Hard Drives Vs Crucial MX300 SSD (Solid State Drive)

We live in the age of computers – allegedly, and the Mx300 solid state drive is at the very top tip of this new world . I am here to wax lyrical about how hard drives compare against solid state drives, namely a MX300 SSD review. I myself first owned a computer in 1998 when I was 21. Previous to ’93 and at school, teachers didn’t even inform children that the internet existed so owning a computer wasn’t a big thing for a child. Not for me anyway.

Mum did actually buy me a computer, on hock from a catalogue company but it set itself on fire and had to be returned. In all probability it had 256 RAM, no games card and enough memory to allow a goldfish to know it’s route at least for at least 12 cycles. Neither of us were really that bothered so didn’t get another. I am quite thankful it ‘wasn’t around’ to be honest! I got to see the outdoors a lot more than most of the whipper snappers do today. I’m old enough to use that term, unfortunately.

So with my twenty or more years with at least three computers in that time, what do I know about them? Very little, I know they can be plug and play, you swap parts in and out, software needs updating and they need a vacuum from time to time. Am I not supposed to do that – let me just count the memory cards again… the BIOS battery did go up one time, well twice. None of these computers were advanced enough to have been able to host the new tech from Crucial’s MX300.

A Video About Crucial MX300 SSD Not Hard Drive

This may well end up being the dummies guide to solid state drives, written by a dummy.

I know the BIOS battery stores data and if removed the computer won’t work – especially if it’s in the vacuum cleaner. I also understand that buying a completely new computer is far from necessary. A second hand PC works. For a period of time I worked for two years off a £20 refurbished IBM that was probably made in 1982, had a 50GB hard disk and memory cards I’d collected from the previous two machines. It whirred like a machine in a printing factory. No, it sounds like I was sat in a factory.

Today we walk around with computers in our hands, that twenty years ago would have been the equivalent of carrying four or five desktop computers and two or three monitors. Technology shrinks, as per Moore’s Law – the calculation that states transistors will double every year (no, not two years – that’s a fabrication). Yet seemingly someone forgot to tell the scientists to keep up with inventing as that process has slowed. Although the MX300 is quite literally more than double the ability of a standard hard drive.

A Market Leading MX300 SSD

Crucial For Any Computer Upgrade

Procrastinate, deliberate and storageate. Have you reached the end of the line, is your disk full? Are you in need of an intervention? Then stop what you are doing and call on the super assistance of the Crucial MX300 SSD.

Is it a plane? Is it an hard disk?

No, it’s a solid state drive with twice the read and write speed of an hard drive, quieter than Batman sneaking up on baddies and more secure than your average politician. It’s time to take your clothes off and run into the sea!

I am in the market for a new computer, I may or may not still be working off that noisy IBM. Would I now buy into a hard drive or compare solid state drives? I don’t like noise when working, if the cat meows intermittently, the door gets shut. Yes I know the fan creates noise too. I do though dream of a silent computer, in fact I dream of many things. Have you ever had that one with Whitney Houston and Britney Spears and…. nevermind.

There are more crucial things to discuss. Ah yes, that’s what I was discussing. The Crucial MX300 SSD (Solid State Drive) compared to an hard drive. Noiseless, this is my primary objective for my next home business computer. No whirring or very little of it. Speed is a secondary factor but I’ll come to that, and space, I feel, is absolutely over rated. Noise, that’s where my gripe is.

We should be used to it but as humans we find ways not to be. Hard drives by their very nature have components that move, mechanical arms that read and write a disk. The writing making more noisy attributes than the reading. Although the searching can be noisy too, plus the booting and shutting down and the beeping. AARRGGHH. Of course there are now quiet hard drives. Aficionados of hard drives were always going to make a comparable product AFTER the quiet SSD arrived on the scene.

MX300 SSD has always existed, in the mindset in any case, as far back as the early fifties with bubble memory – which failed countless times like my 1982 refurbished IBM. Now, since the mid ’90s, those mobile computers were deemed laptops, then called notebooks which became tablets, well they work off of SSD and now they have been manufactured to be as large as 16TB to place in servers for commercial use and are still not much bigger than your hand.

Because there are no moving parts the model of solid state drive, the Crucial MX300 SSD is quiet, a quiet SSD, a near noiseless computer component that can be out shouted by a pin dropping in space, after landing briefly within the gravitational pull of a passing meteor. It’s quiet, almost deafeningly so, but you’ve got that now, right!?! It’s shhhhh, it’s oh so Bjork quiet – crikey I would be in heaven to be able to own an MX300 SSD!

Much like a surfer in California, “so dude, what else does the thing do… dude!?!

The thing, DUDE, is a Crucial MX300 SSD and we’re comparing it to hard drives, DUDE! It was made by Aliens from the planet Thenon to enable us to discover ways to decipher the space messages they have been sending to us Earthlings for IONs. Taking of millions of years, computers with hard drives take an age to boot up, or can do when they’re full, shutting down too. With SSD you don’t have that problem, on button press it equates to being fully on,”shut down procedure initiated Euston,” equals it being off. Incredible and noiseless, did I mention little to no noise with a 525GB MX300?

