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It’s uncanny how the human race keeps on finding new and creative ways to rehash the most historic of human ancestry. The wheel, batteries, flying machines and now hand print and finger print jewellery. Hand on Heart Jewellery discount codes are for money off their own brand bracelets, pendants and rings and compatible pieces from top jewellery brands.

For millions of years we have been creating montages in caves but the oldest to be found remaining are 40,000 years old. Hand prints and those on the finger are personal and as any detective will tell you, unique. For this very reason, HoH Jewellery feel they fulfil a niche product that is both memorable and perfect as a gift for any occasion.

Personalised jewellery pieces such as these are perfect as gifts all year round. From children to their parents on Mothers Day and Father’s Day. From lovers on Valentine’s Day. Though if you wish it to be a secret you’d better not leave your fingerprints laying around at school, in the office or on your locker! These Hand on Heart voucher codes might enable free delivery or a percentage off your first purchase.

Many brand jewellers offer likeness finger prints and hand prints but not many to date have offered the real thing. Personalised jewellery with your partner’s or family member’s real finger or hand print. Engraved with name so that you can wear the necklace, pendant, earrings or cuff links wherever you go. These are fantastic keep sakes and available on quick turnaround too.

A remarkable aspect of this company is the ability to replicate your first Child’s art work. Children’s drawings are always one of a parent’s most proudest moments. If they create anything you believe they can be the world’s most imaginative artist, elaborate engineer or architect. And why not? Don’t let those memories fade or live in a box. Send your child’s drawing in for it to be engraved on bracelet, necklace or keyring. If you need a few doing, check for the latest Hand On Heart Jewellery coupon codes for additional savings on bulk orders.

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Now this idea may seem a little quirky. But deep down there is most historic form of jewellery art known to mankind. Before elaborate jewels were twisted with metals. Gifts were often hand made, offering a personal touch with their own design and their own message. What can be more close to home than a finger print, children’s drawing, your own design or as you will soon discover, a pet’s paw print. Add dates, names, multiple pictures, even arrange a multi beaded charm bracelet with all children, family and pets held within.

Who can be just as much family as a brother, sister, mum dad, daughter, son or uncle and aunty? That’s correct, your best friend, who is always there on your return. Dogs, cats or nay other pet. It’s not only human hand and finger prints you can work with on this personalised jewellery. But Paw Print jewellery too. In much the same way you simply send in a paw print and they recreate the dog tag (funny), charm bracelet or other jewellery piece on your behalf.

Save Squillions with your Hand On Heart Jewellery discount codes April 2020 here. We all crave diamonds and rare jewels and perhaps in time you’ll be able to add bling to your chosen print. Buy a gift card or sneak a footprint or finger print all inclusive kits provided.

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