Jeffrey Campbell Spikes Heels Shoes Online At Office

Welcome to the world of Jeffrey Campbell,  a shoe designer who loves to entertain and make what you wear the entertainment. Not only for yourself but for the audience too. Squillions has selected a variety of Jeffrey Campbell spikes heels, platforms and court shoes online and also Jeffrey Campbell Lita ankle boots featured also.

Spikes and studs have featured on clothing ever since bones were a mammoth fashion icon in the Neanderthal era so it’s no surprise that these Jeffrey Campbell spike heels should tempt our inner beast some 200,000 years later.

Jeffrey Campbell Madame Red Suede Spike Heel Shoes

This court shoe is so original, the beefy toed Madame high heel is an all in one platform, court, heel and stud shoe that will have your dress sense smacked around and landed straight into next week. You’ll not only be in fashion darling, you’ll be BF – Before Fashion.

The Jeffrey Campbell Madame Red Suede Spike Heel comes complete with nine spikes up the back of the heel – you’ll need to beep beep beep if you walk backwards in these, a leather lining, leather sock and a synthetic sole. This style is also available in black suede.

The 14cm heel will certainly elevate you over the competition at the bar and a 3cm platform will have you reaching for the stars. Buy or read more here.

Jeffrey Campbell During Spike Black Suede Silver Shoe

It’s clear by now that Jeffrey Campbell is the Chaucer of shoes. This During spike court platform is the holier than though version of the Okey Spike, that’s right, it has an hole, a classic peep toe court shoe .

Yes you can stick your tootsies out. Go to war and be semi naked – oh what fun! The During Spike heel is staked to the high heavens with evil little prolonged spikes. If shoes are supposed to match your personality, I’m keeping quiet on that suggestion… see it’s working already!

Some may think you slipped your feet into an hedgehog ala Victor Meldrew, but one thing is for sure, they’re probably just as comfortable. The black suede spike heel has a leather sock, synthetic sole, a 14cm heel and a 3cm platform. Also available with gold or silver spikes. Buy or read more here.

Jeffrey Campbell Okayspike Black Suede Heels Shoes

This is a full on foot war machine. It’s not only an out here fashion statement, it’s “mess with me and Jeffrey is going to get you.” A full on shoe show time!

The Jeffrey Campbell Okayspike Black Suede Heel Shoe is a phenomenally black spiked platform shoe from rear to front and top to bottom. The only part of the shoe there isn’t a spike is the inside – because that would be silly. A massive 5.5cm platform and 14.5cm heel will ensure you are heads and tails above all other mere mortals that you wish to leave behind in your wake.

Your slaves and servants won’t only be saying Okay Spike when you wear this Jeffrey Campbell black suede spike platform, they’ll also be muttering; Most definitely Spike and right away sergeant spike! Buy or read more here.

Jeffrey Campbell Battle Spike High Heel Nude Suede

Women are supposed to be ladies at all time and while men may think they have all the rage, a true woman knows that when it comes to war, she’s got the trump card. And with these Jeffrey Campbell Battle Spike High Heel Nude Suede shoes you’ll certainly be winning any battle of the minds.

Ladies, if you want fashion and rage, here it is. Let’s be honest, which person is going to argue with you as you strut down the street or hall way wearing these Jeffrey Campbell Battle Spike shoes. A menacing toe cap full of gold spikes finishes off this nude suede high heel shoe. The Battle spike has leather lining, rubber sock, 13.5cm sole and a 3.5cm heel.

Dangerous, you will be. Want to win the day with your partner? Just kick them up the bum while wearing these and he’ll be subservient forever, although you may wish to buy the other styles to keep him on edge and ensuring your daily fashion is in control yet at the same time, refreshing. Buy or read more here. View the latest Office shoes voucher codes for additional savings.