Jonathan Aston Hold Ups And Tights At Legs 11

Who Is Jonathan Aston? Jonathan isn’t the man who put ista into Fashionista with their website heralding the invitation to “Become An Astonista?” Nor is he a man at all. You see, we searched upon Jonathan Aston tights for an answer but had to email the company directly. Because we found that Ralph Salem was the founder of the Leicester based hosiery company back in 1965. So is Ralph Salem the distinguished Jonathan Aston?

Really, Who Is Jonathan Aston? The company reply: Awaiting response.

What Are Jonathan Aston Tights? As we have so far discovered, Jonathan Aston tights are a brand invented by Ralph Salem that took the British fashion industry by storm. With the 1960’s being all about legs in fashion, it was quite a fortunate period to launch. Soon Ralph Salem’s tights were being worn by all the best known models and female singers (some male punk rockers too, as gender was irrelevant to the genre) of that era, most notably Twiggy.

Although renowned for Jonathan Aston hosiery with fishnets in vivid colours and bright opaques, the tights and stockings are still available in classic sheers and monotone Jonathan Aston tights. There are two fantastic ranges with this manufacturer who only sells their products via the high street and online stockists.

One such cheap Jonathan Aston stockist is Legs 11 – view the catalogue here. The first range is termed the collection, which includes nets, opaques, vintage, anklets and simply colour. The second is their catwalk releases for fashion seasons such as Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter. Here you’ll find the newest catalogue of Jonathan Aston hosiery.

Jonathan Aston Hold Ups: There is a wide range of tights and stockings in the hold ups range, each with differing denier. The vintage collection however always has an alluring back seam. While considered a little naughty and a bit over the top for office wear today, back in 40’s, 50’s and 60’s they were common place.

Featured above is the Jonathan Aston Contrast Seam and Heel Hold Up which are 15 denier and perfect for the Spring and Summer months. Made from 85% Polyamide and 15% Lycra if you consider that your Nan used to wear these during the war, you can jump back in time and remind all the men of today how sexy and forthright women have always been. Jonathan Aston hold ups aren’t always with black seam, there are adventurous black and scarlet, as well as the popular nude and black seam black style.

The image below features the Jonathan Aston Antique Hold Ups available in both Ivory and Black, these are a slightly thicker 20 denier and offers a faint lace patterning and a pretty upper 5cm lace welt. These lace sheer Jonathan Aston hold ups have been replaced by the new season’s catalogue so get them while you still can.  If you’re looking for less restrictive intimates, then hold ups are definitely the way to go.

Jonathan Aston Fishnet Tights: Continuing the line in the Vintage collection are the more daring fishnet tights. Fishnet back seam tights and Fishnet back seam Jonathan Aston hold ups. These are such a well thought out product that your Mum was probably flaunting a pair when she was the same age as you. Ask her if she recognises them and I guarantee you’ll hear a story or two.

If a back seam wasn’t enough to tempt the eyes around the world, then fishnets are not only going to put you on the map but send signals to Alpha Centauri as well. If back seam hold ups are the vintage school girl look with St. Trinian’s styling then fishnets must be in the borderline pin up category. But why shouldn’t you be the Queen of the catwalk wherever you go? Jonathan Aston hold ups have been the cause of as many marriages as there have been break ups – of that I’m sure so go get ’em girls!

To save money on Jonathan Aston tights and stockings, head on over to our dedicated tights discount codes page and we will endeavour to bring you regular offers on the brands you cherish the most. However, if you wish to shop directly with a Jonathan Aston stockist, visit the link to find cheap tights and stockings that enable you to expand your wardrobe for less.