Glass Water And Wine Carafes Sets For Fridge And Bedside

Carafes Definition: A carafe is predominantly a container made of glass with spout or lip that holds water or wine for serving at the dining table or for easier access at evening parties, functions and events.

They are designed to be attractive and functional but are also said to allow wine to separate its sediments and make aromas more powerful. A carafe is usually an open top container without handles. Possibly deriving from Arabia with language references in Spanish and Italian.

Glass Wine Carafe or Wine Decanter? Designs That Morph The Definition

Design and function offered within a Carafe and Decanter has morphed over the years and manufacturers tend to mix inbetween usage. While a Decanter can also be handle less it does usually have a stopper or lid and is used for wines and spirits in the main.

A Carafe on the other hand is suitable for any number of liquids, primarily water and wine. However such is the design process, a variety of other materials like neoprene covers are used to keep the liquid cooler for longer, and stainless steel used to keep liquid warmer.

Don’t be surprised to see some variety and at the same time confusion when seeking to buy glass water carafes or wine carafes. Today they exist as dining room table servers or bedside carafes, often with stoppers. Some modern carafe sets come with glasses and other additional accessories.

Tis the season to be jolly! Despite this article being published around Christmas time, wine carafes are bought all year round, they are simply great for serving mulled wine from however.

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The designs vary between decanters and carafes and below we have found several which serve distinct functions. From bedside carafes to water carafes, a wide range of wine carafes and not all of them glass. One inparticular is a stainless steel carafe suitable for hot liquids.

Another adaptation of the centuries old design are Fridge carafes, made to fit inside your fridge freezer and easily portable for use at the dinner table. They utilise a neoprene cover to keep the liquid within cool.

Let’s take a peek at several wine carafes and water carafes that are affordable but at the same time offer a container that borders on the luxury carafe with glass side of the market. In all, it is just glass but the way it is formed can often provide additional aids such as drip free or curvature to compliment design at the dinner table or room styles.

Do you need a jug for water, a water carafe or a decanter, a wine carafe or just pour from the bottle? There comes a time when entertaining guests or enjoying a meal, that home accessories are a pleasure to enjoy and add a touch of desirable class.

An upper class and luxury container is the difference between serving gravy from a gravy dish or simply from a sauce pan. Service, etiquette and design of delivery that spreads that homely feel.

Glass Water And Wine Eva Solo Fridge Carafes

Eva Solo has one hundred years of design to call upon and have certainly delivered with this contemporary water carafe. Well water, a juice carafe, wine or any liquid that needs to be kept cold and readily served.

The fridge carafe is made especially for storing in your refrigerator. It has a one litre capacity and while evoking the style of a normal bottle, it’s curved top offers a patented drip free lip.

Unlike many carafes, the distinction with a decanter is clear. It has a rubber and metal stopper to keep aromas within and adds style to what would be just a run of the mill but clearly crafted bottle. An Eva Solo fridge carafe is a stylish and functional container for liquid delivery. View in detail.

Glass LSA Wine Duck Bedside Carafes

We love this, its the first of the ancient style water containers featured here which is often depicted in historical paintings and scenes of opulence and luxury. Also reminiscent of pottery dug up from the Roman age.

It’s empirical shape offers a glass carafe and while breaking from the norms and has a fantastic curved handle for easy pouring, the slanted design leaves its audience something to marvel at whether empty or half full.

Measuring 18.6cm high and with a width of 25.5cm, the LSA wine duck glass carafe would look great on any serving cabinet tray in the dining room or amongst whisky decanters. Easily stored in the fridge before serving if using as a water carafe.

You will notice that the only straight lines are its base, providing the vessel with a shiply feel. The glass carafe is more weighted to the rear and under the handle, giving support to pouring and the lip is subtly slanted. Perfect as a morning bedside carafe. View in detail.

Glass Sagaform Wine Carafe With Oak Stopper

For some reason even a person with no design appreciation whatsoever can connect curvaceous with liquid. A glass container without lines seams to showcase liquid in its truest light and this Sagaform Wine Carafe with oak stopper certainly delivers on that aspect.

The addition of a spherical oak stopper with this curvy glass carafe seems to set the tone and use. The oak colouring would go well with any dark liquid, especially red so one would envisage this being used as a red wine carafe.

The exceedingly wide bottom is symmetrical, allowing a mirror image bottom and top, before a funnel rises from within, encapsulating the oak stopped above which the wide rim holds firmly. View in detail.

Glass Wine Water LSA Lotta Carafe Small Large

This is an ancient design of glass carafe, coming in two sizes, a large carafe and small carafe. It is of mouth blown glass and designed and manufactured by LSA Lotta. The straight lines offset the curve of the bowl below.

The thick bottom gives weight to the container as well as a design effect and the protruding funnel allows you to grasp firmly while pouring or carrying. A simple yet effective and cheap carafe suitable for iced water or wine and a wide lip which prevents drips. View in detail.

Tea / Water Eva Solo Fridge Carafe With Neoprene Cover Juicy

While neoprene is nominally used in the protection against extreme weather and containment of body heat, it can offer the same application in reverse. In this instance while enveloped around the Eva Solo Fridge Carafe it can help keep cold liquids cooler for longer.

While obviously offering a design function and coming in a range of different vivid colours, Orange, Harbour Blue, red, lime and black with a pink zip, it is a funky addition to your home as well as practical.

As described above, this water carafe fits in most fridge trays and has a patented lip for drip-free pouring and a 1 litre capacity. View in detail.

Hot Liquid Royal VKB Stainless Steel Carafe Set With Tumbler II

Is it a flask? Well it’s not a plane, but it is a super hot liquid carafe which is different to many on the market. Coming from the design house which is Royal VKB, it utilises stainless steel as an open top vessel for water.

Unusual? Absolutely, not many containers built to keep heat in would have an open top, which is why this carafe set comes with four colourful tumblers to not only act as drinking cups but a stopper for heat containment – ingenious eh?

While the container is made of brushed stainless steel, the taupe dark, taupe light, warm grey and cerise melamine tumblers add contemporary design to your kitchen and dining room table.

In the world of wine carafes, water carafes and carafe sets the above is simply the tip of the ice berg. There is a whole lot more colour to this niche liquid containment and delivery than you might envisage. Wander over to discover yet more wild and wacky form and functioning carafes by clicking here. Check for the latest Houseology voucher codes too.