Free Mothercare Nanu Strollers At Gatwick Airport

If you’re looking for a bargain on a pram then you might wish to get in on the same act as hundreds of others recently. According to a news article printed in the Daily Mail this weekend visitors have been stealing (borrowing for longer than they should) the free to use Mothercare Nanu Strollers which are available as a Gatwick Airport Pushchairs service.

As with many businesses, they wish to make your visit as enjoyable as possible, especially when you have tired, hungry and unsettled children travelling with you. Gatwick Airport offer unbranded pushchairs that are the popular form of Mothercare Nanu Strollers for use inbetween the plane and arrivals hall.

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Get Your Free Mothercare Nanu Strollers Here!

The Gatwick Airport website states “If you’re travelling with young children or infants, we want to make life a little easier for you. Pushchairs are now available to passengers landing at Gatwick, for the journey between the plane and the arrivals hall where their own pushchair will be delivered.”

Though it would seem many have failed to read the rest of the advice “Collect a pushchair as you disembark and return it to the baggage hall once you have collected your own.” Note the words ‘return it.’ The airport had 150 Mothercare Nanu Strollers when the venture to assist parents first started, but staff believe there to be only a handful remaining.

Clearly customers are mistaking the term ‘free service’ as free to take home and use until you return again, where Gatwick Airport hopes you leave the stroller with them the next time. But why are they so popular? The range of Nanu Strollers from Mothercare come in four different options. The Nano, the Nano+ (Nano plus), Nano LX (Luxury) and BabyK.

Each offer a safe and easy ride for your child with the following integrated across the range

  • Lightweight and compact frame including adjustable calf rest
  • A quick recline mechanism in the Nano plus
  • Lockable front swivel wheels with umbrella fold
  • Reversible seat liner – one side striped, one side plain in BabyK and Nano+
  • Viewing window in hood to check on baby with a Mothercare Weathershield

The best thing is they are lightweight and easy to use and suit babies from birth, upwards. All thanks to the adjustable calf rests and the five point harness which keeps the little buggers strapped in as you whisk them around the airport at high speed. The retail value of each can span from £49 right up to £89 on the deluxe fashion models.

Unfortunately the Mothercare pushchairs at Gatwick are not branded nor do they have any security measures. Which is good news for future passengers travelling through the airport with children, as Gatwick Airport have on order another 250 Mothercare Nano Strollers which means there will soon be 255 Nano strollers available to steal the next time you pass through.

Bargains Galore, Free Cars, Free Pushchairs And Free TVs!

While you are there, we have it on good authority that a great many cars have been left outside the airport courtesy of Gatwick Airport Parking. Or for a faster getaway, why not book a Gatwick Airport transfer. So not only can you get a free Mothercare Nano pushchair on your way through, you might want to take your pick of average to expensive cars that are parked up on long stays. After all, why push the free Mothercare pushchair all the way home, when you can chuck it in the back of one of the many free cars parked outside!

We would also like to draw to your attention that there are Squillions of other freebies available, aside from free pushchairs and free cars, the No 1 lounge area has some pretty funky contemporary cushions that you can pocket and if you ask a staff member they will be more than happy to unscrew any of the wide-screen televisions for you to take home. They wouldn’t want you to miss out on your favourite programmes!

Staff have been advised that when you take any bulky items without permission, that they should provide you with two free Mothercare Nano Strollers which when facing each other, act as a great trolley service. I’m sure when Gatwick set up their free Shop Fly Collect service, this wasn’t exactly what they meant!

To book a free Mothercare Nanu Stroller at Gatwick Airport, pick up a free car, television and contemporary cushion from Gatwick’s No1 Lounge click to arrange some wheels with Gatwick Airport Parking. Alternatively, if you wish to assess the viability of the Mothercare Nanu pushchair before you steal one, read all about the Baby K, Nanu Plus and several varieties of Luxury Nanu Stroller here.

Though having seen the signage at Gatwick Airport – it could be down to misinterpretation… Nah, we edited it.

Gatwick Airport Free Mothercare Nanu Strollers

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