Jumby Bay Villas Long Island Antigua

There exists an island far far away off the shores of Antigua and Barbuda that has been attracting the rich and famous for decades. Long Island or Jumby Bay Island as its now native people wish it to be known, have turned a tropical landscape of three hundred acres into a supremely private island location.

While the Jumby Bay villa owners do indeed reside for some parts of the year, the remaining weeks and months are split between tourists seeking incredible vistas, tremendously lavish villa holidays to while away their free time, and at great expense. For these luxury Caribbean villas are not ordinary, architects come great distances just to make their mark.

Jumby Bay and Jumby Beach are just one namesake area that make up Long Island but the commercialisation as a tourist hot spot for the wealthy has deemed this placed to be termed Jumby Bay island. Despite the white sandy beaches of Pasture Bay, Flinty Bay, Buckley Bay, Loblolly Bay, Pond Bay and Davis Bay. Jumby was simply the area that was the most developed with luxury hotels and spas.

Luxury Jumby Bay Villas, Private Homes & Resort

To be sure it could be possible to actually find out who owns which Jumby Bay villas on the island. It could be Oprah Winfrey or Lord Sainsbury, it’s hard to say. One thing we do know is that to rent a villa on Jumby Bay Island is not cheap. A group booking an Antigua luxury villa could well spend upwards of £70,000 collectively on a week in paradise.

The important fact to realise is that this is well and truly a private escape. There are only two ways on to the island accepting helicopters that may land, and that’s via private yacht or the Jumby Bay island’s very own private yacht which has a private dock on Antigua awaiting its very special guests.

Gardens Of Villa Kairos Jumby Bay Resort

There are over a dozen Jumby Bay villas for rent on Long Island each coming with an horrendous amount of acreage, most of five acres or more containing tropical landscapes with gardens and paths to wander through and often 8000 square feet of property to get lost within. Ample room for ten or even sixteen guests to enjoy an holiday on their own as a family or couple while mingling inbetween.

What truly separates Caribbean and Antigua villas from the rental villas on Jumby Bay Island is the facilities, amenities and services. In collaboration with the actual Jumby Bay resort there is far more on offer than you can at first imagine. Decadence comes in the form of services such as a Private Chef, Butler and Housekeeper.

No, it’s not a joke. Within most packages which are termed all inclusive villas, it’s not comparable to Bulgaria or the Costas where food and some drinks are included. This is all inclusive for the well heeled. Your personal chef will cook gourmet cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Butler will assist whenever possible, as will your Villa representative and the Housekeeper will carry out her daily duties with the utmost proficiency.

Let’s take a brief overview at what these Long Island, Jumby Bay Villas in Antigua and Barboda have to offer. Click ‘read more’ for more details about each luxury Caribbean villa and prepare to feel your jaw drop.

A Selection Of Luxury Jumby Bay Villas On Long Island

Villa Kairos Jumby Bay Island AntiguaVilla Kairos

Budget: £70,000+ A Week

  • 7 bedrooms, sleeps 14
  • Private heated 14m infinity swimming pool
  • Beach: 5 metres / Shops: 150m
  • Butler, Chef, Housekeeper, Golf buggies

Villa Kairos is situated on the West of Long Island and is in walking distance of Jumby Bay Beach and The Veranda. It has a main villa complex and two luxury cottages containing seven to eight bedrooms.

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Morning Glory Villa At Jumby Bay Island AntiguaMorning Glory Villa

Budget: £80,000+ A Week

  • 8 bedrooms, sleeps 16
  • Private jacuzzi & 20m infinity swimming pool
  • Beach: 10 metres / Shops: 500m
  • Butler, Chef, Housekeeper, Fitness Gym

The Morning Glory Villa can be found on the South upper side of the Jumby Bay Island and above the Main Dock area. An exceptional Antigua villa spread across two floors within six acres of land, with private tennis courts, beach bar and BBQ.

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Lazy Lizard Villa At Jumby Bay AntiguaLazy Lizard Villa

Budget: £60,000+ A Week

  • 6 bedrooms, sleeps 12
  • Private 6000 sq ft free form swimming pool
  • Beach: 10 metres / Shops: 150m
  • Butler, Chef, Housekeeper, Floating Dining Room

A little piece of Indonesia in the Caribbean. The Lazy Lizard Villa is pavilion after pavilion centred around the largest private swimming pool ever seen. Floor lit tennis courts, BBQ in amongst 18,000 sq feet of property. Sublime.

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As you can see from the brief encounter above, these three villas alone are exceptional, imagine what the remaining Jumby Bay villas are like. It’s luxury that you can actually buy, well rent. The servitude isn’t a necessity but a person cannot argue that it doesn’t help the Caribbean villa rental holiday go a lot smoother and frees up more valuable holiday time.

A lot of these properties come with golf buggies and bicycles so you can get around the island. As it is mostly without vehicles. Yet is there much reason to leave the perimeter once you’re in? Private tennis courts, beach bars, life size chess and draughts, croquet lawns with beach bars, outdoor dining with Chef and all the swimming pool you could ask for.

Jumby Bay Resort Hotel Rooms and Residences

Yes there is more. There’s a bouquet shop which has all the latest fashion trends, several restaurants and bars and a variety of activities based around the island. From snorkelling around the coral reefs to taking a private yacht out for the day or joining a tour and island hopping. There’s even a conservation area, the Hawksbill Turtle Project.

Restaurants such as The Estate House, Pool Grill and the Beach Shack serve up gourmet cuisine and snacks throughout the day and evening, this on top of home cooked food by your very own Jumby Bay Villa with Chef for the duration. It really is an entirely different world and no on cares who you are. If Jack Nicholson walked in it would be expected not a surprise. Unless he dies since this article was written, then it might be a shock.

Beach At Villa Kairos Jumby Bay Resort Antigua

If the sun bleached white sandy beaches aren’t enough go and enjoy the resort’s offerings of Spa and Wellness, Salon Services, body treatments and massage. Even after discovering all of this, the pools, tennis courts you can organise a short transfer to Antigua to partake in its night life and visit the world famous Cedar Valley Golf Course or island hop to any other island in the Caribbean.

There are over thirty private Jumby Bay villas and estate houses which truly push the boat out for everybody. While the phrase is that you cannot buy luxury like this, you can, you are and you will and it is most certainly worth every penny you spend. Jumby Bay all inclusive villa holidays are unmatched globally, the amenities, facilities, the service, expectations met.

These are Jumby Bay Villas on Long Island in Antigua – your home for as long as you can afford it. Morning Glory villa, Lazy Lizard Villa and Villa Kairos are just the tip of the iceberg but are the best as late availability villas in the Caribbean on occasions. However there’s also Tir Na Nog, Calabash and dozens more and that’s even without the Rosewood Jumby Bay resort rooms.