Jeffrey Campbell Litas Spike Ankle Boots Platform Shoes

For some reason Squillions has  a foot fetish today and is in love with Jeffrey Campbell Litas ankle boots and platform shoes. Well why not, they’re fantastic to look at and really comfortable to wear – which is somewhat unusual for heels. Oh the pains of being fashionable and three centimetres taller…

We’ve already shown you our favourite Jeffrey Campbell Spike Ankle Shoes, now it’s time for the hottest run down on Jeffrey Campbell Lita spike boots. And what an amazing array there are.

Leather suede, spiked, spike-less, wood heel, leopard, all white, neon spikes, crochet fabric, right the way through to our most favourite the Jeffrey Campbell Lita crown platform ankle boot in black leather with gold spikes. Are you ready!?!

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Ankle Boot Black Leather

Plain Jane or Serious Susan? These formal Jeffrey Campbell Lita Ankle Boots are suitable for any occasion and great for the office or shop floor that requires a little sensibility when it comes to dress code and will match any office wear or outfit.

Those Lita boots were made for walking! Fashioned in black leather this platform ankle boot has a real wood heel and shouts style. Plus you can see your face in them! Shine on! Buy or read more here.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Grey Suede Ankle Boot

Be patient, Squillions is warming you up for the eccentric beasts of a Jeremy Campbell Lita boot that will follow. We can’t just throw an American Flag Lita boot in your face.

This Lita boot has a grey suede upper, a superior leather lining, a comfortable and long wearing leather sock, a very sympathetic synthetic sole, a real wood 13cm heel and 5cm platform. Elvis should have sung a song about these. Buy or read more here.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Ankle Boot Black Leopard Print

Now we’re getting started. Rooooaaar! Do leopards roar? Well this one does. Watch others tiptoe around you when wearing these ingeniously crafted Jeffrey Campbell Lita leopard print Nubuck ankle boots.

No madam, it’s not suede, the material is Nubuck which is a leather with a soft, velvet feel surface which is more expensive than suede so pile in and buy buy buy. The Lita is perfectly matched with black leather and two tone heel. Buy or read more here.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita All Over Spike White Leather Ankle Boots

Have you ever been to a White Sensation dance party event? Well now you can baby! I’ve been and I can tell you that so many people have difficulty finding white shoes that match the event and end up wearing trainers. The heathens!

For the uninitiated White sensation requires everything you wear to be white. This beautifully created Jeffrey Campbell Lita White Leather Ankle Boots has silver stud spikes All Over and some fantastic gleaming white laces to go with it. Again the Lita has  a 13cm heel and 5cm platform. Buy or read more here.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Ankle Boot American USA Flag Printed Canvas In Red Blue And White

I know I know, first question is where’s the British flag or Union Flag, why not Scottish? Well no answer but nation aside this Jeffrey Campbell Lita ankle boot is swimming with silver stars on a background of blue printed canvas. There’s no doubt that it resembles the American flag with the stunning red stripes emblazoned across the heel and toe cap.

This wonderfully styled Lita ankle boot has a leather lining, leather sock, a synthetic sole, and boosts your height with a heel of 13 cms and an incredible platform height of 5cms, “Oh say can you see buy…” Buy or read more here.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Ankle Boot Black Leather Pink Spikes Green And Blue Platforms

Wait, this Jeffrey Campbell Lita not only comes with neon pink stud spikes but also bright neon green and neon blue, so if pink isn’t you first choice then stay calm, don’t panic and know your style is safe with Squillions, Office and Mr Campbell.

Whether you’re an emo or a punk rocker or perhaps you’re just a little out there and want something to break from the mundane in life, well here it is. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Neon Spike ankle boot will change your day and most probably everyone else’s that witnesses you strut your funky stuff.

As with most Jeffrey Campbell Litas on this page, the boot has a leather lining, leather sock, synthetic sole, a heel height of 13cms and a platform height of 5cms. The lace holes are brilliant neon too. Crazy! Buy or read more here.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boot White Crochet Fabric Shoe

If you’re looking for an item that is a little bit country in a big part of the city then this Lita ankle boot goes a long way towards that aim.

I’m not quite sure how fabric works on shoes but the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boot with White Crochet Fabric is probably best for those dry evenings or for the spring time. The real wood heel adds to the charming country feel and the fabric is enticing in a fantastically crochet knitwear style.

As with most Lita ankle boots, it has a leather lining, leather sock, synthetic sole, 13cms heel and a platform of 5cms. Buy or read more here.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Gold Metallic Shoes

Are you disco dancing? Moondance! Or perhaps you just like putting your legs in the air so your man can shave and see his face at the same time – how very courteous of you! I like your groove baby!

There’s something about Mary and indeed most women that makes them wear shiny, glittering fashion accessories that make them glow above other women. Well this Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Ankle Boot certainly does that in a clever way with a complete all over Gold Metallic synthetic upper. Buy or read more here.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Boot Black Gold Spikes

If you scroll down and a look at the last Lita boot you’ll see that good Ol’ Jeremy is trying to get you to buy two ankle boots instead of just the one pair.

This great black leather lita boot has gold spikes along the heel and the other has a gold metal toe cap covered in stud spikes. A shame they’re not the one boot. Clever Jeremy. With 16 eyes for laces and a 5cm platform. If you want men looking at the back of your shoe rather than your bum… Buy or read more

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Black Suede Shoes

So here’s the joke you’ve all be waiting for “I’m a Lita bit jealous of you!” and so will all your friends when you waltz in on the stupendously manufactured Jeffrey Campbell Lita black suede shoes.

Covered top to toe in finest black suede – not Nubuck this time – you’ll be the sight for sore eyes. As with most of Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s this ankle boot has a black suede upper, leather lining and sock, synthetic sole, 13cm heel and 5cm platform. Buy or read more

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Ankle Boot Wooden

Am I the only one who instantly thinks of a Trojan Horse when viewing this Jeffrey Campbell Lita Wood effect Ankle Boot? Maybe it’s just my personality but if the Greeks had marched into Troy wearing these Litas then maybe they might not have had to build that whacking great big horse.

If this boot suits your personality, cheeky, tricky, plans of subterfuge and dare daring then this Lita is for you. The ankle boot has an all encompassing wood effect synthetic upper and laces to match. Buy or read more here.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Crown Platform Ankle Boot With Black Leather And Gold Spikes

Whoa there mumma! What the hell are you wearing!! Hey mum you’re the mumma, I’m the bubba. As conversations go, that’s a pretty good definition of these Jeffrey Campbell Lita crown platform ankle boots. Ask your little brother how many holes he has on his bum cheek the next time he’s a pain.

There are no less than thirteen huge gold spikes on this Jeffrey Campbell Lita boot, with a few dozens centred underneath and to the right and left, with the entire toe cap covered in canvas gold material. The black leather boot with widened heels makes this lita very fetching indeed. Buy or read more here.

We’ve enjoyed writing all about Jeffrey Campbell Lita ankle boots, stay tuned! Don’t forget to check for the newest Office discount codes here.