Jeff Leatham’s Fleurology Waterford Collection

Why are you here? I know it’s an unusual way to open an article, to question “what are you doing here?” But why are you here? I find home accessories and so called stuff like these creations from Jeff Leatham’s Fleurology Waterford Collection are a bit like music by a single band or singer. Very rarely do you like or enjoy everything proffered. This isn’t a dinner plate set so you’re in luck, each are available as individual pieces of crystal which you can place around your home as you see fit.

We get a thousand and one emails every day asking us to highlight their products and I can tell you why we first arrived at the decision to delve deeper into this designer crystal flower product range. It was both the cleo red rose bowl and the larger emerald bowl design together with the  two stemmed Waterford glass flowers. Lily Flower Calla and the crystal Orchid. Outstanding choice of colour yet in comparison a bland clear crystal, is it the design I wonder?


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To be fair to Jeff Leatham’s Fleurology project, if you take away what was the first attractive quality to our eyes, we still would have written about the Fleurology Kylie Black Crystal Vase. Which goes to show, there is much more to Fleurology than meets the eye initially. You don’t have to settle for one item, but instead select what suits each room. Should you fancy a bit more of Jeff in your abode, you can return and buy again.

I think what is key with these designs is the passion for bland over colour, a bit like nature itself. Now I can be just as arty farty as the next bod but take me serious for a second. In nature we often discover that where bright colours are not evident, instead hidden treasures and more detail is shown. In some cases effortless detail is matched by a brilliance in colour. Before we look into this Waterford Fleurology crystal collection by Jeff Leatham, an open thought, ‘more colour please!’

Shown: Fleurology Calla Lily Flower 024258526884, Fleurology Tina Bud Vase 23cm 701587014106, Fleurology Orchid Flower 024258526891.

Take the first two inspirational Waterford glass flowers that have been supplied by Leatham. Clear cut crystal that works perfectly on its own. I’m not about to suggest that you use either as a planter, that’s one hell of an expensive crystal planter at £50 but ask yourself, would they look out of place being used as such? You have to understand what Fleurology is all about, it’s a collection of crystal floral arrangement accessories as well as a stand alone piece of feature art.

Is the target market home owners? Office environments, table art for restaurants or even additions for Florists to sell on? I believe it could well cater for all of the above including events management companies. Why? Because the designs are so simple and obvious that to not buy into Jeff Leatham’s Fleurology Waterford Collection would be far  too lazy not to. Ask yourself, is it difficult to imagine a restaurant with 50 covers an hour having the Orchid flower or Call Lilly Flower atop the table nestled inbetween couples? Hardly.

I’m not selling the idea, Jeff has already come up with that. There’s artificial flowers, topiary where live trees are cut into shapes and there’s real flowers. All of which are utilised by both homeowners and businesses alike. But which of you clever sausages have started mixing crystal flowers with real flower arrangements, or collecting several and making a bouquet with one of the Jeff Leatham vases as centrepiece? Now we’re talking Waterford Fleurology vases.

Shown: Fleurology Kylie Vase 30cm 024258526846, Kylie Vase 20cm 024258526839, Kylie Black Vase 30.5cm 701587000475.

Before we run away with comment, we thought we’d find out who this Mr Leatham is, as we didn’t know. He’s big in France and big in flowers. Jeff works with Paris’s Four Seasons Hotel George V as Artistic Director and conjures up delightful and fantasmic floral displays for guests. His collaboration with Waterford Crystal Fleurology is one of many that have put his name in your home. From relationships with Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and Dom Perignon. That’s right, I may not be arty farty, but he is and well paid for it.

We questioned earlier why there wasn’t more colour in the collection. That was before we understood who the actual creator of these works of crystal art were. Asking for more colour would be like asking the Pope for more religion. What part of this natural Earth befallen of natural flowers, doesn’t have bright blues, purples, greens, reds, shades of violet, yellow and here’s us asking for more colour in the crystal like that seen in the red cleo rose bowl.

As much as we are wrong to make such a request, we might be correct when it comes to some homeowners and businesses. Why not a green Fleurology orchid flower or bright purple calla lily? Even a tinge here and there dotted about the glass flowers, they would make fantastic gifts on their own on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the idea however is to nestle the crafted crystal stems alongside and in amongst a bouquet of brightly arranged flowers. Now that’s pretty nifty, don’t you think!?!

Given that art imitates art and you get all types of lovey doveys standing in front of paintings delivering their own warped opinion on the muse or what they envision the piece to mean. Here’s what I think of the Fleurology Kylie vase by Jeff Leatham. It’s Dr Who meets a Space Odyssey but for the flowerpot men. Come on, don’t tell me you can’t see the tardis or a huge structure floating in space? Another effect conjured up is the Penrose staircase optical illusion. Are those pyramids pointing inwards or outwards? Are there any pyramids in the design at all?

Shown: Fleurology Tina Vase 40cm 024258526815, Tina Vase 30cm 024258526822, Red Tina Bud Vase 23cm 701587000468.

If I was a restaurateur, having seen other people serve up food on pieces of wood, slate, chopping boards and any other item as if china plates has been banned by the United Nations, then I’d consider serving cocktails and all manner of drinks from the Waterford Kylie vase. And why not? Who says a Jeff Leatham vase can’t be a drinking vessel instead? Pour a gin and tonic and instead of an umbrella, throw in a carefully placed Fleurology Orchid Flower – I know, I’m a genius.

The Fleurology Collection At Waterford continues with two Jeff Leatham Tina Vases, small 30cm and large 40cm. Two styles of crystal cutting are made use of, contemporary deep cutting with the tangled lines representing stems and the traditional crystal cut below the two shots of whisky line. Yes I’ll get you to drink from these works of art and vases even if it kills me. Don’t forget the Tine bud vase either, a thin 23cm in both clear crystal and red, as well as Amethyst and Amber if you email Waterford Crystal about the Fleurology collection directly.

If you own a flower shop, I implore you to get in on these early. If you own a bar or restaurant, again, service your drinks in these and you’ll be the talk of London town. I’m not about to suggest Soho starts serving noodles from the angled clear rose bowl but this Waterford Fleurology collection has certainly got me thinking. Now to the single items that caught mine and our attention. The colour, the detail, the shape, I’m not even going to say anything else about the Fleurology bowls, just admire them and decide for yourself!

Shown: Red Cleo Angled Rose Bowl 20cm 701587003766, Emerald Cleo Rose Bowl 30.5cm 024258526792, Clear Crystal Cleo Waterford Rose Bowl 20cm 024258526808.

Just in case you were wondering if there were any other similar items in this Fleurology collection, I can confidently reveal that yes there probably will be and there are more to be found states side for some unknown reason. If not a Jeff Leatham Waterford Fleurology design, then in house or by another such known brand name such as Tom Brennan. If we may offer a little French resistance, we also quite like the Waterford Fleurology Molly Light Blue vases in 12in Bouquet style.

We don’t quite understand why the entire range isn’t available in the UK yet, but you can also find Jeff Leatham’s vases and the Tina Bud vase in Amber and Amethyst. With yet more Waterford glass flowers in the form of Tulips, Roses, Lilies and Sunflowers. Falling in love with the Cleo red rose bowl was just the beginning of this encapsulation but it’s even more intriguing to find that the Waterford Fleurology collection is bigger and much better than first thought. A bit like the Dr Who Tardis and the Kylie black vase. Get your crystal fix here.