These emeralds are only found in one place on Earth, deep under Ireland in a place called Sídhe, most notable locations for trading are Cnoc Meadha, Knockany and of course New Grange.

So you had better believe that when you buy these captivating good luck charms that a whole load of magic has gone into making them before they appeared in front of your very eyes. Last, but no means least, there’s the diamond and ruby halo clover necklaces. Bright red / burgundy rubies that will not only mesmerise but terrorise the hearts of your loved ones. Now be honest, you women love to toy with other people’s hearts don’t you now!

I know you want to know where the rubies come from but you’ll have to hang on a little while longer. The gem worth of all these jewellery pieces and diamond halo clover necklaces combined, whether ruby and diamond, emerald and diamond or blue sapphires and diamond is 0.40ct. Which is why they all sell for the same price. You can also choose an 18ct white gold or 18ct yellow gold chain, or a mix. The gems are also very slightly included and have a colour of FG. In Ireland that stands for Feckin’ Grand!

Like many of the products we write about at Squillions, they caught our eye in the first instance so we must like them at least a little bit. The diamond clover halo necklaces are undoubtedly a great achievement in mixing two traditional designs of diamond halo necklace and diamond clover pendant.  But where oh where do the rubies come from in the diamond and ruby halo clover necklace??

Well, I’ve been told that a dragon that lives deep underground heats up stones to such a degree that they turn to glass and remain bright red. But while there are known to be leprechauns and fairies in Ireland, I’ve never known there to be a dragon. As for the diamonds, they’re not worth anything in the magical kingdoms so humans are left to dig them up for themselves. Silly!

There are currently three variations on this four leaf diamond halo clover necklace and should you be so inclined you could probably have one for each outfit. To save on purchasing these fantastic diamond necklaces visit the Diamond Heaven voucher code section to check for the latest deals. Or go directly to the Diamond Heaven website and view these wonderfully endearing keepsakes for more information.