Fracking To Bring Energy Saving Earthquakes

In what seems an apparent backtrack by government and officials, Fracking looks set to go nationwide after a recent consultation suggest that while Fracking does cause earthquakes, so did coal mining… that’s ok then.

Fracking is a brand new science developed state side which sees Shale gas sucked out of the earth below us by pumping water into shale rock and extracting the gas, an industry worth billions but cheaper to mine, to extract and therefore reducing home owner’s energy bills.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will now proceed with a further six week consultation from which rules will be deliberated and set and Fracking licences will be granted country-wide. Concerned? Coal mining has dislodged land and fault lines for centuries causing minor earthquakes and while Fracking is seen as a more modern danger, it’s not one that is expected to cause major structural damage. Touch wood.

The one harm people still worry about however is water contamination, as has been seen worldwide in America and in the UK. This on top of a current water shortage in the United Kingdom which will see hose pipe bans all year round, if a hose pipe ban and usage of this water sees lower energy bills maybe not so many will complain.

Energy prices in the UK for gas and electricity are some of the most expensive in the world and with oil wars and levies on those that supply, over the top taxation and cruel profits by energy suppliers hitting the pockets of millions of home owners, Fracking may well be one additional gas supply to look forward to.

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