Fregate Island Private Seychelles Villa Holidays

There are a great many places on this planet that offer seclusion and privacy in amongst the most beautiful of surroundings and Fregate Island in the Seychelles is one such holiday destination. Fregate Island Private is as the name suggests, a private Island in the Seychelles that offers villa holidays for those with Squillions and those who have saved up for that extra special holiday for a wedding, honeymoon or anniversary.

Each holiday destination offers its own experiences, activities, memories and moments to savour. Fregate Island, or Frigate Island, offers serendipity, seclusion and a private island get away from the hustle and bustle of humanity. A place where you can be waited on hand and foot and your every whim attentively attended to in the quiet paradise of Fregate Island Private.

Fregate Island Private Villas – Seclusion, Luxury And Privacy

With white sand beaches, secluded individual villas which are dotted around the Island and views over the Indian ocean in amongst some of the most preserved natural spots in the world, you will think you have landed on heaven on earth as you embark on what will probably be one of the most secluded, luxurious and divine holidays you will ever encounter.

Fregate Island Private is a secluded wilderness which contains sixteen individual villas and one Presidential Villa, each of the Villas can welcome couples and groups of up to four people looking to share an holiday that is truly away from the rest of the world. Each Private Villa on Fregate Island is exceptionally enclosed to offer luxury to each of the residents.

The Fregate Island villas encompass luxury from floor to ceiling with exquisite Botticino marble floors, vaulted roofs all in a true colonial architecture in keeping with style and luxury that the colonialists would have ensured they endeared over two centuries. There are four types of villa on Fregate Island, one bed, two bed, a spa villa and Presidential villa for those who really wish for decadence and have Squillions to spend.

The private villas offer full internet access, tea and coffee facilities, an array of bedrooms depending on the size of the villa, bathrooms and dining area. Further to aid in your comfort is a telephone, ceiling fan, full air conditioning, outdoor showers, safe, television and cd / dvd player and not forgetting the all important mini bar. Fregate island hotel is one big island villa paradise.

All villas offer a private pool, private terrace area with day bed and if that isn’t enough, a jacuzzi to while away the evening with a cocktail or two. We mentioned that you could be waited on hand and foot if you wished, which while surreal is absolutely true to the core of this private island holiday. Each villa, as part of the Island’s service comes with its own Butler, who will cater for your every whim and desire.

Nature And Wildlife On Fregate Island Private Seychelles Holiday

The decadence however, doesn’t stop there. This is just the beginning of the most ultimate in private island beach holidays you will ever embark on. Fregate Island has no less than seven separate and secluded beaches which could well see you have a beach to yourself for an entire day should you wish. The beautiful white sands are in impeccable condition and win awards annually for the best beaches in the world as judged by a variety of travel review magazines and websites.

Nature on the Island is one of the foremost concerns of the owners, with flora and fauna an essential attraction. With over two kilometres of abundant natural beauty that encompasses the entire island you can partake in walks in the morning or evening and truly become one with nature and discover wildlife that you will not see in any other part of the world.

Fregate Island private is home to unique species such as the Seychelles Magpie Robin which nestle in the cashew and almond Indian trees which cover Mount Signale, the highest peak of this secluded private island which can be trekked by yourselves on paths to a height of 125 metres. The Island also has its own fresh water supplied by the River Bambous.

Fine Cuisine And Decadent Dining On Fregate Island

This fresh water outlet enables the cast of gardeners, zoologists and an army of specialists to ensure Fregate Island’s peace and serenity is self contained. Within the Island’s plantation and hydroponics house, which you can visit by appointment on a guided tour, supplies the Island’s restaurant and culinary experts with a vast range of fresh food such as mangos, papayas, guava, bilimbi, coconuts, melons and bananas.

Which brings us on a journey to Fregate Island Private culinary capabilities. Fregate House is the main dining area on the island and the Chef’s daily specials and unique menus offer a blend of Creole and African cuisine with many of the ingredients proffered from the gardens and freshly picked on the day for your palate to enjoy.

Fregate House offers an exemplary dining experience with seating available in the main restaurant as well as on the lower terrace allowing you to enjoy an ensemble of views while tasting some of the sublime and delicious menu items on offer. Having your own butler has its benefits. Should you desire a BBQ on the beach, an evening dining in the Tree House or a meal at the Yacht Club, all you need do is ask and your desires will be met.

