Jewellery Channel LucyQ Drip Necklaces And Bangles

Who Is Lucy Quatermaine?

Lucy Quartermaine is an award winning jewellery designer who manufacturers sterling silver pieces for online retailers and high street shops. Some of Lucy’s most notable work has been a resounding success and can be found at The Jewellery Channel. LucyQ drip necklaces and bangles are popular amongst many women for all occasions.

Based out of Chester, England, Lucy’s contemporary jewellery collections have been worn by many Celebrities the world over. While the works are not exceptionally high priced, this is silver sterling jewellery. The designs themselves are a selling point in their own right. In particular the unique drop and drip necklaces.

The awards range from Trendsetter in the Hot100 Professional Jeweller  2013 to nominations for both the UK Jewellery Awards and the British Jewellery Association Awards in 2013 and 2014. LucyQ’s achievements for jewellery design are probably only going to grow in stature in the coming years as her learning curve widens. View The LucyQ collection here.

What Are LucyQ Drip Necklaces And Bangles?

LucyQ drip necklaces are of a design that denotes a certain aspect of nature. All around us nature grows in its own way forming shapes upwards, sideways and downwards. Water too falls and drips,if we could freeze frame nature you would see a lot of those shapes in the LucyQ collection.

The LucyQ drip necklaces look absolutely divine when worn with evening dress. The drip necklaces from LucyQ actually draws a viewer to the female form. While being unique pieces that can set the tone for a whole jewellery ensemble. Not only are they lightweight but they also feel nice to wear. Either as a normally positioned necklace or draped from the back of the neck as a so called ‘backlace.’

The LucyQ drip bangles are a firm favourite amongst women who enjoy the feel of their jewellery. In both the LucyQ Multi Drop Bangle Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Size and LucyQ Multi Drip Bangle Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver, shown below. The hanging drops of silver sterling caress the wrist, arm and hand while worn. Visually drawing attention to body movement.

Wearing jewellery of course is to ensure a woman feels good about herself, keeps in line with fashion trends but in many aspects, drip jewellery is also worn to look sexy towards a partner or a yet unknown person. LucyQ drip jewellery achieves both of these statements with ease. Sturdy fashion pieces which will last a lifetime and the entry level is inexpensive also.

In some cases the sterling silver LucyQ drip necklaces are overlaid with other precious metals, such as Rhodium (a form of platinum) or 14k gold. This can be seen with the Sterling Silver LucyQ Multi Drip Necklace with 14K Gold Overlay. Such is the glamour of the piece, that it ranks a hugely popular and has an overall rating of nine out of ten by Revoo users on comfort, appearance, style, ease of putting on, wow factor and value for money. You can view this feedback at the bottom of each of the Jewellery Channel LucyQ jewellery piece pages.

By far, our favourite at Squillions, is the Sterling Silver LucyQ Dripping Wave Necklace, shown top left. It is a piece with many hanging drip sterling silver droplets and wide across the neck and chest. Complicated for the eye, but works in the drip effect really well. While the main platform is rather wide it is still lightweight. For a turn on this work, take a gander at the Sterling Silver LucyQ Drip Necklace in a V Shape, bottom left.

Darker tones on the frame resemble the aforementioned piece but feature more heavily on the drip effect. Do take note with the Dripping wave necklace, the five leafed – possibly four leaf clover positioned at the rear of the chain is an additional reason to buy a LucyQ drip necklace lucky charm.

Whether you are looking to buy drip bangles or drip necklaces we are sure you will find exceptional jewellery within the LucyQ collection. From simple silver sterling jewellery pieces like the three drip LucyQ Triple Long Drip Necklace Size or the more widespread use of drop jewellery effects within LucyQ 19 Drip Necklace 22 Gms – middle right and LucyQ Drip Necklace Sterling Silver 35 Gms both with 19 solid sterling silver drips.

There are many more LucyQ drip bangles featured at The Jewellery Channel and many more variation of LucyQ drip necklaces too. You can also check for TJC discount codes and vouchers to see if you can lower the price of these fascinating drip jewellery pieces. Simplicity or complicated design features are an individual persuasion. Thankfully these drip effect necklaces have both ends of the spectrum in the LucyQ collection. View more of Lucy Quartermaine’s works of art here.