Hitachi Drills Combo Kits, Kc10dfl, Kc18dkl And Dh24pc3

Hitachi drills are synonymous in the industry for being well built and reliable tools of the trade. The competition however is getting fierce. There are some new drill combo kits on the market that are stamping their authority on wood and metal all over the world.

They are the Hitachi KC10DFL and the Hitachi KC18DKL with an SDS Hitachi hammer drill, the DH24PC3 sandwiched inbetween. There comes a time as a tradesman or home owner with demanding needs, that you have to decide what you actually need your drill to do.

How should your new Hitachi drill perform? What functions do you require, is weight important and do you require much torque? These are all questions we hope to answer in the following brief overview for the Hitachi drills Kc10dfl, Kc18dkl and Dh24pc3.

The combo kits are designed to offer you the ability to have several drills and functions in the form of two. Leaving indecision aside so the attachments and accessories help you get your job done, not only more efficiently but in a more sophisticated manner also.

Hitachi KC10DFL Peak HXP Micro Series 2-Piece Combo Kit 10.8V

The Hitachi KC10DFL is aimed at the homeowner with a keen eye for masonry or metal work. You can be the man about the house using this dinky little, yet powerful WH10DFL lightweight micro impact driver and the DS10DFL lightweight drill driver.

The drill driver is a fantastic bit of equipment with a responsive trigger which has 195 in/lbs and like the WH10DFL has 21 torque settings allowing you to drive through almost any material. It has an in-built fan cooled motor, soft grip handle and a 10mm keyless chuck with 2 speed variable and reverse.

The funky thing is that the DS10DFL contained within the  Hitachi KC10DFL Peak HXP Micro Series 2-Piece Combo Kit also has an LED guiding light. Each time the trigger is pressed the light will assist you. Press it slightly and you can line up the drill bit, squeeze harder to drill and the light continues to stay on whilst drilling.

Both drills are freestanding, enabling you to grab in seconds and continue the job at hand. They’re also very lightweight compared to others on the market. The Hitachi WH10DFL is a lightweight micro impact driver and is the prime reason for buying this Hitachi combo drill set.

It has a whopping best in class 841 in/lbs and can really drive through most materials in a stable way. You know when you use a cheap drill and it starts to get in trouble, smells of burning, drill bits being damaged and the whole power tool wants to jump out of your hand.

Well even this little drill is dynamite and with it packing so much torque and with the 21 clutch torque settings for precision and control, not forgetting a variable speed trigger for intricacy, you’ll be boring your office mates with stories of you and your Hitachi KC10DFL combo kit for years to come. Read more here.

Hitachi DH24PC3 SDS+ Hammer Drill 3 Mode 2.4 Kg

The Hitachi SDS hammer drill is a solid three mode hammer drill which is available in two options, the 110v and 240v. With variable speed and a push fit, you can undertake any job from rotary drilling to hammer drilling for light chiselling.

With a steel capacity of 13mm and a wood capacity of 32mm the Hitachi DH24PC3 drill comes with a depth stop, side handle and a carry case. The key features of the Hitachi hammer drill are the reversible mode, bit install and safety clutch. It is very powerful for its size and weight, which comes in at 2.4kg.

Hitachi drills, like most on the market do their jobs well. However the competitive edge comes with a lightweight power tool, stability in action and batteries that last and Lithium Ion goes a long way to giving a power tool longevity as does the recharge time. View the Hitachi DH24PC3 here.

Hitachi KC18DKL 18v Li Ion Combi+ Impact Driver 2 x 4ah Batteries

Stone the crows, a 4 amp battery (2 x 4ah) that is the weight of a 3 amp? Well here it is. The Hitachi KC18DKL rechargeable combi drill and impact driver have arrived and they’re here to offer lightweight action and 2.2kg and 1.7kg and a charge time of 60 minutes on a shared charger.

Both the drills contained within the Hitachi KC18DKL are the 18v DV18DSDL JW Combi Drill and the 18v Hitachi WH18DSAL JW Impact Driver have the latest new power tech utilising Lithium Ion batteries. So no more nickel cadmium batteries killing off your drill having been recharged for the 600th time.

Just as with the previous DS10DFL lightweight drill driver, the WH18DSAL Impact Driver has a guiding light and quick action forward and reverse trigger which can be operated with the flick of a finger and an equally quick release chuck. The Hitachi impact driver does its job well and really drives through wood with little to no pressure required.

The Hitachi KC18DKL 18v Li Ion Combi and Impact driver combo set offers true value and is much cheaper than buying separately. No matter the size of the screw the DS10DFL will handle anything you throw at it with a max torque of 145Nm.

The Hitachi combi drill DV18DSDL has the same 18v 4ah battery yet the work light is manual rather than trigger operated. The drilling capacity is 16mm with brick, 13mm metal, 65mm wood and an impact rate up to 27,000 a minute. The combi drill also has an easy to manoeuvre 22 torque control.

In essence, the combi kits from Hitachi enable you to buy a set of drilling power tools that pretty much cover any drill job that you’ll need to undertake in the home or indeed within the trade and on site. So whether you opt for the Hitachi KC10DFL Peak HXP Micro Series 2-Piece Combo Kit or the Hitachi KC18DKL 18v Li Ion Combi+ Impact Driver 2 x 4ah Batteries, you’re getting great value for money. Read more here. To save further, check for active UKToolCentre voucher codes here.