A Lazy Man’s Full English Breakfast Frying Pan

What type of Dad do you have? Sleeps in or is up early? Hides away in a book or is forever bemoaning you play football with him in the garden? What are his breakfast habits? Rolls up having seen Mum lay the table and dives in or gets involved and puts the bangers, bacon and eggs all in one go?

Gifts are supposed to be quirky, that’s the whole point isn’t it? When someone said I can cook my breakfast all in one frying pan, I suggested to them that perhaps I already do that. They explained “No No, this is a lazy man’s frying pan it’s compartmentalised.”

Father’s Day: Buy Lazy Man’s Breakfast Frying Pan

It certainly sounds mental all right. I long gave up on using four or five pans to cook any meal, it’s the washing up you see, nightmare. I have one deep frying pan and it’s a ceramic non stick aluminium deep fry pan. Soups, toast, stews, a side of beef, couscous, fried English breakfast it does it all.

I am the epitome of lazy, one pan, several ingredients, one meal and one object to wash up afterwards. I can throw in sausages in one corner, eggs in another and bacon on the other side, beans can go in after with toast a close last.

It’s ceramic and works by evaporating liquid efficiently through intense heat thanks to its base metal use – perfect for doing toast – you don’t need a toaster any more. I can even do away with a kettle, as can boil a cup of tea quick time too. One pan for everything so I kind of like where this Lazy Man’s breakfast frying pan is heading.

Lazy Man Fry Pan Induction Steel Base

If we’re going to talk lazy and economical we may as well get down to the basics. “It’s a gift you say? Well that’s all right then!” I replied. A sectional frying pan to cook all the ingredients of a full English breakfast without the need for several pots and pans – that’s genius.

Much like my deep fry pan, it makes use of a die-cast aluminium induction steel base with ergonomic handle and has the non stick coating which aids in not only having an easier time with cooking food, but you can use no or less oil and makes for less hassle when washing up too. What’s a breakfast without oil I hear you say, try it and see for yourself.

The difference with this frying pan and the aspect which makes it lazy is the fact it is separated into five distinct areas. It’s a so called 5 in one frying pan. Throw your sausages and bacon strips on to the griddle like centre piece area for a good 15 minute thorough cooking, chuck your eggs sunny side up or scrambled eggs and do beans, mushrooms, onions and black pudding in the remaining slots.

Full English Breakfast Lazy Man Fry Pan

It’s one frying pan for one lazy man and his full English breakfast. It’s a really great present for Father’s Day by all accounts. At 38cm x 30cm x 5cm you can probably do four eggs / scrambled eggs, 6 sausages, 8 rashers, a tin of beans and a handful or two of tomatoes and mushrooms. Get two lazy frying pans if need a larger breakfast.

Not only will you conserve on water, washing up liquid, gas and saving time but you’ll also be cooking healthier too with less fat. It’s a true lazy man frying pan and doesn’t only have its use for breakfast but can cook varying ingredients separately at any time of the day. Chuck a pork loin in the centre and throw in custard to the left, rhubarb to the right and do Granny’s oatmeal all at the same time. Wicked! Get lazy here.