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I know what you’re thinking, does this cruise line and sea faring excursion company have a mad muppet chef on board in the kitchen. That would be a definitive NO. Although it sounds similar, the actual name of Hurtigruten has a meaning, and in Norwegian that’s ‘Fast Route.’ If you wish to discover Scandinavia and Norway on the cheap, seek out Hurtigruten discount codes below for money off your next sailing.

In the UK it is said that we are never more than sixty miles away from the sea, and that we are always thankful that France is at least another 25 miles after that. The British have had a history with the seas as far back as recorded history can go. Indeed before the Channel Tunnel joined Europe with our Islands, ferries, cruise ships and until recently planes were the only way off.

Many a person in the British Navy has been press ganged over the years and thoroughly enjoyed their trips overseas. Today, taking some of those same journeys is chosen as a pleasure activity. Many visiting our distant cousins over in Norway, Greenland, Iceland and Sweden. The Hurtigruten offers below enable you to book in advance for less, add extra nights, additional family members and perhaps even a percentage off your next cruise booking.

In existence since 1893, when steamboats were the chosen mode of transport for a singularly brave Captain Richard With. It’s alleged he was always expected to bring a plus one. Sailing the seas in these choppy isles and around Norway’s coast is no mean feat. This brand and its captain become famous for taking a dangerous route more speedily than any other would risk. A route made more safe today thanks to GPS, radar and more lighthouses, you can get an head start with the various Hurtigruten voucher codes for quicker boarding.

Fast (hurti – I wonder if that’s where the English word Hurtle came from), fast forward to the modern era and steam has been surpassed. This specialist passenger, freight and tour company has 14 ships dedicated to your service. Three of which are explorer type ships. With mixed luxury and modern facilities, Hurtigruten voyages are enabled by way of MS Fram, MS Midnatsol and MS Nordstjernen.

Together they traverse the open seas inbetween the most peaceful and wild destination Antarctica, the cosy yet distant community of Greenland with visits to Iceland, Spitsbergen and while they’re heading in that direction, may as well stop off at North and South America too. The coastal cruise ships are all named after famous Norwegians, landmarks and notes of heritage, MS Kong Harold, MS Nordlys and MS Lofoten – a 1960’s era themed cruise.

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If you have never been on a cruise ship before, understand that it’s quite a bit different to Butlins and a bit more adventurous than securing a taxi at airport arrivals. In other words, you don’t have a boring trip to the cruise and it ends once you disembark. There are over 400 different excursions across this Scandinavian cruise tour’s destinations. Depending on the season, Hurtigruten voucher codes may or may not apply with these add ons.

These cruise excursions can last from one hour to several and may involve an overnight stay outdoors should the occasion suit. From learning how to rough it in Norway with two hours of Arctic Bushcraft, to pitching tent on the Falkland Islands. Hiking in Greenland, a cruise in Amsterdam, even board a Chiva Bus in South American for a trip to Montecristi. Consider your next sea tour to be one all about relaxation and adventure, whenever you want it and at whichever port you call into.

Meanwhile, on board your Hurtigruten voyage you’ll be spoiled silly. Each ship will differ slightly but you can expect sun decks, panorama lounges for viewing all the sights and four course dinners to keep that sea air hunger fully fed. With restaurants, shops, cafes, a fitness room and on board activities you’ll never know when to sleep or wish to. There are even business conference facilities for those who can’t quite leave work behind.

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For anyone reading this, you should skip the article – but take a Hurtigruten voucher with you, and explore the many cruise ships and live data and webcams on their website right now. See a ship’s stated position on the high seas, view the webcams and read about what passengers are enjoying right now.

Discover the many excursions available at each destination port, view the destinations available from South America to Antarctica. View the latest offers and deals and show your family and friends where you’ll be having your next holiday and with whom.

Now will it be lower deck, middle, deck upper or would you prefer an expedition suite or perhaps the Arctic Superior. Remember, a cruse ship is much like a hotel is simply has the ability to offer different star ratings. In these instance four and five star. The fours being no porthole and inside cabins and five star being sea view outers with the penthouses up with the Seagull’s nest. Would you like voucher code for a £6000 cruise?

A cruise trip and excursion can be as expensive or as cheap as you wish it to be. Views are important, but you can get them on deck any time you wish. Luxury is something many of us yearn for but if a trip to Greenland or South America is made more possible in a lower cabin then we hope the deals and offers above help you out a bit.

Alternatively, go all out for luxury, choose the cruise ship suite, get the champagne flowing during the four course meals and really enjoy your adventures with as many excursions as you can fit it. Use your Hurtigruten discount codes April 2020 here. What are you waiting for? Iceland, Norway, Greenland, the Americas and Europe await your Captainship!

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