Lazy Lizard Villa At Jumby Bay Resort Antigua

  • Courtyard Entrance To Lazy Lizard Villa In Jumby Bay
  • Luscious Open Air Living Room at Lazy Lizard
  • Vaulted Ceiling Above Open Plan Living Room
  • Dining Room Hall At The Jumby Bay Villa
  • Expansive Open Air Living With Two Areas Of Group Seating
  • Lazy Lizard Villa's Contemporary Kitchen With Chef
  • Private Living Room In The Master Bedroom Pavilion
  • A Home From Home At Jumby Bay's Lazy Lizard
  • Pavillion Bedroom At Luxury Villa The Lazy Lizard
  • The Master Bathroom Wit Dual Sinks Awaits In Antigua
  • Jumby Bay's Unique Master Bathroom At Lazy Lizard
  • Bathe Outside Madam? "Certainly Not!" Then Where Madam!?!
  • Master Bedroom Pavilion's Private Terrace With Sea Views
  • Private Beach Area Of Master Bedroom Pavilion
  • The Pool Deck Of The Lazy Lizard Private Swimming Pool
  • The Sunked Dining Room At Jumby Bay's Lazy Lizard Luxury Villa
  • The Lazy Lizard Floating Seated Pavilion
  • Jumby Bay Island Map - Lazy Lizard Villa Location
  • The Lazy Lizard Floorplan At Jumby Bay Island, Antigua

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Stupefying! There is a certain excitement when you imagine staying at this Lazy Lizard villa on Jumby Bay Island in the middle of the Caribbean, don’t you think? Whether you’re loaded or have saved up for a really special holiday, this twelve bedroom villa is really something else. It’s a luxury Antigua villa that is straight out of a film set. Waterworld perhaps but the really rich founded it instead.

In comparison to other expensive villa properties on Long Island which is two miles from Antigua, it is £20,000 less to rent a week which is really difficult to understand. OK, yes it has one and two less bedrooms and other facilities are outside the enclosure but for layout, the separate sleeping arrangements, private swimming pool and access to beach I don’t think you’re missing out on anything other than saving a ton of lolly.

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There is ample room to get away from everyone else despite the close proximity of the buildings that are situated around the centre piece pool. A whopping five acres of gardens and walkways that enable you to enjoy the tropical aspects of the island. While just ten metres from the Lazy Lizard property’s border is a white sandy beach as private as you can imagine.

This is one of the most important factors about the Jumby Bay resort, privacy. Whether you’re Tom Jones or Tom Smith you are not allowed access to this private island without prior invitation by owner or resort hotels. On the main island of Antigua there is a private dock with private yacht always waiting to take the next lot of guests the seven minute two mile journey to their exclusive destination and the Lazy Lizard villa.

Lazy Lizard Villa Pavilion Huts And Swimming Pool

Many Antigua villas try to take a Greco approach but this is Indonesian style. The type of hut formation that you’d actually see planted on plinths rising out of the shallow beach areas in Asia. This is on land of course but provides a similar visage with the heated pool being the sea front and you’ll have also noticed the central dining area, an island of gourmet food, which of course is presented by your very own in-villa Chef.

A Caribbean Villa With Chef, Butler & Housekeeper

Did someone mention a chef? Absolutely, did you think you was paying sixty grand for a week’s luxury villa holiday in Antigua at the Lazy Lizard and you had to cook yourself? Oh no Madam, you my love can sit on the beach all day with your Caribbean style cocktails getting tipsy while a Chef prepares gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner and whatever else you desire.

The servitude doesn’t stop there. On hand is a Butler who will gladly receive your requests and try his or her best to accommodate your needs and every whim. “Diner is served m’lord. Your golf buggies are revved and ready to go. The golf session is booked. Your snorkelling guide has arrived.”

When staying at a hotel your beds get turned down daily if you wish. The difference at the luxurious Lazy Lizard villa is there is an on site housekeeper too. To wash the dishes, to clean up after you, to make the beds and make them ready for the evening. Even clean up after your children’s habitual playing messes – if you haven’t sent them off to the Children’s club at the local Jumby Bay resort. Tip well because they all do a tremendously good job.

Lazy Lizard Villa Antigua Floating Dining Pavilion

To the property. The Lazy Lizard villa is situated just above the main dock on the upper south side but far away enough not to be bothered by the minimal traffic it accepts.  The Caribbean complex consists of eight hut like pavilions, six of which are sleeping quarters, the other two contain the main villa’s offerings.

While you are left to fight out who sleeps where, the Lazy Lizard luxury villa on Jumby Bay Island has two Master Bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, both of which have baths made from ivory travertine – very fancy. The vantage points also provide absolutely fantastic views over the sea.

