GOT Fashion Sheepskin & Faux Fur Gilets Jackets

Not since the 1960’s and 1970’s has sheepskin gilets and faux fur gilets been a fashion accessory across the mainstream public. We can all thank GOT Fashion for the faux fur jackets renaissance. What’s GOT fashion? Come on, HBO, TV, 2014, three seasons? Autumn, WinterFell? Weather a bit Stark? Game Of Thrones Fashion!! Where have you been?

Much like Steampunk clothing, GOT clothing has gone mainstream. Not that it ever really went away, just perhaps the stitching got better over 1500 years and materials more manageable. After all, we have been wearing animal fur for half a million years, give or take a million. Only today, GOT fashion comes in the form of a sheepskin and faux fur gilets jackets ensemble.

We don’t have to be so blood thirsty with our clothing any more. We can develop materials without having to resort to real furs from rabbits, foxes and so on. While Sheepskin gilets are pretty much acceptable, many people opt for faux fur gilets and jackets over real fur. Faux being a fancy name for fake.

We have chosen five of our favourite faux fur gilets jackets and sheepskin gilets from the new John Lewis Wild Side Fashion Magazine. They detail a specific trend to warmth and touchy feel clothing that brings people together in the midst of a huddle in a cave. Game Of Thrones Fashion has truly won people over. The great idea behind the GOT fashion clothing is that it is functional and practical, as well as ensuring warmth is retained and the chills kept at bay.

Whistles Sheepskin Gilets Sleeveless Leather Jacket

Sheepskin gilets are fantastic as they allow you to wear numerous layers and adapt to the climate throughout the day. Take one layer off, put one on. Strip many off once you walk inside, bung them back on after.

The Whistle sheepskin gilet is 100% leather and is one longline shape. It even has a stand up collar. It isn’t cheap but it is one cut and will keep you thoroughly warm this Winter. View the Sheepskin gilet here. Remember to dry clean it however, should you get blood stains on the coat, should you be beheading many Kings from Winterfell.

Ted Baker Farika Faux Fur Jacket Black

Often, with faux fur, a designer can go over the top and even lose their head. It can end up in your nose or too fluffed to manage but Ted Baker has it spot on with this Farika faux fur jacket. There’s just enough to keep you warm without it getting in the way. Long tight cuffs allow for manual tasks to be completed and while the faux fur chest shape doesn’t meet in the middle, the overlap of the jacket fabric will keep you sufficiently warm.

Perfect for walks in the park or for an extravagant evening out and as part of a jeans or skirt ensemble. This is for the lady who goes anywhere and wears anything, but likes to keep in step with fashion and warm at the same time. Get funky with the Farika Fur jacket here. It is also appealing for would be Game of Thrones fashion princesses who have just assembled an army of tens of thousands and are looking for the correct attire for an onslaught on the next village. GOT Fashion – GOT to love it!

French Connection Alexia Long Sleeve Faux Fur Gilet Jacket

Alexia or Arya? Hmmm I wonder! This battle emboldened functional piece from French Connection is a mix of Viking meets David Bowie. It’s faux fur gilets meets faux fur jackets. Available in this Carbon and Black pairing the leather look sleeves provide for a different dimension. with the faux fur gilet rising from the midriff to provide an out of this world look.

The image is a bit deceiving, while cosy and warm inside, the long sleeve faux fur gilet jacket is not as heavy as its appearance might suggest. The gilet jacket can be worked into various guises, jeans and a losse top, while able to fit heavier and more wintry undergarments underneath. Get GOT fashion here, oh illustrious one.

Gerry Weber Faux Fur Gilets Sleeveless Jacket

Now this is one piece of Games Of Thrones Fashion that the ladies will love. You will instantly stand out from the crowd. Especially if you are part of a legion attacking high walls with a giant on one side and a Wildling on the other. They term the colour truffle, but let’s jst call it beige slash pink. I can’t imagine any girl pretending to be a tomboy on the night of the attack suggesting, they look great about to die in a truffle faux fur gilet and sleeveless jacket.

Straight from the house of Gerry Weber (not Stark or Tully) it is made from 100% polyester and will compliment almost any make up you choose to wear. Jeans, a skirt and looks fantastic whether you are carrying a bow and arrow or an axe. The amazing thins with this faux fur gilet, should you get any blood splatters and stains, it is machine washable. Simply wait 900 years for a washing machine to be invented. Get your truffle faux fur gilets here.

Mint Velvet Teddy Faux Fur Jacket Grey

Now this, at Squillions, we love. This faux fur jacket has got GOT fashion written all over it. Which woman wouldn’t look witty and pretty in such a desirable tawny owl jacket. If fables and fantasy are your thing, your subjects will imagine you taking off in a flight of fancy, flapping your wings to escape the onrush of any Game Of Thrones fashion army should they pursue.

The detail is generous, in offering feather like attributes. The belt buckles across the collar of the mint velvet teddy faux fur jacket in grey provide for a generous helping of “I’m in command and I’m your slave” all at the same time. Which is pretty much the guise of most women, from Game of Thrones fashion to modern day reality. Not only that, it is comfortable to wear and warm. Get grey and feathers GOT fashion style here.