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You and I both know that beauty is to be found within but like any surface, over time natural ageing begins thanks to the wind, sun and break down of cells. Much like the ability to re-plaster a wall or touch up with a bit of paint, so too can cosmetics come to the aid – allegedly. All thanks to Madame Jeanne Gatineau ah ha, yes like you I thought it was made up and close to Gatin water? the French and their Eau de Vie, the English and their Gatineau discount codes are here.

For three quarters of a century this unabashed woman has sought to educate the world on how best to prepare a magic potion to cure the world’s oldest disease – ageing. Or at the very least try to compensate for its effects in the latter years. Pots of naturally abundant chemicals have been bio engineered and mixed together to bring such effervescent creations such as Melatogenine AOX Probiotics for application around the eyes, and Perfection Ultime, a rejuvenating anti looking older skin cream.

This ‘stuff’ is not for the whimsical female looking to tart up her complexion for the weekend, it can also be for serious Ladies seeking the elixir of life and to halt or wind back the years. It can also be for the Male of the species. Trust me, I’ve looked into the girlfriend’s eyes and screamed “No, no, no, I’m masculine, smell the testosterone, we don’t do that sought of thing” Then marvelled at how smooth my skin is after a certain application. Whether it did any good, is another thing but hey, I was smiling. As will you be if you find a Gatineau voucher code below.

While the women come and go, that cream is still there, reinforcing the idea that seasons may change my handsome looks do not. Why should they when I have such delicacies as moisturisers, exfoliators, masks, serums and cleansers and toners. I am currently in the middle of a bathroom renovation so my age defence cabinet can be stocked full with overflowing procurements of Age Benefit Integral Regenerating Eye Cream 15ml and Tan Accelerating Lotion, Face and body moisturiser 400ml.

It is often surprising that all females are not bio chemical engineers for the language used to describe these cosmetics is far above the average B grade in Science. Ask any man what his skin type is and he will state firmly, greasy or dry but not with Gatineau discount codes at hand they won’t. Nope, it will be, “Oh darling, I have sensitive skin” or “I have a combination oily skin but after a day in the sun, it becomes a bit more mature.” I’m normal, other dehydrated and look a bit of a prune.

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I am aware that there are many brands of cosmetics out there, some claim to be natural, others don’t hide that they are using the most advanced atom splitting technology available. Whether they are amalgamating the latest proteins from a cabbage or potato or have signed a new deal with CERN, you’ve got to hand it to the French. If it’s not wine, then beauty cosmetics is certainly something they know a lot about.

Without them, we simply wouldn’t know what to do with Sebo-regulating Serum, a Targeted Wrinkle Corrector or a Pro-Radiance Anti-ageing Gommage. So what will you be slapping on your face this weekend? After hard week of work, looking to set the night on fire you need skin to be vibrant, relaxed, soothing and taking back all those nutrients it’s missed from being the harsh City environment. I just know you’re going to say “give me Gatineau.” So here it is, select Gatineau discount codes April 2020 here for money off your next online cosmetics purchase.

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