JBW Just Bling Watches Mens And Womens Styles

Bling Definition: Jewellery as sung in lyrics by rap culture artists that went mainstream. If it shines it’s bling bling watches, rings, chains or bracelets.

Just Definition: Used in phrases such as just got out of the shower and just missed the bus. Usually indicating you just got it or you just missed out.

Just Bling Definition: A new girlfriend or boyfriend ‘just got out of the shower’ moment. Where the BF / GF walks in having just missed out on nudity only to be faced with a scene of a clothed body putting on a Just Bling watch from JBW watches – and yet both feeling very satisfied indeed.

Seeking out bling watches for men or bling watches for women? Then look no further than Just Bling aka JBW. You’ll notice a slight change of their logo on some watches of their more recent collections. With each individual dial design, there are about eight different face arrangements in each collection.

This is a brand trying to move away from the Swatch factor and into the mainstream watch maker class of Swiss watches, indicative in their change of logo. Just Bling has grown up. Which can only denote one thing, JBW will excel in design and their watches will increase in price and stature, but design alone makes Just Bling leaders already.

The America based watch maker started out in 2006. Little over six years later, they are undergoing  a brand change to a more sophisticated logo and take orders from all over the world via authorised retailers online.

The JBW strength in design is by utilising the effects of oversized watch faces and the use of grade SI1 to SI2 diamonds. Thus allowing for their end product to make their way on to more wrists thanks to the lower entry level for a diamond watch that still retains a level of style above most of their rivals.

1. The G4 Watch Just Bling Calfskin Leather Strap

JWB Product Code: J6248LK

The G4 watch range from Just Bling, this black almost matted in colour design and the Gun metal plated G4 a few doors down are one of my current favourite wrist watches. It’s not the air force sales script that grabs me, although nice to understand the vision and concept behind the crescent and dial placements being equal to that of a cockpit dashboard display.

It’s the shadow effect, the morris minor of 1970’s dials – I’ve never been in a cockpit, that captures my imagination. I think I could go several years checking the time on the Just Bling G4 watch without considering another watch. Although if I was more like the girlfriend, I’d have five all with their own time and place to be worn.

The G4 is available with a variety of straps, this black G4comes with a calfskin leather strap, which is smooth to wear and has style to go with the comfort. That’s another important aspect with watches today, the fit and ensuring that the majority of the day you don’t even notice you’re wearing the watch. Hence JBW’s move into ceramic watches which you can find further down. Buy here

2. Just Bling Women’s Victory Rose Gold Plated Watch

JWB Product Code: JB6210LH

This beautiful and stunning pink faced stainless steel chronograph women’s watch will suit any number of ladies for any occasion. The gleaming white calfskin leather strap that sets off the rose gold plated dial will mesmerise all who view. Just bling? No BLING BLING!

The Victory Japanese chronograph movement watch has 16 diamonds set in the dial and is water resistant to 50 metres – just in case you forget to remove your just bling when swimming… oops.

This JWB Victory is one of many women’s bling watches in this vivid and exceptional style, each with their own colouring. Such an alternative is the JB6210LO which comes with a brown leather watch strap and brown pave and mother of pearl face. The victory also comes in a stunning sky blue with a diamond encrusted bezel, the JB6210LC. Buy exclusively here

3. JBW Inferno Hendrix Diamond Gold Plated Stainless Steel Watch

JWB Product Code: JB6211A

If anything screams bling bling then it’s this thing thing. Not just bling it’s an inferno of 20 fine cut diamonds surrounding a Diamond accented bezel which provides for face and dial being completely covered in sparkle. Protected by a scratch proof sapphire crystal glass with a five link steel strap.

Now we mention the Just Bling diamond grade below but this is what we mean by design when putting comparative watches and diamond sets into perspective. This JBW inferno diamond gold plated watch is not just satisfied with placing the more valuable diamond here and there to accentuate the crown and dials. This well thought out three quarter crescent embellishes the type of design trends JBW is trying to bring to the masses in their collections.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I bought a £150 watch some 15 years ago. Based upon design and price, it was one of the best in the shop window. Likewise with most of these latest Just bling women’s watches, in comparison to more costlier diamond watches, these excel at being affordable but still out of the price range of many. This watch is exactly the kind of ‘bling bling’ many of the JBW customers thrive for from a just bling watch shop. Buy here

4. Vostok Just Bling Diamond Rubber Strap Watch

JWB Product Code: J6246C

Welcome to a good old fashioned Swiss Quartz movement wrist watch. With large numbering and circular inner dents for seconds and second hand, this Vostok diamond watch will have you in a spin twice a day with its 12 hour clock dial.

One of the latest G4 watches borrows its face style from this Vostok, albeit the Diamonds on the black rubber strapped, stainless steel watch win the day. An amazing rotation of 90 diamonds encircle the watch face. A veritable bling boutique! Water resistant to 100 metres, so coral sea diving is allowed. Buy

4. G4 Watch White Cockpit JBW Watches

JWB Product Code: J6248LC

Continuing the G4 watch theme. This white G4 watch has unique features. It arrives with three time zone ability for the jet setter in you and a large face and dial to show off its intricate off centre large dial diamond accented bevel. Surround with 16 diamonds encrusted at the four strap joints.

