Glam Rock Python Snakeskin Case And Strap GR10176

This Glam Rock Python Watch isn’t just for Pythons, no this snakeskin strap watch is a slivering little fella that slips onto the wrists of all the Gentlemen and Ladies who dare take a glimpse at its beautiful light and dark brown diamond patterning.

Although the shedding of the skin may have been untimely for our slithering friend, this is the perfect time piece with Quartz movement, stainless steel face and python snakeskin surrounding a white enamel dial that will keep you moving smoothly through the night.

This stainless steel mineral sapphire coated Glam Rock Miami Collection Chronograph has three knobs to play with for when you’re bored on that overnight flight to San Franciso or Glasgow. Water resistant to 100 meters although this python may take you a little further. What no diamonds? Yes, no diamonds, hiiiissssss. Slither on down and take a further gander at this eloquent Glam Rock Python snakeskin watch. And don’t forget the slippery Ernest Jones voucher code either.

Code: GR10176