Funny Reasons To Book A Private Airport Taxi Transfer

You may be thinking it is a good idea to land at your destination airport and ‘be a local,’ you know what I mean guv? “Speakie the English por favor?” There are many weird and funny reasons to book a private airport taxi transfer, some true, some obviously not but no matter which country you herald from, the views of local customs and language end up being similar.

We are objectively, in a humorous way, slanted to being less kind on our hosts. Finding the way the locals behave or see out their day as some wacky form of entertainment which only exists to provide the tourists, us, with some additional entertainment.

Naturally many of wish to travel abroad and experience the whole shebang but let us ask ourselves, is that really necessary to do the minute you step off the plane, while feeling tired and with common sense overruled by enthusiasm and excitement? “How much is a taxi ride to the centre of Delhi? “One billion rupees, ah go on then, loadsa money, on holiday in’it”

When you book a private airport taxi transfer you are ensuring that you pay a fixed amount, have safer travel and the surety that you’ll end up at your destination in a timely manner. Going local, may mean going loco and the additional stress of waving down a cab, negotiating with the driver over price and suggesting “this is a bit rural and we’ve been driving for three hours, are you sure this is the direct route to London?”

Stereotypes When You Don’t Book Private Airport Taxi Transfers

Let’s look at the many situations you might find yourself in around the world should you not book an airport transfer in advance. First stop Italy, everyone in the world knows how crazy the population is when it comes to driving. Road signs are upside down, traffic goes both ways no matter which road you are travelling along and every taxi driver thinks they are Giancarlo Fisichella.

When you book a Milan airport taxi transfer you are ensuring that the driver will know the route, not go around the roundabout several times to get off at the next junction and he won’t stop for Focaccia and an espresso half way through. Meanwhile people flying to Pakistan with their family and little children in tow should definitely ensure they book an Islamabad airport taxi transfer.

Many people report that upon arrival, their taxi is a rickshaw or tuk tuk upon which you will have to attempt to fit everyone on board with baggage balancing on your head – That’s how the locals carry stuff. Have you seen images of train travel to the rural areas? Picture yourself, your wife and three children all hanging off a packed taxi with no doors, one hand holding on and one foot for balance as you’re whisked to your hotel room.

Book a private airport taxi transfer? Most definitely and if you’re lucky you won’t be forced to visit Bollywood within the first 30 minutes of your arrival, which of course is a lengthy detour to Mumbai. For tourists arriving in London, British airport transfers can be a bit of a tricky situation unless you book in advance. Every Londoner speaks cockney which can be difficult to translate and as soon as you land, you have swarms of shop keepers trying to sell you their apples and pears and all their beautiful flowers.

While scruffy little oiks, held back by Beefeaters scrounge for food and money and ask you for more at every turn. In fact you’ll be lucky to get out alive. However, with booking a private airport taxi transfer, David Cameron will personally attend, holding up a placard with your name on, police sirens will sound and you will be escorted by MI5 direct to your hotel in a flash.

If arriving in Egypt for your two week secluded holiday on a sealed off resort where the only Egyptian you will meet is on the telly, then you are in for quite a ride – literally. The local cab company, while all very polite, only has a fleet of camels which invariably have the hump, as will you after riding the ten miles to the city centre and the journey taking five hours.

Travel which can offer land sea sickness. You will be urged to visit the pyramids as soon as you arrive, attend an Arab Spring in the most popular Square and invited to the Israeli border to truly understand what they put up with “See what I mean!” Forget about the camels and early tours, book a private airport taxi transfer and don’t get the hump!

Ensure You Book A Private Taxi Transfer From The Airport

There are tales the world over, from people who have accepted local taxi rides, ending up loco and dreading the return trip to the airport when they need to leave. In Ireland they drive backwards continually and invariably your taxi driver will be dressed in green awaiting your pot of gold as a tip.

In Australia, you may well have a G’day but you have to sit upside down in a car to truly feel you’re on the other side of the world, you will be offered a scuba diving tour at the coral reef as soon as you land, no matter whether that’s Melbourne or Sydney and every taxi driver looks like Dame Edna Everage. So whether home or away or going on holiday with neighbours, ensure a more comfortable ride by booking a private airport taxi with Hoppa online in advance.

The world is treating most travellers as if they are potential terrorists. If landing in America and getting a New York cab, you should be advised that every single taxi driver is an immigrant, they know the back streets as well as the back of your own hand. You could well end up in Cuba or Mexico. Before you enter any local taxi, you have to strip naked and have your mobile phone and laptop checked and give them your grandmother’s recipe for home made Baileys before you can even continue on your way. When you book a private airport transfer, you simply don’t experience those problems.

These may be funny reasons to book a private airport taxi transfer. They may be true or perhaps not but I bet they’re pretty close to the mark if going by stereotypes, being typically objective in a humorous way – as we tend to be. In Turkey your children will have to sit on the roof rack, in Venice you may have to change into your swimming trunks and ride water skis to get there, dodging huge ocean liners on the way.

And let’s not forget France, when you book a Paris airport taxi transfer, you will not be offered frogs legs, a croissant and the option to behead your driver after being delivered to your hotel. Every taxi driver in Paris is an imitation Jacques Clouseau and you will be lucky to arrive at the hotel stress free.

After reading this, if you don’t book a private airport taxi transfer in advance, then good luck as going local is a minefield but often an enjoyable one. The majority of people are trustworthy but you only need get one odd bod which spoils all the fun. These were Squillions’ funny reasons to book a private airport transfer with Hoppa.

Lastly, do beware when you are travelling to Romania and Bulgaria, it’s not the arrival you need worry too much about, it’s the return trip. Taxi drivers in these two countries work on a short term basis. They drive you back to the airport, empty your luggage so their cousin can sell wares to those getting off the plane and then proceed to jump into your suitcase so as to get to the UK to claim benefits. Does that really happen? Do South Londoners eat pie and mash, breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Don’t risk your life, your reputation, lose your children (although the wife going missing…)  or pay over the odds. While these are funny reasons, ensure you book a private taxi transfer with Hoppa and book in advance for security, a safe journey and while they may offer water taxis in some locations, you will definitely avoid any camels! Find the latest Hoppa discount codes here.