iCementi Concrete Ceiling Wall & Outdoor Floor Lights

I never cease to be amazed at the discovering of new materials. All eventually finding their way into our homes as functioning art pieces that bedazzle, such as these Lucifero’s lighting iCementi lights. Now it may appear obvious that these items are made from concrete. Despite the language barrier between the creators of these Made In Italy lighting products, it is actually Piumacemento. Italians full well know what cement is having manufactured, as Romans, an earlier form with a mix of Pozzolana over 2000 years ago from volcanic ash.

What the majority of people (I am guessing) on the planet do not know, is that cement which forms concrete is actually an amalgamated hard material towards the end of the process. These cacophony of newly created forms are called Clinker. Which are then ground down to become 150 billion particles of cement per lb. Particles so fine they can be sieved where water cannot. We are not material specialists or architects so suffice to say Piumacemento, the material that is used to create these iCementi outdoor lights, is 80% lighter than one of its most used end products commonly known as concrete.

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Imagine having a product that looks like concrete, can have strength and support for forming objects and supporting other materials (but not as much as building material strength as actual concrete), and being able to work with itmuch more easily. Fitting electronics, metals, adding coatings after shaping new forms, articulating new meanings and eventually creating a form of indoor concrete lighting. I am by no means advocating the return of sixties architecture from which concrete was probably awarded its worst design flaw. Dubbed beton brut and the rising up of concrete jungles across the UK’s inner cities.

Featuring: Cento3cento fireplace light, Panchetto stool light, Pastorale garden light.

That said, fashion and form has a reluctant will to reinvent itself and survive. Whether that’s a genetic trait and the need being passed down to a child or simply taking something that was so popular, so hated, to ensure it is so loved once again. iCementi lighting is arguably the contrast people may want inside their homes today and indeed as concrete outdoor lighting. As a material it is both strengthened and waterproof. Concrete is art. Again. But perhaps this time, some half a century later, less could really mean more.

Perhaps you just wanted some Lucifero’s concrete lighting that were lights that looked like concrete. I am an art aficionado not an art expert, but you can’t help but look into the past to find why someone might find concrete beautiful again. It is during this process that it is realised that a lighter material is more manageable. The material Piumacemento has been used in furniture pieces for several years, as the foundation, and also as simply a covered surface to other materials such as polystyrene.


Showing: Walkway with iCementi Panco large bench and Small Cento3cento.

So should these iCementi indoor lighting products be called iConcretei not iCementi or even iClinkeri? It is typical with artists and designers, that they wish you to imagine what a piece means, where it is from, where it is going and how will it be viewed in 100 years? With iCementi outdoor lighting you are offered weather proofed lighting elements that will both be a feature of your garden and allow you to highlight all the landscape or objects around it. It used to be the case of certain concrete buildings that lighting would offer a grander appeal at night that daylight did not. Now that angle of lighting is embedded in the concrete lighting to offer a wider use but offer a similar purpose.

With iCementi ceiling lights and pendants you can bring the harsh void of emotion and feeling, brutalist urban architecture inside your home for the first time on a small scale. To place cheap concrete lighting on your ceiling before Piumacemento, would have required much more support than that which is required for this 80% lighter concoction. And who would have really wanted a lump of concrete in their living room? Surely it has been done but this brings manageable, adaptable concrete to the fore and to the masses.

Featuring: Panca, Cassero ceiling light, Zero51 ceiling light and hanging, Cassero quarter deck pendant, 2BO1 Hanging light. View more.

It would be wrong to define this new found iCementi lighting as concrete alone, as the surface has been made to be subtle. Aesthetic to both its imitation as well as when reflected upon by light. The designers Lucifero’s lighting are not expecting you to fill your home and garden with every element of iCementi exterior lighting and concrete outdoor lights. Although that’s not to say it can’t be done. Look around this article and you’ll find iCementi Cento3cento suitable as a replacement fireplace inside your living room, turn the zero50 ceiling light upside down and you have a pool, hang the Brique v wall light an inch off the floor and you have a pathway floor light.

Your imagination and realisation of the final resting place is in your own hands. Take this brutal form of architecture and lighting design. Carry the scope of which into your home and make it a feature. Surround by flowers, pathways, water or place in your home to channel light differently, but also to have a centre piece to admire and talk about with guests. iCementi 2BO2 ceiling light, Zero51 pendant and Pastorale all have one thing in common. The replication of well known concrete structures, bold edging and plain curvature.

Showing: iCementi Brique wall light and Pastorale L Shape garden path light.

As you glance through these images, the design is stark against a nomadic black background. When in use however, they take on a wholly unique appeal. Imagine Cento3cento lighting up a split level walk away, half above and half below, or submerged partly in a pond. Take the very astutely named and monolithic iCementi Monolyte garden light and see how it was put pride and place electrifying an open space. You can even build on the built in concrete lighting effect and use external lighting to give the individual concrete block new meaning and new life. That’s iCementi.

There is a wow factor. It’s incredible to hear that about concrete, a material that most of us have to come to learn as being brutal. Yet Lucifero’s lighting carries it off sublimely. All made possible by the 80% lighter Piumacemento and the smoothing cement texture which rests atop the surface. We’ve had composite plastics replicating wood finishes and paving slabs. even in some respects,plain old concrete. But up until now, not faux concrete lighting that is effectively, real – just 80% lighter and more malleable.

Featuring: Monolyte monolith outdoor light structure, 2BO2 hanging pendant, Brique indoor wall light, vertical Brick wall light, 2BO2 cylinder ceiling light.

It is a little ironic that concrete jungles were associated with councils building housing on the cheap, creating communities of the impoverished and downwardly immobile. Yet here today, decades later, in a new century, Made In Italy, a new form of concrete form from a different mix of cement, there’s a concrete lighting product aimed at those who have enough for an ‘on a whim’ purchase of a Gucci handbag. iCementi indoor lighting is designed for the luxury interior design market but you can still pick up a ceiling light for less than £500.

Only time will tell how long it will be before the Italian designers Lucifero’s lighting figure out that they can add wood effect designs to their range, painting on top of the concrete surface to resemble another texture. Concrete wood perhaps? As can be currently done with concrete floors with wood finish effect. We anticipate the revelation. The iCementi collection as a whole caters for all modern LED light bulb sources so the material is as environmentally supportive as its mass is. In the circular economy industry, I am sure a waste disposal company is also eagerly awaiting the product being thrown away in two hundred and fifty years. But by then perhaps there will be a particle splitter bin on every street.


Showing: Multiple iCementi Zero51 circular hanging lights.

Lucifero’s lighting, its concrete lighting and their iCementi lighting range is at an early stage. It goes without saying that concrete remains the bastion of the building trade for the foreseeable future. As much as it will be entwined by glass, metal and even maginficent fire safety plyscrapers, you will find a place in your home, business, restaurant or company offices for elements such as iCementi ceiling lights, flood and garden lighting. Browse the iCementi collection and check for the latest prices here.