Large Bean Bag Sofa Furniture Phenomena

Bean bag furniture and indeed large bean bag sofa furniture has come a long way since the days of our youth, where we would run and jump in to and on to spheres and circular bean bags in our rooms that were prevalent while we were growing up in the eighties and nineties.

Large bean bag sofa furniture is growing in popularity thanks to new methods of supportive stitching and the increased stability of inner nets that encase the ‘beans’. For those wondering if they’re Heinz or Tesco’s own brand, they’re actually EPS beans; expanded polystyrene virgin beads which when inside the bean bag form around your body to provide a suitable and comfy seating environment.

To most that grew up in the eighties, witnessing bean bag furniture turn into a craze is quite weird, as we all recall how they used to fall apart. How they’d end up squishy after a while – that’s child’s talk for the beans not lasting very long. And how after the summer holiday, they didn’t last the test of time with mum constantly cleaning the cat hairs, chocolate and fizzy drink from the bean bag material.

This is not the case now however. Bean bag sofa furniture is a world apart from those dark evil bean bag days, even your cheap and cheerful bean bags are made of a far more durable quality than any beanbag made twenty years ago. Today there is literally a bean bag for every use, a baby bean bag termed the Bambeano, Bazzoo animal bean bags – children’s beanbags in the shape of animals, to giant bean bags which you use to just slouch around on.

But what is there for the connoisseur of bean bag dreamland? The large bean bag sofa furniture phenomena is here to make your mouth water. Thanks to the likes of Bazi bean bags and Do2 luxury bean bags, formal living room furniture is now very much an option and at a cost to rival traditional furnishing methods.

Yes that’s right, large bean bag furniture, sofa bean bags, armchair bean bags, lounger bean bags, footstool beanbags, bed bean bags and corner sofa beanbags are very much an alternative to the modular sofas and settees we have all been used to for the last five hundred years.

To example the strides bean bag manufacturers, designers and retailers have taken in supplying perfection in the form of large bean bag furniture Squillions has selected several bean bags that are the most desirable, luxurious yet most affordable alternatives to traditional living room furniture to date.

1. Bazi 3 Piece Furniture Bean Bag Sofa Armchair Ottoman

This Bazi bean bag sofa and armchair with ottoman is the finest example of how bean bag furniture has moved from the corner of children’s bedrooms to the focal point and living room as a functional, daily furniture piece.

This bazi beanbag sofa is 174cm in length and the armchair 114cm. This bean bag furniture is stable due to two simple methods. Much like foam is in blocks in ordinary run of the mill furniture on the high street, the beans in the Bazi bean bag are in blocks to provide a sturdy yet comfortable furniture piece.

2. Bazi Bean Bag Sofa Furniture

As above, this is the individual Bazi bean bag sofa for those who maybe don’t want a living room feature just yet but have a bedroom big enough to lounge in on the other side.

It’s possible to claim that this bean bag furniture from Bazi isn’t truly a bean bag. It is and it isn’t. If you consider that the bean bag is still wholly made from expanded polystyrene virgin beads, despite being in blocks to provide for a firm posture your body still sinks into the bean bag and has that bean bag feel. So it’s a bean bag.

3. Corner Sofa Bean Bag Faux Leather Furniture

These large bean bag sofas are modular furniture. This corner sofa bean bag furniture in faux leather is made up of separate matching pieces, two Lo Chairs and a corner cushion – the square in the corner.

Although low to the ground, being modular you can move the bean bags around and add more bean bags to the equation. Faux leather, being of PVC enables the cover to be  easily cleaned. Has a bean bag ever had as much style as this? I am in awe!

4. Bazi Bean Bag Armchair Furniture

Bazi bean bags again!?! I know but we love it, this bean bag range comes in three colours, beige / natural, grey and chocolate.

The sofa can be dismantled for easy manoeuvring, and this contemporary armchair is encased in a barkweave fabric ensuring that it is hard wearing. The large bean bag sofa furniture phenomena continues.

5. Do2 XL 2 in 1 Bean Bag Lounger Bed Floral Chenille

You may be mistaken for seeing double and getting a little confused. Yes it does read 2 in 1 and not 2 for 1. All for one and one for all this Do2 Home bean bag is a lounger bed and fully seating bean bag all in one. How does it work I hear you cry!

There are two casings. Do2 are the kings of interchangeable inny outy and the two parts are attached at the seam. You simply unfold one, transfer the beans in the bag – which are in another bag, pour them internally into the second casing and voilà… you go from a lounger bed to a seat in thirty seconds. Magic beans!

6. 6ft Bean Bag Sofa Lounger Faux Leather Furniture

Maaa, I think we just hit the mother load!! Check out this beast of a bean bag. Beauty and the beast that is, this 6ft long bean bag sofa in faux leather has to be one of the best pieces of ‘sit how you like’ furniture we’ve ever comes across.

Lay on your back, lay on your front, fall asleep, sit down, sit back and all enabling a ninety degree right angle knee sit down, you could even get a bean bag table (I’m sure someone will invent one soon) and eat your dinner from this lounger bean bag sofa.

7. Li Lo Bean Bag Lounger Faux Leather Furniture

I don’t think you’ll be going in the sea with this, although I haven’t tried. This aptly named li lo bean bag is the most luxurious lilo I’ve seen. This lounger bean bag has full back rest and is dressed in faux leather. Meaning no whales were harmed.

A true chaise longue bean bag, while still supportive you can sink your bum and back into this bean bag for some serious relaxation.

8. BaZi Modular Lo Chair Bean Bag

Squillions loves Bazi. Another Bazi modular bean bag chair arrangement. With a matching Bazi modular corner slab, wedge slab and single slab you can pretty much do the same set up as the large bean bag sofa furniture arrangement at number three.

With reinforced seams and double zipped there will be no bean bag bean escape on this Bazi watch. Functional bean bag sofa furniture to rival traditional furniture, who’d have thought it!?!

9. Z Lounger Bean Bag Bed Double Faux Leather

Ottoman bean bag, bed bean bag, lounger bean bag, back rest, stool, what is it? Well quite frankly it’s all mentioned and much more. The picture is deceiving, the Z lounger bean bag bed seats two people when upright and allows for two people to lounge, nuzzle and cuddle together when out flat.

Stack it, flat it, wall it, floor it, fold it, the Z lounger bean bag bed back rest bean bag thingy will have you trying it out in all positions – which could be fun…

10. Whopper Giant Bean Bags Faux Leather Furniture

Yes Ladies and Gentleman this is one hell of a whopper. This giant bean bag measures one metre square and one metre 35cm in height and provides for a very luxurious and comfortable sit in should you wish to protest at home.

When I was a child, beans means farts. Imagine that this bean bag contains no less than twenty cubic feet of beans. Now that’s a lot of bum action for a bean bag. There is also a Monster double bean bag of the same design which has 25 cubic feet and seats two bums.

Beans means… bean bag bazaar – check out all the large bean bag sofa furniture and loads more UK bean bags here.