The luxury Antigua villa also houses a media room, contemporary kitchen which you may not need to actually ever visit thanks to Chef and Butler. An open air living room with adjacent dining area in the same spacious arena, with walls which certainly appear to rise five metres into the sky, with wooden beams across a vaulted ceiling for all to admire.

The main villa’s dining room is not the only place to dine, in the middle of the free form swimming pool is a floating island that houses a central dining area, at night it is one of the most beautiful social gathering areas you could ever imagine. Now to the rest of the residence and the six pavilions that make for a fantastic Indonesian concept.

The pavilions dotted around the pool but to the rear of the property, feature four with King beds and two with twin beds. All have en-suite bathroom and a living area with private gardens for each family or couple to retreat to any time they wish. That’s how to make a group or family holiday in the Caribbean a success, escaping to one’s own company when the time is right.

Master Bedrooms Aside Main Villa, 1 & 2: King size beds, Larger en-suite bathroom and separate toilet, Dressing rooms and hall and Private terrace area overlooking the swimming pool.

Pavilion Hut Bedrooms 3, 4, : Two king bedrooms situated to the top right and top left. With private garden and rain shower with en-suite bathrooms and private living room.

Pavilion Hut Bedrooms 5, 6: Two further separate huts situated left of the King bedroom huts. Twin bed bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and garden and living room space.

*All have flat-screen TV and DVD player, Air conditioning, Ceiling fan.

The layout of the Lazy Lizard villa complex is exceptionally clever, the make up of the group could be singles, couples or three or four families. Consider that the two pavilions side by side each cater for a king bed and next door, two twin beds allowing parents and children to be in close proximity. Perhaps it’s time the children learned how to enjoy their own space too – it’s about time!!

Lazy Lizard Master Bedroom Jumby Bay Villa

There is little point comparing this luxury Jumby Bay villa to the Morning Glory villa or Villa Kairos as its Asian effect décor and and general Indonesian inspired layout is truly incomparable. Below you’ll find a list of all villa facilities and amenities but with private tennis court, private swimming pool and private gardens at £20,000 less, yet similar charge per head you should not hesitate in booking at all.

Fun Facts About Jumby Beach Island:

  • The Lazy Lizard villa is a two minute walk from where you first dock
  • First discovered by Christopher Columbus
  • Most villa properties are not owned by the resort, probably famous Hollywood people
  • This island is more restrictive than Russia or China, if your name is not on the list, you ain’t getting on the private ferry. Not even if you try bribery or as is typical in these parts, cause a mutiny to occur.

Local Amenities On Jumby Bay Island Astride Of Antigua

You may be on a private island in the Caribbean but it’s not deserted. Jumby Bay Island has much more to offer. Here’s a brief run down of alternative things to do.

  • An Airport greeting – handy
  • Unlimited open bar – wonderful, does it actually mean what it states?
  • Free access to Jumby Bay beaches
  • Option to partake in a sunset cocktail cruise
  • Resort’s communal swimming pools
  • Resort’s Fitness Centre
  • Jumby Bay Resort’s Tennis facilities
  • Access to bicycles
  • A croquet Lawn
  • Watersports Equipment outside of lessons and excursions
  • A Putting green
  • The fabulous Cedar Valley Golf Course (costs extra)
  • The sensual Sense, a Rosewood Spa (costs extra)
  • A private yacht charter for island hopping (costs extra)
  • A gratis Children’s program (9AM to 5PM)
  • The much heralded conservation Hawksbill Turtle Project

The Price Of Any Jumby Bay Villa Stay Also Includes: ****

  • Chef prepared gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • On tap drinks with Afternoon tea, beverages, cocktails and house wine
  • Enjoy combined Jumby Bay resort fitness and tennis facilities and pools
  • A range of sea sport activities kayaking, sailing, water skiing and windsurfing, paddle boarding, snorkelling sessions and equipment supplied for personal use
  • Use of the local resort’s children’s program

Location: How To Get To Jumby Bay Island

The Indonesian style Lazy Lizard villa is situated just above the main dock of the Jumby Bay Island, a mere two minute walk to the Jumby Bay Ferry. It’s a pleasant ten minute walk to The Veranda and Jumby Bay Beach and a little over a kilometre to Pasture Bay Beach which is on the north side of the island.

Most guests land at Antigua’s V.C. Bird International Airport (ANU)  and are met by a villa rep, where your own airport transport can kick in or a Chauffeur driven Mercedes can pick you up ad take you the 12 minute drive to the private dock where visitors need to check in to be able to board the private Jumby Bay ferry. At which point it’s a seven minute two mile trip to the main dock and the Jumby Bay villa you cannot wait to see.

