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Just For The JackpotJoy Of It – JackpotJoy Bingo’s TV Ad Brand

Do NOT Adjust Your TV Sets – It Is True – there really was a yellow rubber duck on the River Thames and the 250% JackpotJoy Bingo Deposit Bonus has truly arrived. No JackpotJoy bingo promotional codes required, simply click below just for the Jackpot Joy of it to automatically receive your Christmas Brucey Bonus on the way in.

If Squillions has timed this JackpotJoy Bingo promo code article correctly then less than 24 hours ago you will have watched the Queen deliver her 3D Christmas Speech and now on Boxing Day you are watching the other Queen of the British television screens from Albert Square, Barbara Windsor, reveal all!

JackpotJoy Bingo Games And JackpotJoy Promotional Offers

Not for the first time either but less of the carry on, and now she is declaring the house is open and that you can receive a 250% deposit bonus at JackpotJoy Bingo games online. And who are we to argue!?! It’s absolutely true and what a fantastic just for the Jackpot Joy of it JackpotJoy TV advert to go with your Boxing Day lunch.

JackpotJoy Bingo has an amazing array of games and a fully equipped online casino to help you through the holiday period with a variety of promo code and weekly offers and promotions. So don’t be glum, bring along mum just for the JackpotJoy of it and meet your new family with the Queen of East Enders laughing with you all the way to the bank.

From  instant slots, bingo in various guises from bingo 90 and bingo 75 to multiline slots. With huge jackpot winning games with massive progressive jackpots; classic slots like Bullion Bonanza; card games like Black Jack; poker and Bacarrat, video poker and roulette.

Giant Jackpot Joy Bingo Yellow Duck And Pink Pigs

If you click here you can see the full range of JackpotJoy bingo games online in advance with a few JackpotJoy reviews of some of the games available. It has been an interesting time for JackpotJoy bingo recently. In December 2012 they floated a giant yellow rubber duck down the River Thames in a bid to catch London’s audience. While doing so, they captured the world’s limelight.

One can only guess at what Jackpot Joy Bingo might try to pull off in 2013 and yes you guessed it, Just For The JackpotJoy Of It. Perhaps a giant flying pink pig with their celeb face Barbara Windsor in the basket of the balloon below.

Well it’s an idea! We’re big fans of JJ thanks to their in house chat system which allows players to engage in conversation while playing the online bingo games and casino. They often throw prizes away in the chat room too so it’s worthwhile tuning in.

We’re all tuned in after witnessing the JackpotJoy Bingo TV ADs. The customer service is exceptional and matches their weekly promotional offers which we display in detail and have live offers and information on every week here at Squillions. Click here for the latest JackpotJoy promo codes and deposit bonus Jackpotjoy voucher codes that are now available.

There are thousands of pounds available at JackpotJoy Bingo each month and while it’s all a bit of a temptation, penguins and other characters are always popping up providing you with offers of cash wins for participation and Just For The JackpotJoy Of It even more bonuses for deposits and game play.

Just For The Jackpotjoy Of It TV Adverts

The Just For The JackpotJoy Of It TV ads are set to run for the rest of the month and so to is the 250% deposit bonus. If you’re unsure how it works, it’s really quite simple. The fantastic promotional offer will see you receive 25 if you deposit £10, £50 if you deposit £20 and if you deposit £80 you will receive the maximum bonus of £200.

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Watch Just for the Jackpotjoy of it TV Ad – Duelling Squeaky Toys

Watch the new Just for the Jackpotjoy of it TV Ad shortly…

Jackpot Joy has been around for over a decade entertaining millions of people across the UK. Click Just For The JackpotJoy Of It and claim your JackpotJoy Bingo Promo Code deposit bonus up to a maximum of £200. Terms and conditions apply.

*Offers correct at time of writing and may have expired.