Jobs At Sainsburys Recruitment Drive

I’m sure Squillions aren’t the only ones in the UK considering the irony of jobs in Sainsburys latest recruitment drive for fulfilment of positions in new and soon to be opened convenience stores in the UK. They already have 500 shops in situ, the latest being opened in Southsea.

Tesco got off to a great start with their Tesco Express on the High Street but as it tried to move into the more conventional, historic towns and villages, the locals fought back. So quite how Sainsburys are managing to claim ground from co-op and smaller convenience stores is anybody’s guess.

The irony is of course the statement emanating from Sainsburys that big out of town supermarkets are falling in popularity due to several reasons; people are more unwilling to travel out of town and wish to reduce food waste… this of course is mere spin.

As a brand which operates both convenience stores and supermarkets, while they still utilise combined buying power, they wish to tap into both markets and grow both against their rivals. A few of which have found receivership in the last few years. Take a look or search for jobs at Sainsburys recruitment drive.

This news will be swallowed with a sour taste by quite a few shop owners and high street vendors who over the last twenty years saw tradition trade die and their businesses follow suit. The corner shop and local market used to be the central point of most villages and towns, only to be scuppered by a cheaper shop out of town that had more buying power.

And now the retailers who propositioned supermarket shopping and huge retail parks are retreating and falling back to more traditional high street shopping. Filling gaps either left by convenience stores that went out of business or taking on existing and growing convenience store chains that price convenience food at a 24 hour non stop cost for profit.

Nevertheless, the competition is obviously there for more stores and jobs are definitely needed and Sainsburys bringing online another 10,000 positions is good news. However the battle for your tuck shop money is firmly under way.

The traditional supermarkets have buying power so existing Mom and Pop convenience stores will go out of business but at least they can go work next door for Tesco’s or get jobs in Sainsburys recruitment drive. Many of us have worked at a supermarket or store and they are good employers however you can’t help but feel sorry for high street businesses which are already struggling.

The quandary is this, supermarkets came and conquered, now they’re on the high street touting for business from where they first borrowed it. Jobs at Sainsburys and jobs at Tescos and the local non nationwide brand convenience store are all well and good but where will the next battle ground be? High street clothes shops from Tesco and Sainsbury?

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