Freya Pier Swimwear Sale: Pink, Black, Iris, Apple Green And Lollipop Red

It’s loud and rocking yet at the same time a very simple fashion statement. It’s the cheap Freya Pier Swimwear Sale where you can find a very generous 48% off of the most popular Freya Pier bandeau bikini, halter bikinis and briefs. If you’re in luck and there’s some left, a colourful tankini to top the whole beach outfit off to a tee too.

Summer is nearly upon us and if it isn’t and this article is out of date, then there are plenty of warm climates around the world where you can fly off and make use of your new pink Freya pier tankinis, bikinis and black Freya pier swimsuits.

Now if I ran a lingerie and Freya swimwear pier business, I’d have to change this company’s strap line. ‘Lingerie up to a K cup’ sounds great but ‘From a Tea cup to a K cup’ would offer the British sense of humour something else to enjoy as well as gawk at.

And gawk is exactly what the Freya Pier swimwear audience will be doing as you literally strut your stuff in these colourful yet purposeful beach garments. Thanks to the latest Bras and Honey Freya Pier Swimwear sale you can kit yourself out in the latest fashion colours for half the price.

The ensemble has been running a while but keeps on being refreshed with new colours and additional styles. The material consists of 80% nylon / polyamide and 20% Lycra. Not just any Lycra but extra life Lycra which allows them to claim the Freya Pier green bikinis and assorted garments will last five times longer than other swimsuits.

Pictured below are the Freya pier black bikini halter swimwear, classic Freya pier black briefs with spots, Freya pier black tankini, Freya pier red lollipop classic brief, red Freya pier tankini lollipop with frills and Freya swim pier red halter bikini.

Let’s take an extensive gander at the entire Freya Pier Swimsuit sale and see what bargains are to be had. First up is their most popular Freya swimsuit sale colour and the pier black bikinis and briefs. There is an obvious pattern throughout and that of the white polka dots but a closer look shows a finer detail.

The pier bikinis have under wire which offer more support and depending how quick you are to take advantage of the Freya Pier swimwear sale, plenty of options to mix and match individual designs. The above Freya pier pink swimwear comes in no less than six styles, three pier briefs, three bikinis and a black pier tankini alongside a very attractive and comfort fitting black pier swimsuit.

The scarlet red pier swimwear selection is equally enticing with Freya pier red lollipop classic briefs, Scarlet pier lollipop classic brief with frills, a Pier Freya red bikini halter top, a frilly Freya pier lollipop bandeau bikini in red and a Freya pier iris tankini lollipop frills design.

Currently there are five colours to choose from, black, pink, red / lollipop, iris / purple and an apple green. It has to be said that the apple green pier bikini set is our favourite. When on the beach you wish to stand out in the crowd and while all of these Freya pier swimsuit options will do exactly that, the green bikinis are the real deal.

Don’t forget you can save Squillions in the up to half price Freya pier swimwear sale for a limited time. Enabling you to buy twice the amount of summer swimwear. If you are having a week long holiday, you’ll very nearly have a separate swimsuit for each outing.

Seen below are the black Freya pier bandeau bikini, Freya pier black swimsuit plunge halter, Freya pier black Deep Plunge Bikini Top, Freya black pier briefs rio swimwear and frilly Freya pier lollipop bandeau bikini with black pier latino briefs.

The red, pink and black pier bandeau bikini has additional options. You can remove the straps entirely or simply adjust as you deem fit. So it is really two items in one. All the outfits can be hand washed and if you have a colourful personality, you can mix and match the styles as much as you please. The red Freya pier lollipop halter bikini with the black pier briefs for instance or visa versa.

While the white polka dots give the cheap Freya pier swimsuit range conformity, the extra pizazz surely has to be the frills which can be found on the green, black and red pier bandeau bikinis, green, red and purple / iris Freya pier halter swimwear top, pier latino briefs and the pier rio bikini bottoms.


From what is effectively one Freya pier swimwear range, there are a great many options to choose from. Frills and the no frills classic, different briefs and tops, a beautiful array of colours and the very individual purple Iris Freya Pier iris dress and of course the black Freya pier swimsuit plunge halter. So get on down to the Freya Pier Swimwear Sale and flaunt your newest swim gear at the beach and swimming pool straight away!