La Boite Concept Laptop Table Dock LD 130 120

For the child who believes they have everything thanks to Mummy and Daddy having Squillions, they will probably have to rethink their bedroom if they ever set their eyes on La Boite Concept Laptop Table LD 120. I should think even the most determined Peter Pan over the age of thirty in the household would have a problem giving this laptop dock as a present. Or at the very least pretending it is a gift but then continuing to borrow it a lot for themselves.

There is one distinct difficulty with all this new technology in the modern age. Where to store and how to use it. For the past ten to twenty years as computers moved into the home, we’ve pretty much known where the computer or iMac goes. It stays fixed in position on the computer desk in whichever room. Bedroom for children, living room if for the family. But laptops, iPhones, smart phones, tablets – where do they end up?

The answer is absolutely everywhere. The distinction delivered by La Boite Concept Laptop Table LD 130 is that it is the home for all those little gadgets as well as the laptop itself. Where did you put the laptop tonight? Under the bed after using it? Balanced on a book shelf, perhaps even hidden away back inside a laptop bag. Your tablet? Under the bed too probably. With a dedicated laptop desk it can be pride and place in your home.


Before we move on to the features of the LD 120 La Boite Concept Laptop Desk, let me ask you how much all of your technological devices cost you. Barring the computer that has the luxury of its own desk of course. How much was that, £60, £400? I can perhaps guess the rest. A few hundred for the tablet. Several hundred, if not thousands on the laptop. Then add all the family’s mobile phones and iPods. Each in danger of being accidentally damaged due to being strewn across the home. Not forgetting all the wires used to charge the devices.

What if I informed you that there is a laptop dock in the form of the French made La Boite Concept Laptop Table that could hold all of these devices. Can recharge them via its many auxiliary ports and all from a single plug which is so tidy it streams out from the bottom of one of the rear table legs. I must admit, I haven’t even got to the whole point of this La Boite Concept laptop docking station yet. Embedded within are seven top of the range speakers, which for any aficionado of music will now start to understand what this expensive gadget is really for.

The only way we can explain briefly the obvious downsides of modern technology is this. No one single company has invented a battery for a mobile phone that lets you use it without being attached to a wall at any point during the day. The same goes for speakers. iPhone, Smart phones, tablets and yes I’m afraid even Laptops, rubbish speakers in the third degree. But now, Ladies and Gentlemen, enter La Boite Concept Laptop Table LD 130 with its hi-fi speaker system and we are talking a whole different level of music listening and enjoyment.

And enjoyment is the key isn’t it? You can plug in almost any device to listen to your catalogue of music – also streaming. iPod, iPhone, any smart phone, particularly laptops, even a CD player into RCA auxiliary in plug. Or take advantage of the latest technology to wirelessly broadcast from any one device to La Boite Concept Laptop Table. This is handled via a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver and the Apt-X codec. Confused? OK, chuck in a Burr-Brown DAC converter as well for good measure. Thanks to the MAC and PC USB hifi soundcard, your music is streamed directly through its technology and not that of your handheld device or laptop.

Yes it’s a desk which you can sit at to work, study or play. Yes it’s a speaker system and a high end one I might add. Yes you can charge all of your smart devices from the desk too and make use of only one trailing plug and its tidy storage areas. Tidy up your house of all those roaming gadgets and have them stored in one safe and secure position in your home. Yet La Boite Concept Laptop Table is the desk that keeps on giving. For feature full it certainly it is.

Let’s look at the design. The manufacturer, La Boite Concept 120 is in no doubt that its creations are a first. Hence concept, and this souped up desk really is as niche as it gets. Built into this magnificent laptop desk dock is a 100% leather platform blotter from which to work from and place the laptop on a Silicon isolation system offering a sound vibration proof footing. The varnished natural wood finish rises from the floor on four piano lacquered wood like legs in a variety of colours, red, black, white or grey depending on the model you buy.

It really is the first of its kind, although China based businesses are probably copying the design as you read this. There is a soon to be patented technology involved also. The ‘Wide Stereo Sound’ claims to ensure the high fidelity stays constant whether on low volume or high, at the desk or at the other end of the round. This works by assembling the sub woofers in such a manner that the widest possible crossover is engineered.

You won’t find the drivers system anywhere else in the world as they have been specifically made for La Boite Concept Laptop Table Dock. The whole unit is comprised of 7 Subwoofers (16 cm) and mediums (10 cm) with aluminium bowls and two soft dome silk tweeters , diameter 25 + 2 cm wide strips and 8 cms in the back. The acoustic speaker system takes into consideration maximum air flow and the working parts are delicately tuned to ensure no gruff is experienced and that all tone frequency variations are handled to perfection.

You can view all La Boite Concept laptop docking station’s specifications below. Needless to say, the reviews of the desk have been overwhelmingly positive across the board and any one who loves speakers will advise that to buy a similar set of large quality speakers would set you back an equal amount if not more. But what can you do with your average speakers aside from having a good looking piece of equipment to talk about and admire?