There may be occasions throughout your stay when you wish to have¬† a private candle lit dinner in your own villa, away from everyone else. This too can be arranged, with the butler serving you the finest dishes from the Chef’s daily menu within your own private enclave and on your own terraced area. If a luxury private island holiday is what you desire then Fregate Island Private villas certainly offers total seclusion and privacy for you and your partner to take great advantage of.

Alcohol may not be your first inclination however you may be tempted by the Fregate private islands world renowned wine cellar which contains some of the world’s finest wines and champagnes. Upon request tasting sessions can be organised for those on the island but should you simply require a single session to try cocktails and locally distilled rums, then you’ll find the Pirate’s bar and Anse Bambous Beach Bar more than complimentary.

Fresh food, butler service, white beaches, private pools, private secluded villas and the wilderness and sea all within a short walking distance, if you’re not sold on a Fregate Island holiday yet, allow me to indulge your adventurous side with a knowing nod towards the activities available on a Fregate Island private holiday.

Fregate Island Private Marina, Yacht Club And Activities

In amongst the two square kilometres of Island paradise you have access to a wide range of sports facilities to keep you ship shape and fit and to ensure the Chef’s specials don’t get the better of you as you while away your days on serendipitous white beaches and lazy mountain walks. The Rock Gym offers all the usual gym equipment from dumb bells to running machines, cycling machines and rowers enabling you to keep fit throughout your stay.

There is also a tennis court, volleyball and badminton court, and free access to mountain bikes which can be used on the trails around the island enabling you to get around a bit quicker and enjoy more of Fregate Island on a daily basis. A Fregate Island holiday is much more than a return to nature, the balance of sports and natural surrounds returns humans to a distant age while at the same time offering luxurious surrounds and heart stopping views.

The activities don’t stop there however. Being in the middle of the Indian Ocean and four degrees south of the equator you are offered the opportunity to truly enjoy the locality with a range of watersports to whet any active appetite and push you to your limits or simply learn a new sport. Fregate Island Private holidays offers you and your partner the chance to kayak, use sailing dinghies, catamarans and motor yachts throughout your stay, all available from the Island’s personal Yacht Club and Marina.

Windsurfing and snorkelling is also available and with fully qualified instructors, the opportunity to have an all out learning curve in paradise and pick up a certificate or qualification or two while on the secluded islands. Frigate Islands is an amazing brush with nature which you can either ease in to or immerse yourself in at your leisure.

As well as a guided fishing trip on one of the Fregate Island private fishing boats where you can try your hand at reeling in yellow-fin tuna, wahoo, sailfish, marlin, dorado and billfish, you can also partake in nature walks through the tropical jungles.

Either with a guide who is a fully accredited ecologist or using the specially created pamphlet tours you can discover a plethora of flora and fauna and wander through coco der Mer palms and giant Banyan trees and discover the local indigenous wildlife which ranges from the Aldabra giant tortoises, Tenebrionid beetle and the Shama Thrush.

Spa And Relaxation On A Seychelles Island Holiday

Of course, with all the fresh air and beach activity, the watersports and nature trails, the fine fresh food and waiting Butler attending to your every need, what secluded private holiday wouldn’t be complete without a massage and spa offering.

Welcome to the Rock Spa, created in natural surrounds you will have access to aromatherapy and herbalism treatments utilising a variety of Fregate Island Private naturally grown fruit and fauna which is used to make unique scrubs, oils and traditional treatments for relaxation, revitalisation and detoxification.

A Fregate Island Holiday For All The Family

Do you wish to travel with children? A Fregate Island holiday is not only the perfect retreat for adults and couples in love but also offers a delightful experience for children also. It will most certainly be a holiday that they will never forget. The Castaway kids club is open daily or when required to oversee children’s activities both out in the open across the Island on walks and at play as well as babysitters should adults require some time alone.

Fregate Island villas are the perfect holiday retreat for couples as well as families with children. The sports and activities in amongst natural surrounds offer an unforgettable holiday experience in a climate that is the height of summer all year round. A library and island museum allow for a further educational curve and should you have religious leanings then the Fregate Island chapel will accommodate your needs.

There really is so much on offer at this private island holiday destination. While it may take a day to fly to Fregate Island Private from London, usually with a change at Doha or Abu Dhabi International, once you land at Mahe International Airport on Mahe Island, one last twenty minute flight and the island paradise that is Fregate Island Private is yours to enjoy.

With all its natural offerings and adventurous activities, not forgetting seven secluded white beaches, private villas and pools and your very own personal butler, all awaits you upon your arrival. Find out more about Fregate Island Private’s prices and travel arrangements with AlphaRooms.

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