Invisible Knickers And Bra Set From Bras And Honey

In what is a world’s first, invisible knickers and invisible bras are set to take centre stage! Bras and Honey have developed an industry leading set of lingerie that feels and looks as if you are wearing nothing. Many manufacturers and retailers in the underwear industry have been astounded by the patented claim of invisible knickers.

For years lingerie outlets have tried their best to create seemingly invisible bras and near nude briefs and brassieres but until now invisible bras and invisible thongs had not been achieved.

Bras and Honey tell Squillions how they achieved the total invisible knickers look. “We teamed up with BAE systems after reading about their incredible cloaking device for armoured tanks. Why keep trying to offer nude bras and underwear, why not go for the real thing we thought!?! This in turn brought us to CERN.”

It has taken sixteen months of development, but now you can really feel naked and comfortable. Feeling free of any garments thanks to the Bras and Honey conception of invisible knickers and bras.

They are strapless, hook less, colourless and very lightweight. They also leave nothing to the imagination. Made from a new material termed Lightatin. Molecules are bound together using the Large Hadron Collider under France and Switzerland.

The resulting atoms are than despatched by discreet packaging to whomever orders at the online lingerie shop. Scientists at CERN who until now have had to keep their developments TOP SECRET, are now openly wearing the invisible knickers and invisible bras while they work. There are even invisible underpants for the male scientists.

One top CERN colleague spoke to Squillions suggesting “I have never felt more free, I opened the box and took the assembled atoms and put my feet through, like I would a normal pair. They really are invisible. I feel more free down below than ever before!”

Their new range can be found in the lingerie section under the brand name Aphrodite Unos. So forget C string invisible underwear, say goodbye to nude bras and nude thongs and say hello to truly feel free invisible knickers and invisible bras from Bras and Honey.

The entire range is available in thongs, briefs, suspenders and a new range of invisible swimwear will be launched just before the Summer. Don’t miss out, go invisible today!