ITV’s James Bond Sky Fall Defect To Sky HD

James Bond has defected from ITV to Sky HD this week in a move which will see Sky own rights to air MGM’s full James Bond film catalogue for the next year, previously ITV had held the rights for 40 years. All those lavish gadgets, stylish designer clothes and luxury destinations are now the reserve of Sky Television.

Quite what this will mean for the majority of the British public is yet to be seen, generations have grown up watching free to air Bond, albeit with advert breaks and scenes being cut but this coverage has undoubtedly added to the nations love in with their favourite secret agent.

As with any Sky tie up, a public outcry follows, whether it’s cricket or other sport coverage lost to pay tv, the viewing figures drop markedly and the nation’s tv viewers ponder what they will lose next to a monthly subscription – as well as paying for the yearly tv tax for the BBC. Angry Bond fans have already hit twitter and social networks to show their disgust.

There is however another aspect, product placement companies and sponsors may be a little surprised to find that their wares won’t be as visible as in previous films. Now that all James Bond films will be on pay tv, the opportunity to get their products in front of the majority of the country at Christmas and Easter has been vastly reduced.

The one upside is that all of Bond’s previous escapades and adventures will be shown on Sky HD with high definition remastered full length versions which is clearly going to be the bribe to get new subscribers paying full whack for the pay to view channels.

It is of course a marketing gimmick with the new Bond film named Sky Fall, available only on Sky, the connection will be immense from launch at Cinema to the DVD release. Will sponsors pull out? Will the public turn off Bond? Will the Squillions faithful go without a preview to an action packed luxury lifestyle? I doubt it.

We at Squillions love a dose of James Bond, the films show a glimpse of luxury and a lifestyle fitting of villains which most entrepreneurs and those who like high end merchandise, enjoy seeing amongst the action packed films, the fast cars, sporty yachts and fashionable young ladies spread eagled in beds at a variety of worldly boutique hotels.

Alas the deal between MGM and Sky is rumoured to be only for a year and it is the 50th anniversary to boot, once Sky has milked the films and shown 1000 replays we’re sure James Bond will live and let die and be back on free to air telly.

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