Fuel Crisis Grips UK

War time Britain must have been a heart warming place compared to today’s petrol frenzied streets, real backs against the wall stuff. History tells us of a nation pulling together but looking at the farce surrounding this week’s fuel crisis it’s easy to realise that while the good tales remain of war time Britain it’s easy to fathom that not everyone was so sharing.

I’m sure hoarding occurred in the 1940’s and some households were better prepared than others but to hear of so many people today rushing to petrol stations to fill their tanks and further still filling jerry cans also, causing their fellow citizens pain and suffering, it’s remarkable how many people can be so stupid at the same time, is this the nanny state in full swing?

The blame lies wholly at the feet of the current Government, as much as I hate to knock the Conservatives, their advice and meandering to try and battle the Unions has backfired so badly that someone will have to step down and resign, no names mentioned, Francis Maude  Рgoodbye!

With no strike occurring yet, no date set, the strikers have already won. The government felt it had a Thatcher moment but had no reason to empower the press with news of the army being ready to drive tankers. Instead the government has done more damage than any protest, with fuel stocks running low and petrol garages shut, emergency services unable to fill up – there’s the harm, the nation has gone crazy. Is this the Britain of 2012 or a cartoon strip about how a nation’s people loses their heads with a wag the dog crisis?

Has Iran declared war and stopped the supply ships? Has an oil refinery caught fire again? Has a strike begun? No, the government has acted irresponsibly and should pay Squillions. There are two things to take note of, no matter what a politician says, most people can recant that they will never trust what a politician has to say, so why do they do so now? And as stupid and moronic as Francis Maude has been, that’s no reason to play copycat and be as stupid and moronic and queue to fill up your tank.

Lastly, France, UK and America are talking about releasing fuel reserves for a handful of reasons; to bring down the cost of fuel – thanks to this government, fuel is running out in the UK and prices are going up fast – and secondly it’s President Obama’s turn to be re-elected, is there a little electioneering going on? Is this crisis less about the unions and strikes and more about keeping Obama in place? if emergency reserves and stockpiles get released you’ll have an answer.

Don’t fill up your tank, don’t store jerry cans in your car or home, don’t be as daft as the woman who suffered 40% burns for pouring petrol with the cooker on in the kitchen (we wish you a swift recovery) and revert back to what you know best, never trust a politician with a pasty! Cars? Buy a bike!!

Newsflash: Pasties have sold out across the country.