Jewels of India Kagem Zambian Emerald Rings

About Emeralds: Aside from the fact the gemstones are vibrantly green, it is worth understanding a little about the four C’s when it comes to gemstones. Diamonds are naturally clear and without fault, however when an Emerald is mined it often needs treatment and each are heavily included but this tends not to affect pricing too much. And such inclusions do not impair the beauty of these much sought after jewels.

Who Are Jewels Of India? This manufacturer of sterling silver jewellery with gemstones is based in Chino, California. Seemingly taking in three continents, the styles of India, the Gems of Africa and all brought together on the continent of North America. Some of which are the very popular Jewels of India Kagem Zambian emerald rings.

About Kagem Zambian Emeralds: Zambia is home to the second largest open pit Emerald mining operation in the world after Columbia, accounting for 20% of yearly global yield. One such mine is run by Kagem. Hence Kagem Zambian Emeralds running the Kagem Zambian Mine in partnership with Zambia’s government. Let’s look at a few examples of where those Zambian emeralds end up.

The magic of gemstone jewellery is the ability to mix and match the variety of colours and styles to make one outstanding piece. It has to be said that the 14K Yellow Gold Kagem Zambian Emerald Ring with diamonds has achieved this and in an exceedingly great way.

Simple and at an affordable cost. Pairing three rows of three baguettes worth 1CT and four rows of diamonds making for an incredible 1.2 Ct Jewels of India Emerald ring.

Emeralds always talk to us from an historical aspect. They remind us of centuries past and a more basic form of living. But also of fantasy and adventure. The Oval Kagem Zambian Emerald Solitaire Ring has a total carat weight of 7.060 ct

It’s a sizeable gem with rings of sterling silver pearls rising like a tower out of Babylon. Glimmering in the light, it will no doubt bring a great many people to their knees as they honour your presence and kiss your Jewels of India Kagem Zambian Emerald Solitaire Ring.

Sterling silver is one of the oldest methods of fixing gemstones into a jewellery piece. This 2.65 CT Kagem Zambian Emerald Ring in Sterling Silver is akin to jewellery which can be associated to the realms of King Arthur or the Game of Thrones.

Almost Gothic in appearance, this twin pear emerald ring with a 925S White Silver sterling band has both traditional appeal and will work with many an outfit.

While the Jewels of India Kagem Zambian emerald rings are not the most expensive of jewellery pieces, the beauty held within an Emerald is unmistakable. Often with gemstone jewellery the attractive quality is in the surrounding design elements. Even if paired with a cheaper material in a design such as sterling silver solitaire rings

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