Frogman Figurines Tim Cotterill’s Bronze Frog Sculptures

During your lifetime you will at some point have a cabinet in your home and perhaps living room that will contain fancy sculptures, such as these Frogman figurines. You may be in your twenties, thirties or sixties but I guarantee you, ornaments and figurines will bring you pleasure as a collectible either now or in the near future.

Quite what characteristics your assembled figurines will take the form of, will usually depend on your fascinations, interests or hobbies. For my Nan it was clowns, with my Mum it was oriental masks that hung on the wall. For me, it might well be investing in Frogman figurines or some other form of art such as Jolomo prints.

Let me tell you more, or rather show you more about Tim Cotterill’s bronze frog sculptures. Quite a lot of frog figurines are mass produced in countries we are all too familiar with. They are made from a variety of materials and the cost of each is most definitely far less then the bronze frog sculptures you are about to browse through. Featured below are Juliet, Flair and Sunbather and all retail at between £180 and £410.

Frogman Sculptures UK Juliet Bronze Frog Figurine Frogman Figurines Flair Bronze Frog SculptureFrogman Sunbather Tim Cotterill Bronze Frog Sculptures

View These Amazing Frogman Sculptures In All Their Glory

Expensive bronze figurines aren’t they? However, these frog figurines are a completely unique offering and are a staple of the Frogman sculptures aka Tim Cotterill. You will be pleased to hear that Tim is a British born designer and engineer, born in 1950 to the city of Leicester. Having studied engineering, he has applied his interest in metalworking to these highly sought after bronze frog statues.

Tim Cotterill’s bronze frog sculptures are a product of the lost wax process and each are individual and unique. Much like any fancier of frogs will advise, while there are many sub species of frogs, each have their own colouring and patterning that separates them from their kin. These bronze frog statues are of much the same ilk.

The lost wax process, otherwise known as cire-perdue, is a time consuming hand made craft that utilises a wax replica of the original. It’s a trade that has been passed through the generations from at least 300BC and has produced sculptures that sit in art collections worldwide. And these Frogman figurines now sit beside them in art galleries, museums and internationally acclaimed private collections.

Frogman Prestige Figurines Rendezvous Bronze Frog Sculptures

This is a one of a kind limited edition bronze sculpture that is of magnificent proportions. Measuring 27.3cm x 94cm x 30.5cm and coming in at £4265.00* this Rendezvous bronze frog from the Prestige Figurines collection highlights just how much work goes into these hand made bronze frogs.

Without a doubt Tim Cotterill has taken years of experience with the smaller bronze frogs and lifted his art work to a whole new level. If ever a centrepiece at dinner was required, your guests will be hopping all over the place with this as the talk of the table. While this is the top end of bronze frogs sculptures, they do get cheaper from here on in.

Tim Cotterills Bronze Frogs Frogman Prestige Figurines Turtle Creek

Though not by much, at less than half the cost of Rendezvous and £1759.00*, Tim Cotterill’s Prestige collection which features ‘to scale’ bronze frog figurines, Turtle Creek is equally outstanding. With measurements of 26cm x 53.3cm x 32.4cm you’ll need quite a mantle piece to place this frenzied encounter upon.

Turtle Creek is an insight into nature’s friendship, with two bronze frogs having a chat with a local turtle. Although if you are knowledgeable about frogs you may disagree. The bronze turtle may in fact be considering one of the Frogman figurines for its next meal. So feast your eyes on this beauty while the scene is frozen in time.

Bronze Frogman Sculptures Prestige Figurines Stealth

Artists that have a background in engineering tend to think differently about their subject matter. Entwining aspects of other notes into their works of art. Frogman sculptures are no different. In fact this red and black Prestige Figurine is called Stealth and was designed with racing cars in mind. Another love of Tim Cotterill.

Tim writes “Stealth is low and sleek. This sculpture is one of many of my pieces inspired by my love of powerful and dramatic sport racing cars. Every line is perfect and purposeful.” These bronze frog sculptures not only replicate nature’s wonderful charms and vivid colours but offer an insight into design etiquette that a variety of artists incorporate into their designs too. At £683.00* Stealth is one bronze frog statue that might be too cool to catch.

Frog Scultpures Frogman Figurines Jump Start Prestige

Leap frog was a favourite past time of many a child of each generation so its no wonder it features at least once in the Prestige bronze frog figurines collection. Although called Jump Start, this Limited edition Frogman bronzes has oversized feet to labour the point. Though some frogs such as the Rhacophorus malabaricus which are gliding frogs from India do indeed feature feet of this proportion.

The Jump Start bronze frog figurine measures 12.7cm x 12.1cm x 26cm and is designed in a complimentary green and yellow patina. Priced at £626.00* you may well need to jump start your bank account when you purchase these two lovable Frogman sculptures online.

Main Collection Joy Ride Tim Cotterills Bronze Frog Sculptures

While this is the last Frogman figurine to be featured in this article and is called Joy Ride from the Main Collection, these are only a handful of examples from hundreds of Frogman collectibles that are currently hopping their way around the world. This exceptional piece of metal art is 12.7cm x 12.7cm x 8.9cm and costs £626.00*.

It is finished in a turquoise and green patina and is a true limited edition Tim Cotterill bronze frog sculpture. It would be a little out of the ordinary to call these larger versions bronze figurines. While many are Frogman limited editions and are individually handmade, the bronze frog casts are replicated though the hand made colouring may be slightly different.

Are you wondering how the Frogman bronzes are finished? Well after the cast is made and the wax is lost from in the middle, the bronze surface is polished. At which point a variety of chemicals are applied, along with silver nitrate that is masterfully hand blended and painted using the extreme heat from a 350 degree torch.

I’m sure you can now begin to fathom the skill required to work under such intense final staging. In fact these frogman figurines and Tim Cotterill’s bronze frog sculptures undergo a labour intensive process from start to finish. They are not factory mass produced and each are hand crafted and hand coloured taking many hours to complete. With Frogman bronzes you are buying into not only the imagination of Tim Cotterill but 2300 years of metal casting and design.

If you love these bronze frog sculptures, and we’re sure you do, you can browse the vast collection of unique bronze frogs over at the Frogman Figurines section. You can also take a butchers at the latest David Shuttle discount codes here to see if you can save any money when buying these unique bronze frog collectibles.