The strap again is calfskin leather, in a bleached white effect and although more suiting as a men’s bling watch, it wouldn’t look out of place on your ladies wrist, like many other just bling watches for men. Most watches are unisex these days, either by personal attitude or design.

This cockpit G4 watch in white, is more than a match for its black gun metal brother. In stainless steel with Swiss multi function movement and day and date dials, the only complication is knowing the date when you’re flying. Perhaps Just Bling, sorry JBW (brand change) could bring out a GPS watch – how cool would that be with this design!?! Buy The G4 Here

5. G4 Diamond Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Strap

JWB Product Code: J6248I

This could well be the blingiest men’s bling watch on the market! Most watches are unisex these days and this dial and all of the G4 range have large faces. The measurements are 52mm x 59.3mm on the face and case thickness 12.3mm. Time to get Biwatchual! Buy

6. Just Bling G4 Black Stainless Steel Watch

JWB Product Code: J6248LB

Squillions has gone  a little crazy on the G4, truth is Yukka released the new Chardonnay chronographs and ceramic watches so we extended the review midway. The ceramic watches and Chardonnay collection deserve an article to themselves.

With this black and white G4 the diamond positioning is the same, four equal fine cut diamonds set into each corner of the watch face perpendicular to the strap. Black and white has always gone together well but the white (silver) stainless steel effect finishes the G4 watch off very smartly. Click to buy

8. G4 JBW Gun Metal Plated Stainless Steel Strap Watch

JWB Product Code: J6248J

The G4 Gun metal plated watch deserved a little heads up. It has an extraordinary colouring, almost a black matt finish but as stated, it’s gun metal plated. For the uninitiated gun metal offers a dark grey complexion and is another scratch resistance material and is worthy of fitting between ceramic and stainless steel when it comes to knocks and bumps.

A problem with a lot of watches that cost less than fifty pounds is the metal casings and straps which don’t stand up to sweat or knocks and scratch easily. Part of the price you pay for sapphire glass, stainless steel and gun metal is the assurance that the watch parts will outlast superficial damage.

Facts apart, the G4 in gun metal as well as black with calfskin leather strap are a world apart from other similarly priced watch models on the market. What with JBW’s ceramic watches now having arrived, it’s an exciting time for this brand of watch maker. Buy here

9. White Ceramic Just Bling 28 Diamond Gold Watch

JWB Product Code: J6249F

This is the first ever range of ceramic watches from Just Bling’s house. They are a little flattering in their description of the material used stating “ceramic is typically perceived to be a delicate material.”

That would be a correct assumption but this technology was pioneered by NASA and fits out most rocket ships to withstand extreme heat. First taken on board by renowned Swiss watch makers Rado and is now a growing design trend worldwide, JBW included. Mainly due to its light weight and scratch resistant material.

This white ceramic Just Bling watch features 28 diamonds on the face and dial, has Swiss multi function movement and not forgetting the pure white ceramic strap. There are several other ceramics in this new collections, two of which are the rose accented white ceramic J6249G and a black ceramic with gold dial, the J6249B. Only available here

10. Just Bling Chardonnay Chronograph Steel Gold Watch

JWB Product Code: J6251J

Brand new in the UK for 2012 are Just Bling’s Chardonnay chronograph watches (Swiss movement). The watch comes complete with 120 diamonds on a large circular dial with Swarovski diamond crown inset.

With three sub dials you can be forgiven for thinking of travelling in time with Gentleman’s chronograph as your eyes dazzle in the face of the watch. Finished off in gold, there are also the steel and rose gold versions, J6251L and J6251I.

11. JBW Royale Watch With Calfskin Leather Strap

JWB Product Code:  J6254LC

With Japanese multi function movement, this the JBW Royale Watch is of exemplary style offering a smooth edged hexagonal stainless steel face and quarter time dial.

The large number and dash indented dial synonymous with classical watches is brought up to date with a proliferation of diamond bezel patterning and no less than 30 diamonds surrounding this three function, day, date and 24hr watch. All dashingly completed with a black calfskin strap. Buy JBW watches here

Pricing of these watches seem a little strange from time to time but it’s worth pointing out a little observation about the diamonds. The diamonds set in these stylish and groovy JBW time-pieces are in the main, Grade SI1 to SI2. This indicates the diamonds do or may have small inclusions.

Non visible to the naked eye but if you’re looking for a timepiece where the collective value of the diamonds inset are worth the time piece then it’s worth asking a few questions. Not everyone is worried about diamonds as long as they are real whether low grade or high grade – meaning no imperfections. But if there’s 128 diamonds on the face of a Just Bling watch and the price is less than £10,000 then you know where you stand.

The diamonds aside, they are real chips, whole diamonds, fine cut and bevelled, and although we can’t guarantee without clarification from JBW – most larger cuts are probably sourced from Swarovski. A few watch descriptions mention this fact above.

With Just Bling Watches you’re buying into a brand which has brought style to the majority and done so in a very design led manner. We love the Just Bling Watches otherwise wouldn’t tout them on Squillions like a right proper Del Boy.

The new range of watches from JBW are magnificent. It’s great to see another watch manufacturer using ceramic straps and materials. And as for the design of the new G4 watch. We are overwhelmed, especially by the motif on the left hand side of the watch against the three sub dials on the black gun metal plated stainless steel watch – J6248LK – number one above.