Instant Tea Flavours At Whittard Of Chelsea

I feel like I’ve missed out on an entire genre of British tea consumption. Surely I’m not the only person from the “home of Tea” to have completely missed out on instant tea and an entire variety and world of instant tea flavours? Instant coffee yes, tea in tea bags yes, tea leaves to be pressed in a teapot why of course but instant tea?

Apologies for the repeat utterance of the term instant tea but I have honestly never come across this type of tea before. I grew up on PG Tips, I was a little monkey therefore PG was for me, tastes great, drop of milk, two sugars and that was it, one hot cuppa brewed just for me.

It wasn’t until I went abroad to Russia and Romania that I found I really was a working class addict to tea and that whole entire populations of foreigners had grasped and entered an entirely different world of tea than I had. Aside from middle England and the upper classes probably.

Infusion, what? I’d ask curiously. The art of putting a tea bag containing flavoured tea leaves into boiling water, covering the mug up with a – get this, a mug lid and leaving it to sit for two minutes, I was amazed nay astounded!

No milk!?! I gasped. This was tea infusion, not black tea. So for many years now I have been drinking flavoured tea infusion from a bag – well a mug but you know what I mean, not black and no milk. Occasionally with lemon juice added or honey, yes darling, big manly me with honey in his tea. And here was me, British and thought PG Tips was the be all and end all.

OK, so I’m not completely daft, I know about Earl Grey and the fantastically concocted Baileys Irish Cream tea but again all black. Infusion was an entirely different concept but one I warmed to. But now I find at Whittard of Chelsea, the home of British elegance in coffee and tea and all the regal paraphernalia required to make such tea time produce and I’m informed I can now buy instant tea, that’s like instant coffee but it’s tea! OK, laugh but just this once.

I certainly do know about Nestea and their rivals in the ice tea bottled market, I’ve consumed that in cafes up and down the black sea coastline but actual tinned instant tea which is scooped and dissolves in hot or cold water – well I’ll be… I took a double take and had to click the ‘Brew a Perfect Cup’ link for instructions.

But how lazy can people be? These are the instructions for Pink Lemonade Instant Tea and unlike instant coffee, the water doesn’t even need to be hot! So don’t go rushing out to buy a kettle just for this new invention which has apparently been around since the 12th Century in China. Yes I thought it was ok when read Nestea invented it in 1946 but then read further and some smartie pants at St Louis World Fair in 1904 may have but 800 years? Do me a favour!

Anyway, on to the complicated instructions for making instant tea from those fanciful containers obtained from Whittard of Chelsea; “Mix three rounded teaspoons (approx 20g) per 200ml of hot or cold water, or according to taste. Stir well. Can be drunk hot or cold. Tub contains 25 servings. Dissolve in hot water for better results, when making them both hot and cold.”

So there we have it, for the first time since I’ve been born (35 years) and for the first time since the Chinese Emperor supped his first cuppa of non technological instant tea, 800 years later I am all the rage about instant teas and their many flavours. There’s a fair few of them as well, take a look at this mouth watering list of instant tea flavours.

Dreamtime Instant Tea
English Fruits Instant Tea
Mango & Passion Fruit Instant Tea
Strawberry & Vanilla Instant Tea
Lychee & Mango Instant Tea
Damson Plum Instant Tea
Turkish Apple Instant Tea
Cranberry & Raspberry Instant Tea
Blackcurrant & Elderflower Instant Tea
Elderflower Instant Tea
Lemon & Lime Instant Tea
Pear & Guava Instant Tea
Pink Lemonade Instant Tea
Peach Melba Instant Tea
Ginger Beer Instant Tea
Mulled Wine Instant Tea
Summer Cocktail Instant Tea
Low Calorie – Apple & White Cranberry Green Instant Tea
Low Calorie – Mandarin & Pomegranate Green Instant Tea
Low Calorie – Strawberry & Blueberry Green Instant Tea
Low Calorie – Summer Fruits Green Instant Tea

Most of these instant teas are packaged and sold in containers at £5.50 a pop and at 25 servings a cuppa or yard ale as they seem to be served, that’s 22p a serving. So there we go, tea bags, iced tea, instant coffee, tea infusion, tea leaves – drink your heart out and welcome to the 800 year old instant tea flavours market! Click to view the latest Whittard of Chelsea discount codes for instant teas.