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If you’re looking at buying cheaper gardening equipment for your home or business, it’s always good to get an head start when comparing hedge trimmers and power tools. We have collated the very latest hedge trimmer discount codes to get you money off what are probably, already vastly reduced prices.

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No matter what time of year, those overgrown shrubs need attacking at some point. While we like our hedges to be high and act as fencing or low and ornamental, sometimes they do get out of control. If you have a rather large garden, manual shears or pruning tools may take a while. Investing in some cheap hedge trimmers to get results quicker makes sense.

Often there isn’t much difference between hedge trimmers and it is price that counts. By utilising some of the best hedge trimmer voucher codes below you can make that decision easier and quicker. Which to choose? Petrol hedge trimmer or battery powered? These days the latter come cordless and with eco concerns leaving out petrol may be wise.

However we have links to a range of Makita hedge trimmers, Hitachi petrol hedge trimmers and Black and Decker cordless hedge trimmers that will make pruning those bushes an effortless task. With many models coming in around the £150 to £300 mark, saving 5% or 10% when buying online seems the obvious thing to do. Especially if coupled with free delivery in the UK.

The type of features which you can compare hedge trimmers online for are; running time, cordless, energy efficiency, grip handle, size of trimmer and length of reach. It’s also important to understand which additional attachment you may need and if these are included in the original purchase, all the better.

If you can get the attachments included when using hedge trimmers discount codes then you’ll save even more money in the long run. A few you should hope to have in the box are brushcutter, hedge trimmer and line trimmer, depending on the task at hand, expert hedge trimmers with exact angles and cutting widths such as the Draper Expert Hedge Trimming attachment could be essential. View the latest Bigredtoolbox.co.uk offers below.

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Additional feature that you many wish to compare are; non slip grip handle, type of blades and if diamond ground, single or dual action blades, the degree of pivoting head, 180 or more and the weight. The hedge trimmer promo codes displayed above are usually only for a limited time so get in early to secure the best deal.

Not all gardeners are built for lifting power tools. Which is why you should consider if a heavy hedge trimmer or manual shears are more your thing. They can weigh in the region of 3kgs to 5kgs and when waving these around at arms length, can be quite tiresome. Though one aspect that makes the job go faster is the number of revolutions. Indicated by blade strokes i.e. 1400 a minute.

Be sure to compare hedge trimmers on reach range too. If your bushes are quite thin in depth it won’t be a problem, but if tall the additional reach without overstepping your personal safety reach is useful in hindsight. the hedge trimmer voucher codes tend to be applicable to Draper hedge trimmers, Ryobi hedge trimmers and Cobra electric hedge trimmers.

If you do invest in a petrol or electric trimmer for hedges and pruning bushes, consider security as well as safety. Secure storage options and enclosures to fend off thieves will deter chancers. Save Squillions with your Hedge Trimmer discount codes April 2020 here. Click to view the latest Big Red Toolbox discount codes for us on a wider range of tools. Or use your Big Red Toolbox discount codes here.

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