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This is a story about theft. For years plantations have probably not received the correct recompense for their earthly products. From coffee to cocoa beans to the milk, cream, fruit and nuts. What’s more, quality goes down hill in the previous situation and is far from ethical, ecologically ‘green’ or organic. Now that has all changed thanks to two people, neither of them named Black or Green. This company grew not from the fact growers were being taken for a ride but because the female of the species nicked a fantastic piece of not yet on the market chocolate from her partner, now there’s also Green And Blacks discount codes so you can continue to the Robin Hood story.

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How do you like your chocolate? Not cramy brown by the looks of it, But as black and pure as the cocoa bean itself. OK, with a bit of sugar. There is milk chocolate, next to dirnking choloate, dark chocolate, cooking chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream – wow and chocolate hampers, gifts and even chocolate chickens. How well do you know your 30% 60% 70% and 85% cocoa content? Would you like Madagascan vanilla or crystallised ginger? Use your Green And Blacks discount codes April 2020 here.

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