Joules Langworth Mens Tweed Jackets Navy, Green & Brown

There are a new range of Joules Langworth Men’s Tweed Jackets that have arrived on the scene for Autumn and with Scotland going to the polls, what better way to mark the event than with an article about an item of clothing that is as distinctly Scottish, as it is English, as it is British.

You can throw out those Summery velvet swimming shorts and impossibly tight pure white cotton vests. High society invariably requires you to dress for the occasion. Having Squillions can only ever be truly reflected in public by wearing the oldest of old British clothing fabrics.

Which brings us to tweed. A very hard wearing yet stylish material which will see one of these Navy Langworth Men’s Tweed jackets handed down to your male lineage for the next century. Public school entry, proms, first date, first job, first antique car purchase. The male line in your family will be smartly dressed for any occasion for the next 100 years with these classic tweed blazers.

As if timed to be released in conjunction with the Scotland referendum of Independence, there are three distinct styles to choose from. A green bramble check Langworth tweed jacket, a brown Donald tweed jacket to represent the English and another Navy tweed tartan style Joules Langworth men’s tweed jacket. A two to one ratio. Each have magnificent Joules logo hare embroidery on the inside of the jacket and a contrast colour under the collar.

Tweed, if you didn’t know, is of Scottish heritage and is the product of a tightly weaved fabric involving many colours using unfinished wool. It is less soft and more hard wearing. Typically the English misunderstood Tweels weaved for Tweed – according to Wikipedia. Hence Tweed, from the River Tweed stuck. Whatever way the Scottish independence vote goes, this jacket and material personifies British roots and this is shown within these three differing styles of Joules Langworth Men’s Tweed Jackets in Navy, Green Bramble and Brown.

The Joules Langworth tweed jackets are selling so fast, that sheep are working over time to grow a new coat. Scotland’s farmers have even begun importing sheep and issuing new animal passports to those from New Zealand, Poland and other woolly and baa sounding regions. Tweed was originally designed for the Edwardian middle classes, these Langworth men’s tweed jackets represent the upper and middle classes who wish to look the part. Whether shooting deer or celebrating your old dear’s birthday, these Joules Langworth tweed jackets are just the part, darling.

You may be looking at the pictures above thinking these are built for the svelte, tall North European bloodline but there’s better news. The tweed jackets don’t just look great if you’re blonde, they fit chest sizes from 36 inches to 46 inches. With three distinct colours and designs to choose from, your shooting weekends and pint down the local in the rural retreat of Derbyshire and beyond are as fashionable a cat walk as ever before.

Tweed. Quintessentially British. Of Scottish heritage and English tailoring. Refined for the Gentleman of any age, you can truly strut your stuff in any of the Joules Langworth tweed suits for men. The quality of the fabric and stitching is reflected by the cost of purchasing the finest Gentleman’s tweed jackets in the UK. Even the detail on buttons from text print to the Queen’s crown offers a British authenticity second to none.

Upgrade your wardrobe and make room this Autumn 2014 for something that fits the time of our nation. Such an historic moment, no matter which way the vote goes will be emboldened and truly remembered with this Joules Langworth men’s tweed jacket. Go blue for conservative, all out for the check and Scottish support or enjoy the occasion and future events with a Brown Donald tweed jacket.

These men’s tweed jackets from Joules are 100% wool, have leather patches on the elbows and a functional cuff with different buttons. They are the ultimate in classic tweed blazers yet offer modernity whether independence follows or the Union remains. Tweed is not an easy material to fall in love with, yet they are a fashion icon that have lasted the test of time for more than 200 years. Change the jacket on your men’s tweed suit ensemble or match the Joules Langworth men’s tweed jacket with a Joules coat for full winter effect.

Take a closer look at the Joules Langworth tweed jackets in brown Donald tweed, Green Bramble check and Navy tartan style. Observe the detail, hand drawn inner linings, the stitching, the quality of the rough Tweed woollen fabric and pass it down through the generations. The Scottish are a practical, no nonsense race, much like these tweed jackets. By adding an English touch, the British tailoring proffers an upper class effect of well designed, tailored, measured to fit clothing.

So in true Scotsman style, “while a pretty face may suit the dish cloth you’ll be a long time dead.” You had better spend those £200 British notes before they become defunct currency and the Merk or English Penny is revived. Swap your heard earned for some high quality tweed and historic reference in the form of these Joules Langworth men’s tweed jackets. And being on a Scottish topic, get tight and save with Joules voucher codes.