I am afraid we are going to have to move from dummies learning about SSD values over hard drives, to a flash of Einstein. Sorry. But only for a short duration. The MX300 carries the latest 3D NAND flash technology, don’t worry we have a video for you. I needed it too. It is tech that basically has the capacity, luxury and expansion of a Donald Trump building, only it’s run by something far more clever. Bad example, there’s nothing clever about Trump. There’s not much going for Hillary either. This is a non political SSD and has the power to be both democratic with on the fly storage allocation but fiercely Republican when it comes to driving down costs per GB.

1TB MX300 SSD is quiet, can cram more into a smaller space, is vastly superior when it comes to efficiency, speed and performance. Though yes, duly noted, MX300 solid state drives do cost more than the average hard drive. Nearly four times as much. In today’s connected world and as the old adage goes, “time equals money.” Lost time must equal lost money. With SSD files transfer quicker too, the Crucial MX300 SSd has write speeds of up to 510mb/s and read speeds of 530mb/s. My current internet connection is 300mb/s.

File transfer between mobiles, tablets, the internet, cameras and a whole host of internet of things has become very important. Now you may look at the above read and write speed image and think – well that isn’t much! But it is, in fact, it is incredible. It is Starship Enterprise looking a bit like WARP speed, Captain, incredible! Serial Advanced Technology Attachment – what!?! SATA. You’ll see this mentioned on hard drives and SSDs.

Not that it’s not just about the MX300 SSD, when buying into new tech for faster and better performance, you should accept the fact that not everyone is keeping up. For instance when transferring files from a mobile, tablet and laptop, they can only release data or accept it, as fast as the slowest member of the team. Stuff like USB 2 and USB 3 matters also as they each have maximum abilities too. And not all can talk as fast as a Crucial SSD.

Yes and hard drives, they cannot do the three R’s nearly as quick as a MX300 SSD can. In fact, not even half the speed, most max out at between 100mb/s and 200mb/s. If SATA III, 300mb/s possible if all components are equal. That’s still vastly less than the over 500mb/s offered with the MX300.

I mentioned that no noise was imperative. Check. I stated that speed was important. Check. I also rather shockingly wrote that the amount of GB of an SSD is neither here nor there. That also depends on your usage of the computer. Remember that most computer shops sell PCs with one high spec component and shift it for sale with lesser components. I’d rather build my own – well get someone to custom build one – as I’d quite like a Crucial MX300 SSD storage device to do its thing to the max.

Now what would I do with a 2.5 inch 2TB MX300? We consulted the visionaries at Reddit for the perfect answer as to whether 2TB is too much or not enough for today’s computing. As you can see, many on there show off with 3TB, 10TB and so on. Perhaps one of them runs data collection for GCHQ? We have always stored a lot of GB in our homes, even before the age of personal computing came with mobility.

Eh? Music cds in racks, videos on shelves, pictures in albums and I remember when we used to receive a TV signal via the airwaves and we would all watch live programming. Oh, that’s still available? Funny! With today’s streaming IPTV, downloadable music and dare I say it, more adult videos than ‘Harry Potter’ can shake his wand at, well it soon becomes evident that with some videos coming in at 300mb – bad compression, computer games eating up tons of room, then there’s software also. I myself wouldn’t buy into less than 1TB today.

What did we learn about Crucial’s MX300 solid state drive today? Very little to no noise due to there being no mechanical parts to drive you around the bend. Really fast boot up speeds, like in seconds, time travel and you didn’t even know it. And enough space for Prince Charles to stop arguing with his relatives and let all the secondary Royals move into their palaces.

There’s also stuff like ninety times time more energy efficiency than a dirty grubby little hard drive. For all those Green Party voters this will be right up your street. MX300 saves the Planet, man! In addition you could look forward to the performance related abilities of Micron 3D NAND. Those NAND cells don’t manage themselves, data needs swiping and cleaning properly and all the gaps refilled. That’s what this does.

Any more techy stuff before we go? People are concerned about climate change, tides rising, land disappearing, carbon dioxide layers in the sky preventing solar rays from escaping the planet once they have arrived, which in turn increase the temperature of the planet due to the heat which cannot escape. Well, if the Earth had Adaptive Thermal Protection technology like the Crucial MX300 SSD does, we would all probably be decrying how 45,000 animal species are going to be extinct by the turn of the next century rather than talking about the weather.

Yes there’s more tech stuff, which is where we politely ask you to bugger off to their website to read more about MX300 as we need to eat our lunch. Read about Crucial Storage Executive, use their tools and system scanner to ensure the Crucial SSD is compatible with your current set up before purchase. And check for any voucher codes. Just remember, computers can be taken outdoors and even when you do, you can put them down and enjoy the company of your friends a bit more than you currently are! My girlfriend reads this.