Harris Tweed Fabric Sofas & Chairs At Darlings Of Chelsea

In a world where traditional furniture is being overtaken by the morphing of new materials to form the contemporary it is great that a retailer can merge old fabrics and create magnificent furniture pieces. This is something Darlings of Chelsea does supremely well their range of Harris Tweed sofas and chairs.

If you are the type of person who enjoys buying British, you can’t go far wrong than investing in a British built sofa that is embellished in Harris Tweed fabric. The story behind this particular fabric is an historic one. An Act of Parliament, formed before the UN even begun contemplating the protection of manufacturing icons, ensures that Harris Tweed can only be called by this name if it is made within the bounds of the outlying Outer Hebrides islands.

This is a trade and skill that has been passed down through families as each generation comes of age. 100% wool obtained from Hebridean Sheep is collected and put through the process of combing and spinning the yarns each season. The sheep’s wool is then dyed to traditional colours which combined provide the Harris Tweed sofas their unique look.  The wool is then hauled away and distributed between the skilled weavers on the islands.

There are over ten individual styles of Harris Tweed. Each roll of Harris Tweed fabric coming with an individual number. An official mark signed off and checked for authenticity and quality by the Harris Tweed authority. Ensuring that all tweed that leaves the isles is representative of the centuries old skills and that each batch deserve the name.

The Harris Tweed fabrics to look out for are;   Winter Check, Slate Tweed, Summer Check, Spring Chec, Candy Tweed, Heather, Forest Check, Burnt Orange, Autumn Check, Bracken Herringbone, Peat Herringbone, Granite Herringbone, Dogtooth Check and Loden Herringbone. Each will have their own unique identifies for authenticity.

The greatest aspect of these exclusive Harris Tweed sofas is the ability to go all out with just an Harris Tweed fabric sofa or to merge fabrics and the use of matching leather too. Darlings have gone to great lengths to find suitable leathers that you can match all of the Harris Tweed varieties. Making that swatch a lot easier to contend with. Which is why you will find the option to also include one of several styles from the Harris Tweed leather collection.


Petit Harris Tweed Sofa Hebrides Ladies Gents Chair Footstool

The ultimate in mixed Harris Tweed sofas with leather well placed throughout. The design is really quite majestic. You receive all the creature comforts of the Harris Tweed fabric sofa with backing and cushioning centrepiece, with real leather curved arms and leather platform running along the bottom. A great opportunity to blend the full colour of a hide with that of the main colour in the dyed Harris tweed fabric chair.

The Hebrides collection comprises of a 178cm or 208cm leather and Harris Tweed sofa with two Harris Tweed chairs. Designed specifically for a Lady or Gentleman. With size and width in all the right places for the correct comfort level. There is also an option Harris Tweed footstool which resembles the character of the main sofa and chairs and mixes leather with Harris Tweed fabric once again. And look at those legs… View the Hebrides Harris Tweed fabric sofa here.


Harris Tweed Sofa Petit Highland Chair Footstool

The Highland Collection is the second of two combination Leather and Harris Tweed fabric sofas. It’s the amalgamation and swatch quality that allows you to enjoy both materials to their fullest. It is an exceptional leather sofa with cushioning upholstered in 100% Hebridean wool. This is the type of magnificent showcase sofa for those who can;t quite leave the luxury of leather behind but also enjoys a twist of Harris Tweed fabric sofas. Optional Highland chair and footstool. View the Highland here.


Harris Tweed Culloden Chair And Footstool

There are currently no chaise longues in the Harris Tweed collection and long may that continue. This is British design handed down from one generation to another. If you have a small library or enjoy watching television with pipe in hand, then the Colloden Chair is the resting place for your ‘arris at any time of day or night. Replete with hide piped, studded arms and buttoned backed, this is one wing back arm chair you’ll not be leaving to make a cuppa any time soon. View here. Comes with optional 61cm Harris Tweed footstool.


Harris Tweed Elgin Chair

It may seem an unusual place to start when looking at a piece of furniture, but the first part to capture our attention is the design of the legs. The Elgin Harris Tweed chair sits atop a very finely varnished bulbous ringed wooden legs with trolley wheels fixed to the front two.

The rear legs are less well designed but are slanted to offer full support to body weight when relaxing. The wheels making it easier to manoeuvre the chair. Either for fire place enjoyment or day time reading by a bay window. The high fluted back and scroll design arms lends itself to a very magnificent piece of hand made British furniture design and manufacturing. View the Elgin Harris Tweed chair here.


Harris Tweed Sofa Orkney Midi Petit Footstool Darlings

Modesty is not something you’ll find within the Orkney Harris Tweed sofa. It is built for comfort and stature. A sofa fit for a King. High cushioned seating and a low back means there are only two forms of function. All out relaxation and feet up, either making use of the 95cm footstool or wrapped under your thighs for an horror film. Or a living room for discussion and an upright chat over tea and scones. You can choose the colour of the leather piping that runs fluently along the seams of the Hebridean fabric and Harris Tweed sofa and chair. View the Orkney here.


Skye Grand Midi Sofa Harris Tweed Chair + 160cm Footstool

If you have a particularly large living room or reception area then the Skye Grand at 225cm or even the Skye midi at 195cm stand out as the best Harris Tweed sofas to make the most of the space. The curvature of the arms, with the design enveloping regally, truly offers a luxurious start to any interior design. The one factor that really draws attention to the entire suite is the footstool.

If you can really call it a footstool. This Harris Tweed footstool is a phenomenal 160cm in width. Quite what you do with such a large additional piece of furniture is beyond me. But perhaps that’s the whole point. It denotes grandeur and a “because I can” attitude. There is also a matching Harris Tweed chair which carries through the piping and inset shaping of the sofa’s arms. View the Skye Collection here.


Harris Tweed Lomond Chair

If you have ever seen pictures of the Queen at Balmoral, then you might think this is Harris Tweed chair has been styled on some of the iconic furniture found within. While you can choose from any of the Harris Tweed fabrics, the picture show above details Summer Check CC024. The chair has a deep buttoned back and the cushioning is deep pocket sprung suspension, allowing for the ultimate in comfort. Quintessentially British and hand made in Britain. View Lomond Tweed Chair here.


Harris Tweed Sofa Chairs Glencoe Midi Petite

This Glencoe collection comprises of two Harris Tweed sofas and a Harris Tweed chair. The difference from some above is that the entire sofa is covered in Harris Tweed fabric. No other leathers or wood are detailed, aside from the feet on which the sofa is seated.The arms of the Glencoe chair match those of the sofa.

Harris Tweed fabric is a taught, long lasting material and the shades of individual dye means you can have the brightest of ensembles with the Spring Check or a more traditional Peat Herringbone. Choose from a Harris Tweed fabric sofa that is either 155cm wide or 185cm or buy both! View the Glencoe collection here.

View the latest Darlings of Chelsea discount codes to see if you can save on any of the above Harris Tweed sofas and Harris Tweed fabric chairs. There is also now a selection of Harris Tweed cushions that have recently been added to the online collection which you can view and use your Darlings of Chelsea discount codes here.