This is a functional and high quality laptop desk dock that not only delivers on style and design but on listening ability too. OK, it’s pricey and quite why it’s being sold at a retailer dedicated to children I don’t know. It is an adult’s play toy but I also have the feeling that there are a great many teenagers out there who would love to receive it as a Birthday or Christmas present to show off to their friends. It could well be the modern age babe magnet. At worst it’s a stupendously expensive wooden desk but play that music on arrival across all smart devices and we’re sure it will leave a lasting impression.

The difference in music play comes from the embedded HI-Fi sound card which is integrated and takes over from your plugged in devices hardware. Whether you make use of the HD Wireless Music Kit or the RCA / mini jack, your music will sound like it is supposed to. There are even knobs to fiddle with, to mess with general, bass and treble volumes so you can attune that Beatles album just how you prefer.

Fashionable, contemporary and just the right amount of function and compatibility to make any teenager put this on their wish list. But will Dad keep it for himself? There is one further issue to deal with. Which do you buy? La Boite Concept LD 130 or LD 120? So far we have detailed the LD 120. The LD 130 model is slightly wider by 11.5 cms and has 130 watts capability compared to 120 watts with an 80 watt RCM instead of 70 watt.

The other distinctions to compare between are, the use of carbon and kevlar cones instead of paper. An ATOLL Burr-Brown carte sound card DAC and a larger trapdoor storage compartment. With an alternative design style of guitar-like natural wood over the piano like lacquered wood finish. To be quite even more finite, La Boite Concept Laptop Table LD 130 has yellow gold speakers on the front of the desk to add an extra special design touch.

If I was 15 years old again and received this as a gift I would be very happy indeed. Whether you choose La Boite Concept LD 120 or 130, you will be receiving quality sound and a place to not only store devices and recharge in one tidy area, but a place to work and enjoy your music and games at the same time. Head on over and find out more about La Boite Concept Laptop table.

La Boite Concept Laptop Table Dock Specifications 120 / 130

General Features:

  • 2.1 active speaker with WideSound ® stereophony
  • Burr-Brown ® DAC (USB sound card) / Burr-Brown® ATOLL® DAC (USB sound card) : 192 kHz high fidelity integrated converter of the digital signal for reading audio files on computers, including streaming and USB PC / Mac connection


  • Ready-to-use system. One single plug required to operate the LD 120 / 130.

Loud Speakers

  • 7 La Boite concept drivers
  • 2 X ∅ 50 mm (2 inch) Tweeters with 1,1 in. diameter silk dome
  • 2 x ∅ 70 mm (2,75 inch) Full range
  • 2 x ∅ 100 mm (4.0 inch) Medium drivers aluminium basket, Kevlar cones
  • 1 x ∅ 160 mm (6 inch) Woofers aluminium basket, Carbon cones
  • Speakers and amplifiers with shielding (against waves)

Frequency range

  • 20 Hz to 20 KHz

Amplifier Watt RMS

  • 2 x 25 Watts RMS at 8 ohms
  • 1 x 70 / 80 Watts RMS at 8 ohms
  • Total developed power: 120 / 130 Watts RMS – 8 ohms

Power supply

  • 100 V – 230 VAC 50/60 Hz (cable supplied, total length 2.2m)


  • Triggering in less than 10 min, power consumption < 1W


  • RCA with analog mini jack
  • Mini jack with analog mini jack
  • USB 2.0 DAC sound card for PC and MAC link
  • 220 V plug to power your equipment
  • Tunings : general, bass and treble volume


  • Aux 1 : RCA compatible
  • Aux 2 : 3,5mm Mini jack located in the trap door
  • USB 2.0 port DAC (Sound card)


  • You can connect your LD 120 / 130 via USB port, the 3,5mm Mini-Jack or the RCA connector to any devices: Windows, Mac, iPad, Tablet Computers, iPhone, Smartphones (Android, Blackberry)
    You can connect your LD 120 / 130 to any Bluetooth ready devices wireless: Laptops, Tablet Computers, Smartphones

Wireless Music

  • HD Wireless Music Kit integrated in the trapdoor


  • H 77cm, L 57 cm, P52cm / H 77cm, L 69 cm, P52cm (feet included)

Storage spaces

  • Trap door : 220 V plug + 3,5mm Mini Jack plug
  • This trapdoor allows storing and connecting the various chargers, transformers, wireless reception systems and music readers


  • 1 : speaker (central part): 49lb (22kg)
  • 2 : Pair of feet (support): 11,9lb (5kg)
  • Total weight of boxes 68 lb (31 kg)


  • Cabinet speakers in 25mm MDF. Feet: 25mm MDF
  • Available colour range :
    – Piano-like Black lacquered wood
    – Piano-like Red lacquered wood
    – Piano-like White lacquered wood
    – Piano-like Grey lacquered wood
    – Piano-like dark grey lacquered wood
    – Matt Black wood
    – Guitar-like natural wood
  • Compatible with the LD 130 feet
  • Blotter manufactured from genuine leather

La Boite Concept Laptop Table Dock LD 120 130 Video – Buy Here

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