Giant JackpotJoy Duck Plays Bingo On The Thames

What’s yellow, floats and raises a bridge? Yes it’s a giant JackpotJoy duck, what else could it have been!?! If you’re a Londoner then you’re used to seeing the unusual and walking on by but not today! On Tuesday a giant yellow rubber duck and by giant, we mean humongous, was seen floating down the River Thames. See the JackpotJoy Duck video below.


Twitter and social networks were alive with the news of a 50 ft by 6o ft yellow rubber duck floating down the Thames. Perhaps with the amount of sewage under London, it’s a growth defect? Was it invading duck aliens and Dr Who would be seen shortly to save London yet again?

No, fortunately it was a promotional campaign for the website JackpotJoy by FeverPR and they used their very own JackpotJoy Duck and Barbara Windsor to get the word out about their online bingo games and casino. Babs is not the one in yellow in the photo! She of course, is inside rowing.


Always thinking on the ball, we feel JackpotJoy duck could have gone  a little further considering the time of year and who was involved on the day. Perhaps next time the giant yellow rubber duck could wear a Santa hat and Barbara Windsor could go topless on the back of its wings. Then you’d have the use of “Carry On Rubber Duck” or “Carry On JackpotJoy Duck.”

This isn’t the first stunt on the London’s streets and waterways, just last year a tank was driven through London to highlight anger against big fat cats. Cats, ducks, whatever next… Did you get video of JackpotJoy Duck? Contact us.

JackpotJoy Duck Demands Tower Bridge Opens

Not everyone was so happy however, a user named John Gay on the Independent website said that JackpotJoy Duck made him late for work and that Tower bridge shouldn’t be raised so often. But how else would a fifty foot duck get through to the other side?

We’ve all tried to exert pressure on a rubber duck in the bath. It takes a great heap of effort to keep a duck under water for so long and JackpotJoy Duck would need at least 5000 lbs on it’s head to get it to submerge. Giant ducks float and don’t dive. Talking of pounds, you can get £30 free at the moment. Ductacula!

JackpotJoy Duck Sets Sail For The Open Channel

You might find the JackpotJoy duck playing bingo today, once he’s had his dinner. Play bingo and other casino games and get £30 for your first £10 deposit. Carry on with JackpotJoy Duck here and keep an eye on their promotion codes and offers.

Jackpotjoy Duck Video – Giant Yellow Rubber Duck On The Thames