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Helly Hansen Definition: A Norwegian fella that lives in my street in the UK, likes a drink, is a little over weight and enjoys any sea food he can get a hold of. And incidentally, bears absolutely no relationship to the retailer from Norway. Helly’s tag line is “Born by the pub, Raised with Hansa beer, Trusted by Landlords, Designed by two loving parents – Confident when stomach says so!”

Helly Hansen Clothing Retailer Definition: A marvellous producer and retailer of fashionable clothes for the sportsman and athlete who requires clothes for all weathers and sporting environments. Their tag line is “Born by the Sea, Raised by the Mountains, Trusted by Professionals, Designed by Scandinavia – Confident when it matters!”

Helly Hansen Polo Shirts, T Shirts and Clothing Definition: Whether you’re the Helly Hansen who lives down my street, enjoys a drink, has a beer belly and isn’t very active or if you’re a sports nut and as fit as a flamingo on ice, then Helly Hansen polo shirts and t shirts will suit you whatever your size or shape.

You may be wondering, if you know the brand, why I am bringing Helly Hansen into the pub from the running track. Well, I have always found it funny how sports and fitness retailers always, always have on stock a triple XL on the shelves. All just in case that well known Russian shot putter walks into each of their stores and fancies a huge HH emblazoned across his chest. It’s the same with football clubs selling over sized replica shirts – yes as if he plays football…

Now it takes some doing to fit into an XXXL polo shirt these days – all 52 inches of that massive muscle filled chest of yours. As for years since the human race in the west has been eating its way to old age, clothing sizes have got wider but kept the same size tag. In a bid to reassure and just so their customer doesn’t feel the need to be embarrassed by ordering a XXXXXL.

I know they grow people tall in Scandinavian countries. It’s all that fresh air, good genes and sea food I’m sure but the majority of people of a larger size that still fall in love with quality made, durable and long lasting Helly Hansen polo shirts and Helly Hansen t-shirts have only ever run for a bus and still then, probably missed it. Hands up, I used to be one of them before losing five stone.

Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic clothing from Helly Hansen. No matter whether you’ve cycled 12 miles or toured as a groupie to the latest rock concert drinking twelve crates with mates for a few weeks. This pucker Norwegian Helly Hansen brand will keep your belly warm, your style smart and you get to flash the Norwegian flag to all onlookers while you’re at it.

Helly Hansen Mens Wintersport Jacket

Introducing the Helly Hansen Jacket. For those who need to warm down after a cold hard run or enjoy hiking and need an all weather wintersport jacket.

The Helly Hansen wintersport jacket delivers warmth and comfort in the form of a 100% polyester, PU backed, fully zipped jacket with velcro storm flap. You could probably fit around three Helly Hansen t-shirts and one Helly Hansen polo shirt underneath if you tried.

And for those who like to walk while drinking a beer, there’s a handy and sturdy adjustable hood that could probably hold around eight cans of lager. It however only comes in a XXL size and for a 49 inch chest. Breathe in. Available in blue or black and named branding on the arms. Buy the beer carrying hood.

Helly Hansen Polo Shirt Mens Heritage

This busy Helly Hansen polo shirt with lucky numbered sleeves is a short sleeve pique polo shirt which will suit any occasion.

With a ribbed collar and two button placket never fear about dropping lager down your top as this 100% cotton Hally Hansen polo shirt will come back as new in the wash.

The bright blue body has printed Helly Hansen branding. Whether you’re a cyclist or a tra-peze artist, the Norwegian flag colours adopted in this polo shirt style will have you looking rather fetching about town, mingling on the marina or half way up a hill. Buy Helly Hansen polo shirts here.

Helly Hansen Mens Wintersport Trousers

Helly Hansen clothing is amazingly suited for all who partake in Olympian and active lifestyle. However this time they have surpassed themselves in creating the most scientific waterproof trousers that any professional darts player could wish for.

The Helly Hansen trousers, which come in black, have articulated knees should you need a second pair and yours fail after twelve pints in the boozer. A zip fly for quick access in emergencies on the way to the Gents and some incredibly sturdy belt loops should your mates need to pick you up off the floor. They’re even waterproof to ensure no matter where you’re dribbling from, you’ll stay warm and dry.

For the more active adventurer in you, the Helly Hansen clothing piece is also fully breathable, has a reinforced hem, boot gaiters and a Primaloft warmcore insulation. They also look rather fashionable, another win by Helly Hansen. Buy the waterproof beer Helly Hansen trousers here.

Helly Hansen T-Shirts Mens Est 1877

Much like the British flag,  which is worn by people across the world due to their love in with the colouring and brand. Nations like Norway also have a following for their flag too.

Helly Hansen t-shirts are very stylish and comfortable to wear. With a straight hem and made from 100% cotton and carries printed branding. There are many designs of Helly Hansen t-shirts, and more can be viewed here.

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