How To Get Leather Sofas Into Your Home

Anyone who has ever gone shopping for furniture has needed to understand the perils and fall out of not measuring your home’s access points like doors, garage and chimney correctly. Well Father Christmas gets in. While a minority of furniture companies will send someone out before delivery to ensure the furniture fits, a great many do not.

That leaves millions of other homeowners hanging around with their measuring tape, nervously awaiting their new leather corner sofa. Hoping that it fits through the door. You may however dispense with all that worry and think out of the box on the day of arrival. Just in case things don’t go to plan.

Remember, designer furniture unless it is modular can not be pulled apart and reassembled. Leather and fabric is obviously painstaking stitched and those wooden frames are best only built the once to ensure it lasts the life of the guarantee. Here’s how to get leather sofas into your home.

1. Use A Bulldozer: It may seem a bit extreme, but what’s a bit of brickwork and a paint job  when it comes to ensuring your new sofa is situated in your living room. After all, the missus is whining and the football is on the telly in the evening. Go down your local tool trade centre and pick up a bulldozer and smash that wall in!

2. Build That Conservatory: You know, the one you always wanted but never had the time to get it started. The sofa is sitting on your front lawn. The delivery drivers got fed up with your 1850’s Welsh styled porch and left hours ago. Call the builders in. When they knock the wall through to fit that larger window frame and sliding door, simply move the leather corner sofa into position.

4. Go All Disney On It: In the 1980s Hollywood showed an American invention where by you could shrink things. Probably discovered from a spaceship that landed at Roswell. Write to the American President and simply ask to borrow the technology for half an hour. Zap the leather corner sofa and see your other half marvel at your ingenuity. “Hey honey, I shrunk the sofa!” Didn’t you just!!

3. Leave It In The Garden: Doesn’t it look nice? You’ve had your bottom sat on that hard wooden pub bench admiring the daisies and the bum cleavage of the man next door for years now. Why not put a little luxury into your garden instead. Many new sofas these days are designed to be outside. Sorted, “new patio furniture darling!” Isn’t she happy!?!

5. Carve It Up Like Christmas Turkey: So you’ve just spent three weeks waiting for some marvellous chaps and chapesses to build a you a brand new luxury leather sofa. Designed to the hilt. Reclines, has built in sofa bed, comes with footstool and perhaps even cushioning made by fairies. Now because it doesn’t fit through the door, it’s time to get the chainsaw, hammer, saw and take it all apart and reassemble the sofa inside the living room after. Oh yes, you’re most certainly getting dinner tonight darling.

6. Leave It In Water: It works on most things right? Soaking in water until it shrinks a bit. Maybe take it to a Tank factory, where they blast the machinery from all sides to give it a good old steam clean. Hang the sofa inside one of their washing machines which resemble a missile silo and await its return with glee. It won’t shrink mate, I’m having you on.

Now you’ve read about how to get leather sofas into your home, perhaps you’ll think twice before heading to the showroom or browsing online. Always measure your doorway and access points and follow the retailer’s delivery and measurement guidelines before you make use of your Darlings of Chelsea discount codes. While you might be saving money in an instant, you most certainly won’t be after the leather corner sofa has been delivered. Thanks, I’m here all week.

PS: Some people have been known to actually take the window frame out.