Are There Any Jumby Bay Restaurants & Shops?

No you’re going to starve and go home wearing nothing, this will be your Robinson Crusoe moment, proper Cast Away territory only with luxury and no danger. Of course there are places to wine and dine but with one establishment having a £4 million refit I do wonder how much it will cost for good old Fish and Chips.

The bars and dining areas around the island with plentiful and varied menus are exactly what you need during a seven day stay, considering your Chef will attend to all of your dietary needs. Perhaps he might like a night off? If so there’s The Verandah Restaurant & Bar, The Beach Bar & Beach Shack, The Estate House & Bar and The Pool Grill should you need additional dining establishments.

There is a boutique shop on the island which may still offer 20% off at certain periods of the week. Otherwise Antigua is a fully fledged tourist destination and population centre with all the local markets and shopping centres you would expect to see back home – only these are a bit more special OK!

How Much Does A Stay At The Lazy Lizard Villa Cost?

Have you ever raided your children’s piggy box? Their trust fund? You might be about too. There’s a better idea, show them this article, photos and video and say if they save for a few years their £50 a week pocket money, then can help pay the £5500 to £6600 (at peak Christmas season) per head cost to stay at this most magnificent of Jumby Bay villas.

Yes a holiday here costs around £66,000 to £80,000 but it does sleep twelve persons, that’s the great aspect. You don’t have to find eighty grand, just eleven more people with the desire to have the ultimate Caribbean villa holiday, in a luxury Antigua villa and have a private holiday of a lifetime. Who knows, perhaps you do this every year?

Which Facilities Does The Morning Glory Villa Have?

  • 6 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and private living room – sleeping 12
  • Air conditioned throughout with ceiling fans
  • 18,000 square feet of property
  • Private location, secure parking
  • 2 x six seater Golf buggies and access to resort bicycles
  • BBQ
  • 6000 square feet of swimming pool
  • Sun loungers with white sandy beach access within ten metres
  • Flood lit Tennis Court
  • Broadband wifi, ipod station and media room
  • Alarm Clock, TV and CD, DVD Player
  • Blender, Ice Maker, Coffee Maker, Dishwasher & Fridge Freezer
  • On site massage beds
  • Personal chef, butler and housekeeper
  • Laundry services

While the above is a list within the all inclusive  Antigua villa holiday, the following comes at extra cost

  • Resort and on site spa services
  • Baby sitter- don’t forget the resort children’s club
  • Airport transfer fee
  • Additional activities and trips
  • Private yacht hire
  • Hire car rental (race the others in the golf buggies)

Lazy Lizard Villa Guest Massage Jumby Bay Resort

Are There Any Jumby Bay Villa Staff?

This is a private island in Antigua and most of the Jumby Bay holiday villas come with some form of assistance. If it’s not the villa rep, then as is the case with the Lazy Lizard villa, there’s a Butler, Chef ad housekeeper to ensure your holiday in Antigua is as pleasurable and hassle free as possible. You don’t have to cook, wash or clean.

Do I Require A Hire Car At Jumby Bay?

Not at all, all your transportation needs are met by your bottom and feet. This luxury villa supplies guests with two golf carts which each seat six people but honestly the Jumby Bay villa is very central to most resort areas. If required you can use the resort bicycles to get around, which in itself is a fun activity and good for discovering the island and morning exercising.

Is There A Swimming Pool At The Lazy Lizard Villa?

It’s only 6000 square metres so if that isn’t enough you can always bathe in the sea. In fact this is one of the most beautiful villa properties on Jumby Bay when taking in consideration the private swimming pool. With floating island for dinner and a pool deck it’s very inviting. You can however also use the Jumby Beach resort pools also.

6000 sq ft private swimming pool at Lazy Lizard Villa Jumby Bay

How Far Is The Nearest Beach From Morning Glory?

This is one location where the sand actually breaches the property boundaries. There is obviously the white sandy beach which is less than ten metres from the villa but it’s not just a sandy area, there are trees and bushes that lead to the property that make great areas to relax within. Scenic vantage points which on their own provide respite.

What Is There To Do In Jumby Bay?

Nothing, in fact you may as well go home. You just fronted £60,000 and there’s nothing to do but everything listed above. Of course I jest, there are an amazing amount of activities included in any Lazy Lizard villa stay, and a lot more available within the Jumby Bay resort should you desire.

Should your party be residing for more than a fortnight you can pop over to Antigua and discover a whole world of Caribbean life, the public, the locals, the night life and all the enjoyment and dancing and laughter they bring. Book the Lazy Lizard villa and get lost on a holiday of a lifetime.